REGOLARITÁ – Vintage Enduro Heroes

the first time I saw a kid jumps in a quarry I stole a Guzzi Dingo and I chased him trying to do what he was doing Then the policemen chased me to my father’s company I hid the stolen bike and my dad set it on fire from that moment I understood that it would be my favorite sport it was my dream I started as a child racing with my brother’s bike… ..on the side stand if you had a problem with the bike you had to be able to fix it to continue the race The pilot had to be also a mechanic I think you must love it, you live it It’s like your family the bike, you know? when you meet other people with the same spirit We are a family everybody is trying to do their best but playing fair and respecting the rivals if the rival is faster, he must be respected too when money is few everything is healthy it’s beautiful because it’s still pure first of all, an endurist must have a great passion because if there is not that … it’s hard, you struggle. An endurist must be complete He must know how to go well but also understand the mechanics to go down the trails, uphill, pebbles, roots, slimy, crosswise …scree, dry meadow, wet meadow, jumps, there is everything when there is a slowdown, he must know whether to go right or left so it is a sport of intelligence must be very sensitive and open the gas You are so much closer to the terrain, to the track I love nature, and as an enduro driver you have that! you have the adrenaline of the engine amid the wonder of nature we do not need television, we need freedom To me it was not just a hobby it’s my life those who are profane, who do not know what the bike is they think that it is enough to accelerate and the bike goes Instead you must have intellgicence it is a sport in which you compete in all conditions in the rain, in the mud, in the dust you must be really passionate it is a great school of life you have to overcome many difficulties, you have to get up when you fall you must never be discouraged for example, when you are in trouble during a football match you can pass the ball to another when in the enduro you are in the woods and the bike slips or you pull up your sleeves and do the dirty work or else you can not pass the ball And this is something that people must remember The true endurist as two balls this big he’s a moron is a moron because he goes under the rain, goes in the mud, breathe dust He struggles, pushes the bike, takes big hits and when he is the world champion, they put two fingers in his eyes

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  1. Fenomenale, bellissimo! Solo che per farlo, a parte i soldi, ci vuole tanta disponibilità di tempo.Cosa che oggi pochi privilegiati hanno, beati loro…
    Complimenti, video emozionante

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