Restoration of a vintage Scania L85 truck

After 18 months of work and sacrifice I couldn’t wait for the moment
to finally get into the truck and drive it. I bought a Scania truck to fulfil my dream
about rebuilding a truck from scratch. It took nearly a year and a half
and 1500 work hours, but the result paid off. My name is Paweł Filipczyk. I have been working at Scania for 10 years. I am a service technician. Now for the details:
it is a model L85 Super. “Super”, because it is equipped
with a turbo. This truck has a 202 horsepower engine. The rims are original, on rings. And there are tube tyres,
typical for that time. What’s next… Climatronic. Working with old vehicles is interesting, because you can’t attach
a computer to them, and diagnose them with a programme. You have to show
your creativity and inquisitiveness to achieve your goal. I decided to rebuild this truck
because of its vintage design. There was simply something special
about it, even before the rebuild. The most difficult task was to renovate
the bodywork, because it was rotten, and I needed many parts,
which are not available at Scania. They all had to be made. The most difficult challenge was
to shape the bodywork and make it fit. The experience was really pleasant, although there were also
moments of anger and failure, The most stressful moment was when I fired the engine up
for the first time after mounting. But all in all everything went well and it was one of the first happy moments. My favourite thing about this vehicle
is how the engine operates. It practically fires up
just by brushing the key. Amazing that it is enough to put your foot
down and it instantly scorches along.

37 Replies to “Restoration of a vintage Scania L85 truck”

  1. Good restoration of a beautiful thing. The morons ("leaders") in the West keep uglifying (sic) things in the automobile industry and other industries as well. Stop listening to the dogs (politicians and religious "leaders"), or else you all will turn into dogs also, and pretty soon as well.

  2. It looks amazing for sure! Like it was taken right out of the assembly line at the time! Amazing work!

  3. Love my scania.s new and old .wow that is lovely another part of history reborn good on you bud ok be safe out there hi from birt man in austrailia

  4. It definitely makes you feel good, when all that hard work to restore it pays off! Pretty sharp lookin Scania!

  5. There are some very beautiful old rigs out there in Europe, hopefully some more get restored. This one is a gem.

  6. Panie Pawle gratuluję wytrwałości , cierpliwości i wspaniałego efektu końcowego.Zadko się spotyka takich pasjonatów.👍👍👍👍Pozdrawiam.

  7. Pozdrowienia z Gliwic :-). Kawał dobrej roboty i wspaniały efekt. Miejsce nagrywania też mi dobrze znane 🙂 A i z SKP przy Scanii często korzystałem . Do zobaczenia na mijance ze Starem 🙂

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