Rhenzy Feliz & Gregg Sulkin Answer Your Marvel’s Runaways Questions | Ask Marvel

– Hi, guys. It is Gregg Sulkin. And I play Chase Stein
on Marvel’s Runaways. I am Rhenzy Feliz. I play Alex on
Marvel’s Runaways. I’m about to read some
questions from fans. So let’s get into it. What can we expect
from the crossover with Cloak and Dagger? Oh, good question. I’ll try not to give
away any spoilers. But we definitely all
get to use our powers. They get to use their powers. It’s interesting to see
how they mesh together. Mayhem is the first word
that comes to my mind. You know, you’ve got
basically, instead of six powerful teenagers,
you’ve now got eight. Can you describe
season 3 in three words? Ooh. Watch your back. Heroic, gut
wrenching, bittersweet. If you could have
any superpower, which one would it be? Amongst the runaways, I
would love Gert’s power, which is to have Old Lace. Because Old Lace doesn’t
like Chase at all. And throughout the–
throughout the show, I’ve been dying to have a nice
relationship with Old Lace. To control time– there’s so much
you can do with it. If you– if you pause time
and you walk over here, now you’ve teleported. If you slow down time,
now you’re super– now you’re super fast. What were your
guys’ reaction when you were informed that
Morgan le Fay will be in Marvel’s Runaways season 3? I was very excited to hear
that we were going to have a new villain, this show. Although Jonah,
Julian McMahon, was an incredible actor and person. We were excited about
it because anytime a villain comes in our universe,
things get– things get spicy. To the cast, what is your
favorite part about being in the Marvel universe? I would, without a doubt,
say it’s you guys, the fans. Having that support
that we have, getting to show up to Comic-Con
and you guys being there, and watching the
episode and getting the reaction that we
get from you guys, that’s the most exciting part. Not to mention that we live
in a pretty cool universe with a lot of cool superheroes. So it’s all pretty great. What was it like to work with
the cast of Cloak and Dagger? They’re awesome. I love them. Aubrey– great. Olivia– hmm. No. I’m absolutely kidding. They’re both amazing. And they brought a
great energy to the set. So we were very
lucky to have them. Did you take anything
from set after wrapping? Be honest. I will not be stealing
anything from set, in case anybody’s watching me. Although, I may be
borrowing a few things. I take the socks on set. And I take them home. They’re not special socks. They’re just black socks. I thought they wouldn’t care. They care. They caught on to me. Moving on– would you
rather have Tandy (Dagger) or Ty (Cloak’s) powers? Oh, man. Cloak’s– I want to be
able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. It depends where I’m shooting. If I’m shooting in New Orleans,
like the rest of the Cloak and Dagger cast, no. I don’t want the cloak. Because Aubrey has told
me how hot it gets. So I’ll be happy
with the dagger. Waffles or pancakes? Wink. OK. Waffles is a very
intimate thing to do. Waffles with the
people you love, pancakes with the
people you know. Well, waffles seems a bit
more like relationshipy. And pancakes seems to be more
of, like, hey hold my hand. We’re about to do this power. Because everybody likes
chasing Gert together. I’ve definitely–
I’m the waffle. I’m the waffle, for sure. And that’s it. That’s it.

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  3. I honestly think Gregg Sulkin was miscast in this. The man is nearly 30 years old and they expect me to believe that he's 16? I do like what they did with this version of Chase, though.

  4. Every comment is about Rhenzy’s hairline but can we just talk about how good looking Gregg is like wow unreal 😍

  5. Bruh WHY everyone on the dude about his hairline?! Lol clearly he grew his hair out because Alex Wilder in the comics has a fro.

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