Remodeled Retro RV for Full Time Family Travel – Young Entrepreneurs

I’m Ivana, I’m 32 years old and you’re Piedro,
I’m 34 years old, and we have a son who’s almost 2 years old, and now we are on the
road full time on the road since 5 months, and we enjoy it a lot. Yes! Let’s start with the kitchen, we have here
two burners, but until now we haven’t used it because we cook on the electrical burner. And here you can wash the dishes. We painted it all in white before it was like
this color, it was too old. How old is this… This motor home? From 1988. It’s almost 30 years old. And next year in Germany it can become an
old timer. Ahh, it’s a vintage! Yes, it’s a vintage – we wanted a vintage
one and finally we got this. So here we have our storage, and the fridge
which can be used by gas or even electric. And here in the storage you can put your food
here and there you have quite a lot of space. Even in there. There are a lot of storage possibilities. It’s all used for kitchen this side, and these
two things are also used for the kitchen. So next to the kitchen is another small storage,
and generally up here we have our pasta, which is for us very important food. So it’s like your pantry over there? Yes. Where you store the food. Yes in here we have a lot of milk and other
things to storage. This one here is the bathroom, but we only
use it for storage because also go to the camping sides and we take a shower there and
go to the toilet – it’s only used for storage so it’s okay like this. Here is our living room, we can eat here,
we work here, and we even sleep here – or I even sleep here at night often. Yes and our son plays, he’s playground is
here. We have another storage under these seats,
this side and even this side. What do you store under there mainly? The helmets for the bikes or shoes or electrical
things and all the stuff. My wife restored the pillows, this green one
and even this where I sit. We have no storage outside, we have to store
it all inside. But it’s okay we thought it would be too small
but in the end we have enough space. Here are our seats for outside. And even the electricity for the interior. How come you decided to paint the whole thing
white? Because white makes it larger – of course
it’s more cosy, we like it white and clean. Here sleeps my son and my wife, they are sleeping
here, it’s very cosy and we have enough space it’s 1,50 meters wide and 2 meters long. So you have enough space here. With two windows and… You can take this ladder. Fix it here, and then you can come up. But here you have to pay attention, don’t
have enough space. How long did it take for you guys to paints
the whole thing? To paint it, it took four days. We had to paint three times. Because the old color, it always became yellow
when we painted it white, so we had to the whole weekend from Friday to Monday we painted
it. What was your life like before since you decided
to make a change? I was always alone, every day. And Piedro was working a lot. It was frustrating. We didn’t have time together, before she worked
and I worked and it was okay, we saw each other in the evening and… But now, as he came, we didn’t have time together
a family. She was always alone with him, I came home
in the evening late and maybe had one or two hours to play with him and it was frustrating
for us, because we had no family time. Only in the weekend but two days in the week
is not enough for us. So when did you decide to make a change? We decides in July, then I stopped working
in the end of November. And then in the middle of December we started
our trip. Was it both of your idea? Or was one of you like “let’s do this!” and
then the other one was on board, or how did it…? It is always the woman haha. It is! It was her idea first. And for me it was difficult to quit the job
after 18 years of working every day and take home a salary to earn my family. And it was a hard decision to make. But after just four weeks on the road, it
was the best decision because we have family time and you get space in your head for new
ideas so… Did you always want to travel? Yes. But I scared to travel on my own, and I think
I need a child who shows me that the time is now or never. Crazy but it’s like that. The hardest part is that we are always together
24 hours a day and everyone needs their free time, and I think this is hard to manage. Especially if you move to a new town you don’t
know and you first have to check where is the playground, where we can go with a child. My wife and our son had his own rhythm, and
suddenly we have 24 hours together and I’m at home, I don’t work and I confused everything
I guess. Now we had to organize everything, when she
has her free time and I my free time, and after five months we can say it becomes better
and better. Yes. Now this mobile home, it’s easier! It’s even easier to move to new cities because
you have everthing with you, you don’t have to pack your luggage and go by train or air,
you just move from one camp site to another, and you have everything with you. Did you save up for this trip? We saved, but not especially for this trip. We saved, maybe for a house in the future
but but especially for this trip no. And you decided to spend the money to live
this lifestyle? To use this money and to live this lifestyle. Because the child is young now, and he has
to go to school and this was the right time, the money is more or less there. You guys wanted to start your own businesses
as well? Yes. I want to help multitalented mothers to bring
their project on earth, and to be a mother and a business woman too. And I want to help self-employed men who have
families, and to combine the success in the job and have more time with the family, to
combine both because in our generation it’s important to have a good job and also a lot
of time with your family. If you want to follow up on our life or even
our business, you can visit my wife’s Instagram account, it’s called “” and
my website will be “”.

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