Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) | Primul telefon Samsung cu triple camera | Review în limba română

Hi everybody Hi internet I am a Dragoş from exchange I returned from the store if you ask why I was at the store It’s okay I was enrolled Write hahaha We all have the phone and some comments Sandman From Paul Star Which I said was a nice review thank you Very much that you like You’re asking me for a 20 Lite The same thing asks me K ed Anderson I apologize if you pronounce the wrong numbers You ask me 20 lite or A8 2018 P20 Lite an Extraordinary Phone Not from the point of view You have performance Of another very Compact construction Performance is very good with USB type c And you did The room is not extraordinary Yes get 20-Lite ordered to everyone who wants a reliable phone Which keeps the battery pretty long And he can Supports a whole day of abuse in what it means Music Mail Gliding games do not have gaming and so on Adrian Florin asks me Xiaomi mia2 to know if to buy it It’s good If you want to drop Jack Jack In favor of an aluminum construction Give me A2 a very good phone And the last row Daniel asks me Salut Dragoş when you make an A7 2018 breast review It’s good for this brown and haha shirt A7 2018 Let’s see what’s inside What he can do is I’m wrong or I’m giving it to grade The model last year But first of all subscribes to our channel and activates the notifications and then enters on Giveaway to enroll in the contest Okay, let’s open the A7 box Which this time is white unlike the J series What’s the box Blue It’s good We put the lid to one side Greece is wrong Galaxy A7 In the stretch film The daughter of Samsung I’ll leave it at once Let’s look in the box to see what we find Starter kit dull Please be there USB Type c The Samsung Gun Seriously we are in 2018 Why do not you put micro USB Finally Go over Samsung specific headphones Albert with microphone and one button Here we have the charger 5v 1.55 amp So we do not Quick charge Fast charge or something else And gentlemen 3 rooms The first model from Samsung with this set up I promised I was watching At the drawer Please do not be a hybrid Please do not be Who is the match What I like He’s not I can use two single and one microSD card at the same time taurine What I like I can not believe I came to me For something like that I have so much about What we find in the box The pattern I have is black Glass on the back glass on the aluminum frame Different from the 2007 model 15 This pattern has undergone some major design changes What The home button and the two capacitive buttons no longer exist Navigation making USA now on screen Also The fingerprint is now embedded in the button Power And the volume buttons that were on the left now are on the right The screen is now Full HD Plus With an aspect of 18.5 p9000 We can see the curvature at the corners We can also notice that the head and chin of the phone Much smaller At the top find The 24 Megapixel camera’s brightness and proximity loudspeaker for call And walk Led On the left side of the phone we find the safe drawer and the microSD card Fortunately, it does not have a hybrid construction on the bottom of the phone where we find it Jack Audio Jack 3.5 Microusb data upload and transfer jack The main microphone Schiphol and the phone speaker Which is now found at the base of the phone Do not turn right on rum We’re going to the back of the phone Where are the three rooms Flash led The Samsung logo and, of course, the Duos logo because it is a dual sim Let’s talk a little about the room The main one is 24 mxlf 1.7 6 when the country is 8 Megapixel f 2.4 It is an ultra wide lens and finally the third camera is 5 megapixels 2.2 and is used to create the depth effect Overall I like the design of this phone Unlike last year’s model The costs are much less pronounced But This model is no longer IP certified Practically It is no longer waterproof Not even drops So you should keep it away from the water One more thing I would have liked It would be a USB type c plug Instead of micro USB Still, we are in 2018 But you probably will 2019 All phones will have Tipsy Let’s start the phone and go to the software chapter At the base of the phone we have the exynos Octa Core 7 8 processor 8 5 and can go up to 2.2 GHz This is helped by the Mali g71 graphics accelerator and by 4 Gb of RAM Internal number is also generous, namely 64 GB This model can also be found in the 128 GB version 4 or 6 GB of RAM We also look at the Synthetic Tests a little I got here AnTuTu benchmark 121 thousand 114 points Geekbench 4 1524 points in single core and 4.446 points in multiCam I say it’s a score of why But That’s not what I’m interested in Make apps work well What Let’s Clean It From the Sky We close the contacts posts Internet Everything moves Quite fast on this Phone calendar Valeria We have no place in the interface We do not have a place in the menu The phone is running the Android operating system Oreo 8.0 test that those from this Samsung of course She put her Samsung experience What’s the version 9.0 Regarding geaman Ghoul I was able to run asphalt 9 without any problems Sam played fluid without jerks, and the experience was very enjoyable Even without shutting down the applications in the background, this phone moved very well and did not warm up too much Let’s talk a little about the three chambers of this phone The main camera is 24 m pixels F 1.7 The second room It’s 8 Megapixel f2.4 with ultra-wide lens The third earpiece is 5 Megapixels f 2.2 and is used to create the grain effect Deep effect Or Live Focus As I tell her from Samsung Photos taken with this phone have a very high resolution Very good clarity And of course a level of detail quite high for a midrange Unless you consider it The fact that You must have Very bright brightness Practically If it’s dark outside For a room that Not illuminated very well Photos of stamps and p granulated I also like how you do wrong doing your job very well when you have a frame With heaven A view Very good post very good The elements in And no Pink Be over x Or Under the Personally, I really like that model this year But I would have liked it USB Type c And if it had USB type c and you’re charged It seemed to me Midrange perfect Why linger the perfect reentry Maybe I do not have too much room settings I have Samsung X I find A skin much more flexible than You have it Emoji anyways anyway Or inclusive Android stock Why stop on Android You have more options from to the idea You can personalize your Play Store apps operating system Tentative on this product if you want something a little cheaper because the phone that revolves around the price For 1450 1500 RON you could choose Huawei p20 Lite And why is a Compact phone a good one Feet and size slightly smaller than what Model A7 2018 twelve It has USB Type c and Fast charge USB power jack Practically First May Flexible this phone but photo quality is not extraordinary Or if you like your photo and you are Probably an amateur photographer Or want to take pictures on holiday recommends ASUS zenfon 5 No 5z because it’s more expensive Because it has the latest Schneider processor model ASUS Zenfone 5 is a more than decent phone in terms of photography It also has a slightly larger screen It’s just that IPS is not Super AMOLED Cancan’s Samsung A7 2018 It’s ok I was Dragoş Pila was from 7 2018 and until next time do not forget to check the description For up-to-date prices and useful links

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  2. Cele 3 camere fac treaba impreuna sau sunt de ornament!?Si cat tii telefonu la incarcat pana se incarca full? Pe partea de soft totu perfect! Da de S8 si x5 pro ce parere ai?

  3. Dar Huawei p20 lite nu are usb c…ci micro USB,nu de alta,dar am avut p20 lite si nu zic că nu e un telefon bun,este bun pt cineva care îl folosește light pt un pic de care îl rulează dar foarte slab. Bine că am scăpat de el…am dat la schimb plus ceva 400 Ron pt un Oneplus este un telefon super!

  4. Ce telefon sa imi i-au in buget de 1000 si 1500 lei . Dar sa fie si bun pentru jocuri dar mai important Samsung sau si altele . Dar bune .

  5. Am si eu o intrebare as vrea sa imi iau un nou telefon dar nu stiu care este mai bun Samsung galaxy A7 sau Samsung galaxy A8?

  6. Salut George , am o intrebare , in prezent am un Samsung galaxy s7 edge gold , si nu stiu ce sa fac , as vrea sa il schimb cu un A7 dar am observat ca ecranul e de proasta claritate fata de s7 edge . Cu un A8 nu cred ca merita sa il dau pe al meu si sa mai pun undeva pe la 400-500 de lei ca sa il cumpăr si la A8 plus nu este mai nimic in plus fata de A8 , ce spui sa fac , sa iau A7 sau sa pastreze S7 edge-ul ? Multumesc

  7. Dragos te rog ajutama!!! Salut ,dragos, mi-am achiziționat acest telefon pe data de 8.1.2019.. nu am probleme cu el la nimic doar la baterie. Nu stiu daca este stricat sau asrra am spus sa te intreb pe tine adica se termina foarte repede. La 2 minute 1 la suta….folosind facebook….youtube… Imi poti spune daca are vreo problema te rog mult!


  9. Bună! L-am cumpărat și eu în decembrie și acum după aproape 2 luni mi s-a stricat. A început sa se vadă pe display culori ciudate și după nu mai puteam sa văd nimic doar când se mi se bloca doar ceasul mi se vedea și când încercăm sa-l deblochez era tot negru. Acum nici ceasul nu se mai vede. De la ce poate fi? Displayul sau alceva?

  10. Am o întrebare importanta. Care dintre aceste 2 device-uri este mai bun pentru gaming: Huawei p smart 2019 sau Samsung galaxy a7 2018?

  11. Hey a7 sau mi 8 lite? Apropo super review!și dacă ai putea sa imi spui de ce adică mie imi trebuie poze gb ecran mare și o calitate buna pe youtube!

  12. Am și eu o rugăminte pentru voi îmi spuneti și mie va rog care este mai ok Huawei Mate 20 lite sau A7 2018?

  13. Îmi spuneți va rog care să-l aleg: A7,Mate 20 Lite,p20 Lite.As Dori sa știu care e mai bun pentru camera,poze, baterie.Momentan am un Huawei p9 lite dar numai îmi place.Se blochează,mișcă cam greut.

  14. Am si eu A7 de 2 luni….si astăzi mă sunat cineva si nu il auzeam.
    Nu se mai aud nici melodiile.
    Din ce cauza?

  15. Salut am un A7 2018 si de cand am primit update la android 9,telefonul a inceput sa se miste mai greu,sa aibe unele momente de lag in interfata si in antutu cu android 9 scoate scorul de 102k ceea ce cu android 8 avea 120k deci si testul de antutu declara ca i-a scazut performanta.Vreau sa stiu daca as primi un update de securitate s-ar misca iar la fel de fluid ca inainte si daca da cand as primi acest update???

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