Reaction Video – Dragon’s Eye Designs by Naio Subscribers – Game of Thrones

And guess what? We did a dragon nail. Oh my God. Did you see it?
If you didn’t, the link is here somewhere. We can’t believe how viral that this video has gone People have been recreating and recreating and recreating this dragons eyeball designs and I am over the moon with everybody’s recreations and I think you deserve a shout out. So here we are So we have Emma Cherry…whatever your name is….Askham Core Look at that. That’s pretty, pretty awesome. I’m loving the colour of the eye I got Vicky Byrne.. I have actually taught this girl. she was on one of my courses. And I love it. Just look at that, how it goes You know that bit, that special bit when you see the light hit the chrome And we’ve got Kerry Weaves, she did a full set So she had two of the dragon nails on and the rest were green. Oh my God! They are gorgeous. Loving the dedication to the Game of Thrones full look And then we have another girl that I have taught. Her name is Hannah Astrid She’s created- I think she’s one of the first to create it, so I’m really chuffed with that Oh, and I like this one. I like this one This is a different colour and I like it… the creativity of going for something that’s a little bit different from what I actually created and that is Julie Flood Sarah Mumberson also had a go as well, and I’m liking the fact that she did a little bit of dry brushing on the old scales.I like that as well Rachael Shuttleworth, welldone to you because you did full look as well and you had the dragon nail and you
did like a sword and things like that and I like the fact that you pushed the limits and
made it a little bit short and really wearable as well So that is great. Well done to you Well done to Roxy Reed. She had a go as well
Nice, long version. I’m loving it I really admire the fact that you went full out and it super long Destini Pate did one. I like this because she
has put chrome on the actual scales as well Adam: It looks **** spiky, that one as well like the Iron throne
Kirsty: Yeah Adam: But you’ll have no idea what that is because you don’t want to get involved
Kirsty: No Adam: The Iron thrones… like made of swords I like how she put the …. I do like how she put like the blue and chrome onto the scales as well. I do like that Impressive! Danni Simmons also had a go as well Jodie Taylor also had a go and I’m liking the eye because it’s got actually a pink shimmer over it as well if you look closely Hayley Bradford…
I am impressed with the… you know, the kids in the background because it makes it real So, yes, Hayley, I’m loving, loving your work Hayley Bradford. I am really impressed
and I have seen my work recreated before but not quite on this scale.I mean,
we’ve just took a handful of videos there and put them in the video We couldn’t possibly squeeze them all in because we would be here for quite some time But this is what this channel is all about I’m here to inspire you I get inspired by different things. So obviously,
I was inspired by the Game of Thrones because these guys keep telling me I need to watch it Adam: You do, and you still haven’t watched it Kirsty: I still haven’t watched it though.
So I was inspired by that and then I have inspired you to recreate my work I love this. I love seeing it What we want you to do is, when you recreate anything off the channel, Adam: Oh, You’re knocking things over
Kirsty: I’m knocking things over When you recreate anything that we’ve done, what I want you to do is make sure you tag
either Naio Nails or me. Tag my name in it and then we’ll get to see your recreations and
we will be able to make more videos just like this and give you guys your own little shout out
because I think you deserve it after all the hard work you put in So there y’all guys. Congratulations and well done to everybody
that’s been featured in this video I love all your work. Keep trying your best.
Keep reproducing the work. I love it I wanna see my Facebook wall full of all…everybody’s work
recreating all different kinds of things we’ve done on the channel That would make me very happy. Keep tagging away *****.
Check us out on Facebook and Instagram
of course. And I’ll see you guys in the next video ***** you. I gotta mention. ByeBye

36 Replies to “Reaction Video – Dragon’s Eye Designs by Naio Subscribers – Game of Thrones”

  1. Awesome, so many clever people! I have a go at most of what you do on here but I'm a total noob so haven't done much worth showing off so far.

  2. Thankyou so much for sharing my work! Blown away eeeeek i had such fun doing that set of nails. Thanks Kirsty 😘😘

  3. I’ve said this before but this channel is by far my biggest source of nail inspiration and the only reason I went from naked, bitten nails to glammed out talons

    PS I really hope a video is coming out on Kirsty’s new set!!

  4. Wow some very talented people thank you for giving us a chance to see others creations thank you for sharing your video

  5. Hi can you please do a video on how to use a form on wide flat nail beds but also how to get a nice curve in the nail instead of them look flat x please please please this type of video would be very helpful xxxx

  6. Hola buenas noches le quedaron vellas me encantan sus decorados saludos y feliz dia de muertos muy original el decorado

  7. She HAS TO watch Game of Thrones. Lol I didn't think I was going to be interested in it for years. But I love it! I even got my mom hooked and she Really doesn't go for that type/format of shows. Lol

  8. I love it too Christi . I have to try it . My favorite is the mermaid scales nail !! I also liked the netting with gel .

  9. Kristy you should totally try to create a fire and ice dragon version!! Love the the fire and ice nails you created, how kool would it be to do a dragon inspired one!

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