Robertson’s unfashionable answer when asked: ‘Which Liverpool player wins a 100m race’

 Liverpool have a number of extremely quick players.  Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah are deemed as the two quickest, but Andy Robertson, Joe Gomez, Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold also possess great pace  In recent weeks, the question has been raised: who exactly is the quickest player at Liverpool?  Gomez himself touched on the topic last week, hinting that Salah and Mane would be able to overcome himself and Van Dijk in a race  “Obviously Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are fast,” He told the Daily Mail. “Mo and Virgil have bantered about having a race but I think a few of us would fancy ourselves Not that the sports science team would allow it!  “I think over the first 10 yards me and Virgil would be looking at Sadio and Mo’s backs But we may claw some back towards the end.”  Very modest from Gomez.  The former Charlton defender has actually recorded the fastest speed among Liverpool players this season, being clocked at 21 6mph.  He has shown he one of the quickest centre-backs in the league, and now many think he is actually the fastest player at Liverpool  And that’s a notion shared by Robertson.  The Scotland captain made an appearance on ‘The Premier League Show’ and was asked who would win if Liverpool’s players had a 100m race  And he gave his opinion that Gomez would come out on top.  “You’ve got the obvious contenders in Mo [Salah] and Sadio but, if I had to back anyone I think I’d back Joe Gomez,” he told British sprinter, Adam Gemili  “I think everyone’s seen his recovery pace. I wouldn’t back myself. Trent would back himself as well ”  No one would have picked Gomez at the start of the season, that’s for sure.  But since establishing himself as a first team regular, the defender has shown he does possess extraordinary pace  The fact that Robertson thinks that he’ll overcome the likes of Mane and Salah in a race goes to show just how quick Gomez is  Of course, until Liverpool’s players actually do race over 100m, we aren’t going to get a definitive answer  But until that occurs it seems the debate will continue to go on.  

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