ROOMTOUR UNLIMITED | See how we live | FAMILY OF SEVEN in a camper van

today we are having a room tour we promised long time ago and postponed again and again but today we gonna do it we picked the best weather to do it to show an awning is not only good for sunny weather but also for rain we will start outside and later we show you how the inside changed after the rework First new item we mounted an awning now you might remember our spectacular video showing how the wind killed our tarp and at this point we decided there won’t be. new tarp but we going for an awning also with the fixtures at the car wall for the stunts to have it more wind proof also new are the water tanks 70 liters on each side of the car yes, down here they are. The black boxes they aren’t winter proof the filler cap they are not frost proof but this is not an issue for us because first we avoid being in areas with those temperatures and second there is no room. for the tanks inside anyway our back box after we got our high roof done in turkey we lost the space at the roof rack where we carried a lot of stuff before this was the reason to get this box. it’s actually made for Mercedes Sprinter but in Turkey they make if fit to every car and inside there is everything you need outside. Especially if you are with kids important items like bobby car, sand toys, carpets, the foldable kids wagon ULFBO and a lot more stuff stored weather proof and safe Rear view camera and spot lights we had before already, those are just mounted to the box now on this side again 70 liters water tank, means 140 in total below the car at the same place and .. what else on this side we got 3 new windows counting: one, two, three this is quite good because since we got the sleeping upstairs now to ensure there is enough fresh air up there Kalle and Madita so let’s get inside? yes we go inside now oh before going in. Here we got an additional lock for the door from Thule, because the original locks are not efficient so we mounted this lock in addition all other doors are locked from inside we show that later and here comes the first great new item. Finally we have got a kitchen! ok lets wait for Verena switch on the light to see everything better after traveling more than a year without kitchen, just with small ground stove we used outside or inside the car on the floor in bad weather we now have double stove by propane and a sink with fluent water from the tap not from the roof only cold water but so much of an improvement for us by closing the cover you can use the surface oh and of somethings boils over our put it just runs this way straight to the sink no drama if you boil your pasta with to much power clearly a recommendation you can close both sections individually thats good because the space is limited this cabinet is from IKEA this is MALM, isn’t it? yes you are right Malm cabinet we added those locks to ensure during driving. Oh lets show how.. that everything stays closed during driving and we like it simple because its always easy to repair and without fancy click clack and if it breaks you are not able to get a spare part on the road a piece of wood you can get everywhere first drawer we got the most important stuff for cooking, spices, the messy cutlery box yea it’s true here are our best-ever stainless steel bowls those are really good if we sit outside you can easily grip with one hand and eat with the second. Thats great! and our traveling coffee grounder we love coffee but best if fresh grounded cups inside the third our chai pot and glasses water pot other pots and what else? snacks for Eddy the last is the beauty drawer unbreakable acryl mirror which is quite good wash bags the challenge is always to make everything fit where should we continue? up. lets continue upstairs ok lets show you Lenas place oh I didn’t clean up before weren’t you expecting visitors? no. haha. don’t worry there is part of my stuff Lena has a lot of space up here lights of course and right behind her. A window we showed from outside already with mosquito protection thank you opposite of Lena passing by our new shelf new self made shelf. Made from drift wood. nice one of a kind! with sea star now here we are at Annes and Julies place hello they ‘ve got a new window too and a shelf in the back to put the frequently used stuff. stuffed animals. toys. the items they are not using so often are stored below the bed downstairs in boxes Daddy? YES! You want to come in? Yes! but we recording right now yea both are great fans of minecraft comics oh we ‘ve got wet visitors and down here down there is the sinus inverter oh thunder storm is coming, Can you hear it? we did put it there because the batteries are blow the seat very close to it 230V 2000W perm, 3000W peak and it’s a 24V device. and down here is the heater are you still showing your shelf? and the handcrafted girls done by Julie and now Madita needs help first I think yes there are two wet kids ๐Ÿ™‚ ok we interrupt here and … ok I will move on meanwhile below this bench is the diesel heater. I don’t show because the bench is full of other stuff on top It’s a planar 44D 24V version with 4kW heating power and below the second bench oh Lena comes to help me and opens it up food stock bread, wheat, … coffee beans chocolade Thanks Lena our flowers the bed frame we use to put hooks for like everything to have a place for the jackets and in the back the master bed room as we call it Sleeping place of Tino, myself, Kalle, Madita and Eddy one more window also here same function like the others. sun shield mosquito net and easy to open thats it lets close it again. its raining and chilly outside today I could switch on the light. hm better. probably everything is better to see now oh back here we put a small shelf with hooks with toys books it’s sometimes challenging with 4 people in the bed but Madita is supposed to move up to stay with Lena soon next to our bed we have got one more Ikea cabinet with many drawers with the same lock because it just works well inside here are towles and toys for the kids easy to get for the kids so they can serve their self easily and here comes the curtain Our toilet! our composting toilet made by naturehead and here we store paper, diapers and so on the Uke where else haha what else should we show? you can show are music addicted drivers seat below our bed open the lock one more storage it’s quite dark but I just tell you. Many many Euro boxes clothes, games everything we need. Also tools! meanwhile the kids are dry again thats the drivers seat with guitar and accordion Annes accordion! did we forget something? oh the door locks to put the kitchen close to the wall we removed the original handle I put a new lock connected to the mechanic inside and now also possible to double-lock it so even if you break the lock outside and try to open it’s impossible to move the mechanic of the lock oh an Eddy. You want to come in? the next wet visitor coming there is action inside today the same we did … can you see it? it’s to dark there oh now same mechanic. If you close the lock. put the bolt across it’s not possible to open from outside and getting trough the Lexan windows is no way either. those are 8mm polycarbonat. one can try it, but that will be a looong way. did we show the roof window? NO! Here is it MAXX Air fan with Van, switchable direction and speed, and BEST you can use even in heavy rain due to cool construction Madita is always painting new art for our van shells for decoration something else Tino? maybe some technical details? we put 3 circuits in the car 220, 12 and 24V 12 we only use for stuff we haven’t got a good 24v alternative 600Wp solar on the roof. 2x 300wp parallel connected to 2x 100Ah batteries 100Ah starter and 100Ah supply at 24V. means double if you compare to 12V net if you have questions. Just let us now and we can go into detail. we are going to have a coffee now oh Kalle is cuddling so sweet You like our videos? Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications !

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  1. Love your van and sweet family. You inspire me to do something similar one day.

    Would love to know how you maintain this lifestyle like you saved for couple of years and live off investments or interests, maybe rented your place back in Germany? Or just work online ?

    Btw I'm following you from Oman and look forward to maybe meeting you in Oman. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Wishing you happy travels

  2. ์ •๋ง ๋ฉ‹์žˆ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค. ์‘์›ํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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