Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing: Come Race With Us

Of course, uh, Hemingway said it best, didn’t
he? Do you know what I’m talking about? He said, there’s really only three sports:
there’s mountain climbing, bull fighting, and auto racing. The rest of ’em are just games. Uh, vintage racing is really racing cars of
the sixties and seventies era primarily, and eighties…they are a little different than
contemporary racecars ’cause they don’t involve nearly the technology that a modern race car
does, but it’s really…vintage racing is really about people who want to keep the,
the memory of these old racecars alive because it, it’s not about winning per se, not that
we don’t race, and don’t race hard, but it’s about racing cleanly and having fun. Uh, Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing or RMVR
was founded in the, I think it was 1983 is when they had their first organizational meeting
and so forth, and this was back during a time when old racecars really didn’t have a home. Let’s start getting these on track, and so
that’s, that was the genesis of vintage racing, back in, certainly with RMVR, and, uh, as
I said, I think there are now twenty-seven or eight vintage racing organizations in the,
in the US, and it’s hugely popular now. Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing started out
and is today a completely volunteer program as far as our workers go. We always find that common ground, uh, within
RMVR and within the structure to, uh, not get, not only put on the events but, uh, have
a, have a good time. For an event of this size, on a track of this
size, it, it takes seventy…sixty, seventy people to, uh, approximate, you know, some
level of safety. People all get together and have a good time. Everybody, you know, kind of gathers around
with uh, you know, people bench racing and telling stories, and everything. It’s a, it’s a big family, and I, I consider
this my family. What I really enjoy about Rocky Mountain Vintage
Racing is the relationship of the cars and the people. I’m, I’m into cars. I have been since I was a little boy. I don’t like to just drive them, or race them,
I, I like to work on ’em and see them, and experience them, and I’m thrilled with some
of the fantastic old cars that show up at the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing events. It’s huge support, the weekend. We have from timing and scoring to grid, where
the cars line up before they go out on track, uh, corner working, start stand…there’s
a, there’s a, there’s a lot of us that do this and, and love it, and, uh, volunteer
our time to be a part of it, and it’s, it’s worth every minute. What has kept me coming back and volunteering,
not only as a corner worker, but,uh, being chief of grid, has been the cars. You know, uh, I grew up as a gear head, I’m
not a driver myself, uh, grew up as a MoPar baby, but, uh, I remember going to auto races
when I was very young with my dad, and, uh, I just have, I just really enjoyed that. I hope RMVR’s around for a long, long time,
I hope we get, uh, continue as we’re going, and, um, eventually I hope I’ll have a race
car and I’ll get to race, too. If you’re doing it right, it’s, it’s, it’s
almost a ballet. When it’s working for you on the track and
the car’s underneath you and everything’s cooking and everything’s hooked up, it’s almost
like a dance, it’s a dance with the ground, you know, and that, that’s not bravado, that’s
something else.

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