Regensburg, Germany: Discovering The Medieval UNESCO Old Town [Travel Video]

Hi everyone, this is Eric and Lisa… and we’re here in Regensburg – yes, which is another city in the south of Germany, more specifically in
the state of Bavaria. The whole Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is really great. There’s – as you can see behind me – there’s the cathedral, there’s
an old stone bridge and the river running right through the city – so there’s lots to explore. Yeah, and we’re gonna take you along. Let’s go! Behind me you can see that Donau – in German – river… that’s the Danube for those of you English speakers. That’s the really long river
that runs through a fair chunk of Eastern Europe – it goes through Budapest, it goes through Vienna, it goes through Bratislava… and it’s here in Regensburg. One of the nice things about the river in Regensburg is that you can actually get on a river cruise – a bigger boat or smaller boat – and you can tour a bit of the river. You can see the boats behind us. Behind me you can see the stone bridge which is actually called “Steinerne Brücke” in German. And it was built in the middle of
the 12th century so it’s quite old. That was one of the reasons why Regensburg’s Old Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Behind us you can now see the old Town Hall. We really liked exploring Regensburg. Obviously, there’s lots more to see and do. There are some museums, churches, parks, and other things that you can check out as well! If you enjoyed this video, be sure
to give it a thumbs up! We’ll see you next time… Happy waddlin’!

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  1. Can't believe it's December already! We went to Regensburg just a few weeks ago and now it's time for Christmas Markets! Have you been to any that you really enjoyed?

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