removing library cards from old books no damage

feeling a little art craft crazy
hi I’m Donna from our craft crazy and today I’m going to show you how to get
the library card and the envelope off the back of the page that’s being glued
into the book now it’s sometimes you’ve got a tiny
little edge that where they’ve not glued it down and sometimes it’s glued all the
way this library card has been in our possession since 1982 now this would be
now younger sons book from school days was found in our stash the other day I
don’t know how it ended up there but we’ve got it and I’ve now got myself a a
original you know pocket and a library card to go with it so I can pass this
book on to our grandson now who loves being read to every night so I’ll show
you how I got this off without damaging other than the back this little envelope
now here’s an example here I’m gonna actually even try to get this sticker
off as well but this book here was both of these books were in with my mum’s
things and this one here has just got a tiny little bit as you can see they’re
just that tiny little bit there and that’s glued right down there
that’s just stuck at the top or I could try and take that off first and then
that but I’m going to leave it there just so that it stays original now I’ll
show you this one as well this one’s a got a bit more edge to it so I can get
under there a bit better so what happens when you try to take it
off you start ripping the pages so the back of this page is good enough for me
to use somewhere along the line in a junk journal so I didn’t want to keep
pulling at it and destroying it in case it ripped all the way through to the
other side so I’ll do this one first because it’s the easier of the two so I
use a product I’ve shown you this product before it’s called undo in
Australia I got this from Bunnings it’s very easy to buy I’ve seen it online as
well so have a look for it it is so useful I use it a lot I’ll use it on
this stamps to get stamps off the envelopes and that’s what I’ve done the
video on so I’ll just protect my work surface you would think that I’m going
to do this this is the sticky tape that was on there I’m actually going to leave
that there and see if I can get a original look with that you would think
by putting this on here I’m going to wreck the pages and wreck this but it
actually evaporates and you can’t tell that it’s been there because this was
soaked in it and you can see possibly a very faint line which will add to the
age of it because it is twenty thirty eight years old this little envelope 38
years old so we can get away with just a little tidying watermark if you like so
it’s got a scraper on it here which is ideal for getting in under
there so let’s just get to it when you tip this up the liquid goes into the
little spoon area and then you use the scraper to push into the big glue that’s
at the bottom now take your time it is something that you can’t rush and if you
see it starting to get rid there don’t worry about it just keep going and just
gently start pushing the glue away it dissolves the glue pretty quickly so use a scraper it’s really good I’ve
also found slicing it like that works good too rather than pushing it like
that turn it around and come from the other side – this one I don’t have to wet too much
it’s the glue is perished and it’s not holding down very well at all and the
paper is actually pulling away from the book it’s nearly off I’m just squeezing a little bit more out
as I go you turn it around again it is so worth it to take your time to get
this off when it comes go you can see that that’s an envelope that they’ve
used back to front and they’ve glued it on with the flap at the back and then
just glued this ticket over the top rather than you know have a pocket like
this one so that’s a different method that they’ve used and this one dates
back to the it dates back before the 1984 I’ve worked it out to be about 1981 approximately maybe 82 okay so this one
see how that’s dried already and that’s still a little damp there and it’s
drying I could probably go further and get this paper off here with a little
bit of care and see that envelope looks like it could still work so I might be
lucky enough to get that off I’ll give that a go later on and we’ll go to the
second book this one like I said it’s glued down really well so I’ve just got
that one little point here that I can go in from so I’ll start I’ll start by
letting the liquid soak in depending on the glue they use this one seems to be
coming off easy well easier than the other one it’s not
ripping the paper of the book sorry for my hands in the way but it’s the only
way I can do it without damaging my envelope I say I’m being a bit careful
here at the bottom because it’s got the fold of the envelope at the bottom I’m
pulling with my left hand here I’m pulling the envelope just ever so
slightly as I push with the scraper because what you want to do is make sure
it’s folded not creased this one I’ve got to wet a lot more than the last one it does a very pretty quick so you’ve
got to keep just I’m just giving little gentle squeezes here as I go I can’t come in from the other side
because remember it was glued right down so I’m just going all the way across
with this one and this will dry pretty quickly you can just get my vintage bone
folder I’ll use this for my leather work and then I’ll just air that out and you
watch that dry pretty quickly I’m just sort of helping it along a bit so it
evaporates really well and it does not damage the envelope or the paper it’s
amazing so if you’ve got some books with these little library cards envelopes on
the back this is how you get them off that’s
still drawing so I won’t put that down until it dries so now I’ve got myself
three cards when that’s totally dry I’ll lay that down to flatten out but I’ve
got no creases in it no damage and it looks just like it did when it was glued
to the page so now I can use that in my junk journal I’ve got three of them to
use in my junk journal and do give it a try I’m just going to give this sticker
a try as well see if I’m lucky enough to be able to get it off look at that it’s
peeling off easy just going to be pretty where no forcing
just little gentle helps keep it wet right at the point of where you’re
pulling it up the sticker because it’s so old the sticker it’s lost a little
bit of its tacky anyway so it is coming off quite easy much
easier than I thought because it was glued down what I thought was pretty
hard but it’s not there I have another piece of ephemera for my junk Journal 1971 so that one’s 48 years old no
damage whatsoever you can see the little bit of the gum the gum glue and that’s
an old-fashioned glue that one this stuff works really well I’m Donna from
art craft crazy thanks for watching and bye for now

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  1. I've GOT to go and get some of this stuff – – I struggle so much with stickers that have been put on or in books. Thanks for demonstrating Donna!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I have lots of old library books and have wondered how to get the pocket off without damaging anything. Do you know what exactly undo is? Ironically I have just got back from Bunnings and sat down and saw your video. Arrrr. Sue 💜

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