Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 53 – 3rd August, 2017

I have found
a blue book, sir. Something that will
change the course of fate. ‘Indeed,
such a turn of events!’ ‘Sudhakar has got hold
of my passport.’ “Beloved..” Sudhakar,
show me that book. Sure, sir. I have kept it safely. I’ll be right back, sir. Wait. Sudhakar has found
that book and is so excited
to show us. You should see it too. Mr. Jay,
you should wait. You need to see it.
– All right. If you insist, Sudhakar.. Show it to me. Yes, sir. {an5}The suspense
will slowly end. ‘I will be doomed.’ {an5}The book is
going to cause a lot {an5}of damage to
Jay’s love story. Dear God! Help us! {an5}What can
God do to help? I was praying to God for help. I am so worried. {an5}No God is helping
Jay for now. {an5}Sir.
– Yes. {an5}This small key will
open a great deal of things. You..
‘I want to kill him!’ I will be back.
– Yes. Did you see that? Now this man will show us
where you can hide stuff. Yes. Sudhakar is going
to cause a lot of trouble. Look at
what he is carrying. What? Are you going to open
the table with the key? Look at this, sir. Did you see that? See where Sudhakar
has hidden the box. Under the table! Sudhakar is indeed
very mischievous. Now take a look. What? Another key?
– Yes, sir. It will lead us
even further. – Right. I will be right back. A key after another. Why does he
have so many keys? There seem to be more
locks than there are secrets. See, he’s brought
the bigger trunk now. Like the Russian dolls. A doll inside a doll
and so on. Sir, this is no small thing. ‘Sudhakar is killing me
little by little.’ “Beloved..” Dear God! If Mr. Lokhande finds
Jay’s passport then we all will go
on a trip to prison. Kangana,
now is the time for you to play. You have to go there
and pass out so that Mr. Lokhande
and Sudhakar are distracted and Jay can get a chance
to reach his passport. Yes. – I think you are right.
Just a minute. All right.
Time to shine. Mr. Jay.
– Yes? You wish to see
the blue book, right? – Yes. Certainly, Sudhakar.
I want to see. Here you go. No one passes out
without making noise. I am done!
I am doomed! Dear, did you
have your tea? – Yes, I had it. Please do not
ask anything, Sister. Please. Ma’am.
– Yes? I wanted to ask you
something. Go ahead. Do you have
an electric stove in here? An electric stove?
– Please tell me. Yes, I will. We do not have one. Ma’am! Do you have a grill
and some coal? Grill and coal? The one which is
used to roast corn? Yes, the one..
– Please tell me. Yes, I will.
Yes. We do
not have one. – Ma’am. Please do not mind.
– I am fine. I was tired standing
all along, so I took a seat. Go on, ask me. Do you have anything that we can use to boil water apart from
the kitchen gas stove? Please tell..
– I will tell you.. No, we do not have
any such thing. That is all. All done?
– Yes. All right. Sister, you do not
understand. ‘If they do not have a stove’ ‘or cooking gas,
then how did she make tea?’ ‘I’ll have to keep an eye
when they prepare dinner.’ ‘I’ll have to see from where
they get dinner tonight.’ Sir, the blue book! Splendid! The blue book! By Ghanshyam Prasad Banarasi. I have been looking
for it since so many years and you found it. “Beloved.” This is
a gramophone record. Do you know?
This is a record of Ghanshyam
Prasad Banarasi! Sudhakar, you do not know
what you have done today. Jay. – Yes?
– Do you know what this has? No, I know about only one
blue book and that is
a passport. – Forget about that. This blue book
is a treasure of music. The work of Ghanshyam
Prasad Banarasi. A famous classical singer
from Benaras. He used to sing songs
on life in Benaras,
under the blue sky And let me tell
you something. This is the last
record left in the world. The final one,
and I have it. We could not find it
for years but Sudhakar found it. Sir! You have made me happy. You have made me very happy. Thank you, Sudhakar. Why are you thanking him? I? He has made you
so happy today. It is my duty to
thank him. Sudhakar, thank you! Thank you! I am tired.
I am too tired! I have been roaming
to and fro. From the big house
to the small house and then
back to the big house. I’m preparing
breakfast and lunch. For someone or the other.. Snacks. I wanted to say that
I get tired. So, what do you
mean to say? I have a fantastic idea!
– Is it? What if we build a tunnel from the big house to
the small house? – Is it? Whenever we want to eat
something, we will get there through the tunnel. Jaya! Jaya! That was a wonderful joke. I wasn’t joking about it! We got it.
Jaya! I am not Jaya. Jaya, when did you come? I came just now.
– I see. I wanted to know about
tonight’s dinner. Have you thought of something? Urmila, I was.. We were thinking of making
a tunnel. Tunnel?
– Yam! Mom is going to prepare
yam tonight. Right.. Are you sure that we are
cooking tonight? Of course. Why won’t we prepare? Food is prepared every day. It’s prepared in the morning afternoon, night, evening..
– Yes. You know it, right? Jaya, why are you asking us
this question? I thought that food won’t
be prepared today. We will surely prepare
food tonight. Yes. That’s what I wanted to ask. Okay, Jaya.
Bye! What have I done! Why did you have to talk about
the tunnel in front of her? Yes. Why do you always have
to get us into trouble? We will have to tell the
chef to prepare yam tonight! Yes.
– She always ruins everything! Let’s go now. I am so happy today!
I just can’t express it, dear! I can see that.
I can see that. That’s great. Song..
– Yes, you can listen. I shall leave now.
– No! No, dear. Where are you going? Listen to the song and
then leave. – No.. Listen to the song. You will get lost in this song. You’ll forget everything.
– I will listen to it later. No! Just sit here.
Sit here. You need to listen to it
right now. Sit down.
Sit down. I am sitting.
What else can I do now? That’s great.
That’s great. Amazing. Is he not singing properly? He is making a face. What are you saying? Is it? Mr. Lalit. Mr. Lalit,
I shall leave now. Awesome!
Awesome! Mr. Lalit. Jay, he is not going to
listen to anyone else. Okay.
– He is lost in the music. Okay, let him know that I left. What should I tell him
if he asks where you’ve gone? Tell him that I am lost as well. I got saved!
I got saved! I thought I’d get caught. I thought he had found
my passport, and none of us would be spared. Even I would have got
confused in this situation. Do you know why? It’s because
we are at fault and were trying to hide it. Jay.
– Yes. He just called you a thief.
– Why would he call me that? It’s because you are wrong. That’s how a lie is. Dad, at times I feel really bad
as we keep lying to Jaya’s family all the time. Even I feel bad, but our
intention isn’t to hurt anyone. We are lying just so that
you can win your love. Love you, dear. That’s why,
God is supporting us. So am I, stout! Hey! Don’t call me stout. “Beloved..” Over here.
I hit you. He is singing such a
nice song, and you are sleeping. I am sorry. Listen to his voice.
– Yes. I mean, he has such an
awesome voice. This is what I am talking about. Yes.
– Yes. Dad, did you play the music? How can I play the music? Does Mr. Lokhande give me
any time to listen to music? And I don’t listen
to such music. Is this my choice of music? You know the kind of music
I like listening to! Dad, I just asked a question. I answered you. Okay, I got your answer. Okay? Okay. ‘Friends, our show comes to
an end now.’ ‘Now I will tell you all
about your horoscope.’ This is a radio. This voice sounds familiar. You just heard it. I mean, it is quite familiar. As if we know this guy. ‘First of all, I will tell
you about the person’ ‘whose name starts with
the letter ‘J’.’ ‘He is going to help
his friends today.’ ‘While helping his friends..’ ‘Hello!
Mic check.’ ‘Mic check!
Hello.’ ‘Hello.
Yes.’ ‘The person with
the letter ‘J’..’ I see the wire out there. ‘He will help his friends.’ ‘He will help his friend find
his love.’ ‘He will get all the blessings.’ ‘He will get him married.’ ‘This person
will help his friend..’ What is it? What?
– What? What? Why are you beating me? You are beating me as well! What are you doing? What are you doing? What am I supposed to do? You don’t listen to me. So, I thought of fooling you
by doing this. Look, God has saved me
from a big problem today! I am very happy, and I am ready
to do anything for you. Tell me what I can do for you.
– Really? Do me a favour. Praise me in front of
Mr. Lokhande. He will get Sushma
married to me. I will then have kids. That’s it!
I’ve agreed. Tell me what I am
supposed to do. – Yes. You need to think of a plan.
Come with me. ‘It’s evening.’ ‘I want to see how they
prepare food without the gas.’ ‘I’m sure
they’re hiding something.’ ‘They should have started the
preparations for dinner by now.’ ‘Nobody has even entered
the kitchen.’ Jaya, what are you doing here? I was waiting for you.
– Is it? You’re going to prepare
dinner, right? Yes.
– Yes, what else would we do? And we have to get the food.. I mean, we have to
prepare the food, right? – Yes. So, we’re about
to cook food. Come, let me give you
a hand. No!
– No.. – No! We’ll manage. Ma’am, I’m going to be
your daughter-in-law, right? Wrong! You’re not
our daughter-in-law. Does that mean the wedding
is cancelled? No, silly!
The wedding is not cancelled. But they’re not married yet,
right? So, you’re not
the daughter-in-law yet but you will be soon. Yes, and until the
daughter-in-law to-be venerates the family deity,
she cannot enter the kitchen. Your dad must’ve told you,
right? ‘Why are these people not
letting me enter the kitchen?’ Okay, dear.
Go and take some rest. We’ll prepare the food. Bye, see you!
Meet you for dinner! Bye.. Why does Jaya suddenly want to
help us in the kitchen? Oh, God! What if she
had entered the kitchen? That’s why I say,
make a tunnel! A tunnel! Please make this stupid
woman shut her mouth! Forget about the tunnel,
we have to bring yam from the big house first.
– Yes. Come on, let’s go!
– Yes! We’ll close the door
before leaving, okay? – Yes. Come, let’s go! “Beloved..” She is so stupid!
– Close the door. You know something,
Sudhakar? – What? Mr. Ghanshyam Prasad’s
record is the one and only and we own it. It’s a matter of pride, sir.
What say? But I don’t like the fact that
only I get to listen to it. I want that we make a copy
of it for all our ashrams. What a thought!
Wonderful, sir! But there was a person who can make a copy of this
record in Yavatmal. I forgot his name.
I don’t remember. Hari! Hari..
– Hari Khanvilkar. Sir, 38743434. That’s fantastic, Sudhakar!
– Well.. It’s been so many years but you still remember
his name and number. That’s because I eat
almonds daily! Come on, let’s call him up.
– Okay. Hello!
– Give it to me.. Hello? I can’t hear anything.
– What? Just check..
– Hello.. Hello..
– You talk to him. Yes.. Hari, can you hear me?
– Yes, he can. Hari..
– Hey, don’t move.. Be still and talk. Hari,
I’m calling from Mumbai! Did you get through?
– Mr. Lokhande. Hello?
– Go out.. ‘I’ll go to the kitchen
and see’ ‘how they prepare the food.’ Ma’am? Ms. Kangana?
Urmila! Sushma is having acidity.
I wanted a little jaggery. Ms. Kangana! ‘Should I go in?’ Where did they go? Now I’m very sure that
they are doing something behind our backs.

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