SECRETS of the Split Spades GOLD Edition Playing Cards from David Blaine

In this episode we unbox the latest deck from
Magician David Blaine, give you a chance to win one for yourself and announce the winner
of the DMC Elites V.4. All that coming up next. [Music] There was a lot of controversy surrounding
the last David Blaine deck I reviewed on this channel. Outcry from his otherwise adoring and devoted
audience that maybe he’d finally succumbed to the darkside of consumer marketing; the
deck was ill-handling, included unadvertised features that drastically altered it’s functionality
and was altogether generally disliked. That of course was the Stoics deck. A short while ago Blaine’s camp released
another deck, the Skull n Bones Private Reserves which was pretty much a re-release of the
existing gold Superior branded cards of the same name. Despite that both decks eventually sold out
but it’s safe to say that Blaine’s footing on the pedestal of elite card producers was
no longer sure–how long would his diehard audience continue to support him through lackluster
releases? Well, the deck I’m about to review, the
Split Spades Gold Edition, spells a bit of relief in some respects at least–but is it
enough? Welcome back to the go-to place for playing
cards content, I’m the Gentleman Wake. If you are new here, we hope this great episode
will compel you to like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. Be sure to stick all the way to the end for
a chance to win a deck of Split Spades Gold Edition playing cards. This latest version of the Split Spades, the
gold edition, comes packaged within a premium white cardstock tuck case with deep gold foil
embossing. The front of the box prominently features
the split spades branding, an image of a pouncing lion (Blaine’s favorite animal) and Blaine’s
inverted split spade logo which of course doubles as his initials; lower case d and
b. It’s a classic design, and one that to a
degree inspired the design of my upcoming kickstarter deck collaboration with Stockholm
17, the Parlour which, incidentally, I announced in at the end of my Top Ten Decks of 2018
video. If you haven’t seen it you should certainly
check it out–they’ll be a lot more about the deck in the coming weeks. David Blaine’s decks have been a source
of inspiration for many–most recently Daniel Madison also cited Blaine’s Gatorbacks as
a massive influence on his own Hellions decks. Part of the reason for Blaine’s dominion
of influence is the astounding attention to detail. The top of the box is a perfect example. There’s an ambigram; a word that changes
its reading depending on which way it’s oriented. If placed face up the box reads Split Spades. If turned upside down, it cleverly reads Superstitious. The back features a beautifully embossed representation
of the back design of the cards. It’s fairly accurate down to the wide white
border surrounding the design. We’ll talk more about it in a moment. The deck wouldn’t be a David Blaine deck
without a few secrets of course. On the tuck box that comes in the form of
two reveals. Opening the tuck flap reveals a golden dove–the
same one on the back design–on the large flap with what appear to be a couple of calligraphic
ornaments underneath. Turning them on their side actually reveals
it as an 8 of diamonds reveal. The smaller tuck flaps also have a reveal
in the form of a blind embossed heart pip and a 6 or 9 depending of course on which
way the box is turned. One of the biggest gripes Blaine faced with
both his most recent releases was the printing company he chose to produce them; the expert
playing card company. Blaine is good friends with EPCC founder and
owner Bill Kalush–so much so Kalush’s likeness has permanent residency on one of Blaine’s
customized court cards, so it’s really no surprise he chose to go with his good friend’s
manufacturing company. The problem is Expert has had a history of
touch-and-go quality control problems and also suffers from a glaring inconsistency
problem predicated on the fact that EPCC uses printing facilities both in China and Taiwan
that have proven to provide very different results. End products that despite both technically
being considered printed by Expert handle very differently. The stoics were printed in China, the lesser
renowned of the two facilities, and there was quite a bit of backlash about it. To the delight of many, this deck sees Blaine’s
deck back in the capable hands of the United States Playing Card Co. Part of the reason for the decision may have
come down to the inclusion of the USPCC’s proprietary metalluxe printing technique which
gives the cards their brilliant and shiny gold foil backs. The deck is certainly eye-catching and the
reflections make the deck feel luxury. There are however a few issues. First of all, the split spades back design
is known for it’s fantastic details but the metalluxe printing doesn’t really do
those details justice. There’s even a bit of inconsistency from
card to card. This is most evident in finest linework. Still the back design is great, once again
prominently featuring the inverted spade logo. Each corner of the deck has an winged angel
stabbing through the spade logo with a sword, much in the way Daniel Madison’s Hellions
have a devil stabbing a trident through Madison’s logo. There are some other interesting things as
well; some scrollwork, crescent moon shapes and the reappearance of the dove found on
the tuck flap. But again, all but the most obvious details
can get lost in the poor resolution of the metalluxe printing technique. I didn’t notice the forked tongue serpent
heads within the loops of the spade until looking at the blown up image on my screen. Apparently there are snarling lions in there
as well–but that discovery needed referencing of online images. Additionally there’s one more side-effect
of the gold foil printing process; The white poker borders are especially thick–thicker
than any other previous versions of the split spades. This may also have had detrimental effects
on the resolution of the back design as it’s been shrunk down to fit the restrictions or
limitations of the metalluxe process. This has the unintended effect of producing
uninteresting fans as the brilliant gold foil tends to hide behind the wide white edges
of the deck. Ultimately, although the idea of a gold foil
split spade deck is brilliant in theory. The execution however was not up to par. The truth is the back design should have been
simplified a bit. The deck however does handle brilliantly. Just as to be expected from any other air-cushioned
embossed deck printed on crushed premium stock. Dribbles and springs are easy. Packet cuts too. The deck is modern cut as it faro’s back
to front. The deck has bicycle standard spot cards with
traditional pips and indices. The hearts and diamonds do have metallic crimson
red rather than the standard bright red ink. The court cards are the standard blaine fare;
semi-custom takes on the bicycle standard courts. 11 out of the 12 court cards include re-drawn
faces–redone with the likenesses of blaine’s friends and family including Blaine himself
on the King of Spades. The king of hearts is representative of EPCC
owner Bill Kalush. Designer mark stutzman also makes an appearance
on the Jack of Spades. The queen of spades, rumored to be Blaine’s
ex-fiance Alizee Guinochet, includes a three of clubs reveal. Some court members modeled after others I
could not recognize. In fact, if you can identify anyone else in
specific please comment below. Interestingly the Jack of Diamonds remains
the only court card in the deck to keep his original standard visage. The ace of spades will be familiar to most
fans of David Blaine playing cards, a spade pip, printed in gold metallic ink, that features
a disrobed woman. As is often the case with blaine’s decks
though, things often have a secret meaning or perception. In this case the same image can be read as
a stylized cartoon rendering of a lion–where the light ray streaks behind the woman become
the fine hair of the lion’s mane. There are a few additional cards in the deck. Three ‘jokers’ although neither them actually
say joker. The first is the simple inverted spade logo. The second the image of two angels standing
on the back of a playing card whilst holding up an hourglass. And the third is the image of a anthropomorphized
frog, in a turn of the century waistcoat. Complete with mustache. He seems to be stitching closed a J-shaped
tear with a giant needle, even while a striped fish swims between his legs. Finally there’s an included gaff card that
at first glance appears to be a duplicate king of spades. But actually reveals itself to be a cleverly
disguised ad card that includes Blaine’s social media handle and website. Interestingly the sword is also missing the
traditional wavy center line found on the typical king of spades. The Gold Edition Split Spades are still available
on blaine’s website, The go for about $20 which is definitely on
the higher end of the price spectrum as the metalluxe backs are apparently not cheap to
produce. But if you want to win a deck of Gold Split
Spades from me here’s what you have to do… 1. Like this video. 2. Be a subscriber to this channel. And 3? Well here’s a bit of a treasure hunt for
you. In honor of David Blaine’s penchant for
hiding things in plain site, I’ve hidden a link somewhere in this video. That link will take you to a contest site
where you can enter. When you get there be sure to follow the instructions! I’ll give you a hint in the form of a limerick; Within the film is a frame of twins. Both are regal and stately kings. Although one weapon surely stings. The other from a distance always wins. It may not be the one you think. So be sure to scour everything. It goes by fast so don’t you blink
Or miss the opening for the link. Good luck. Congrats to JIB, winner of the DMC Elites
v4s. Contact me to claim your prize. As usual it’s been a pleasure! If you have yet to subscribe be sure to click
here. Also check out another video by clicking here. I’ve been the Gentleman Wake, thank you
so much for watching! See you next time!

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  7. Though Gold is OLD it still gives us joy! Wars are fought, Kings and Queens come to power and fall,
    Onto the table. With a slap the Jack takes them all! 😉

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  18. The limerick was a nice touch, and probably needed to find the link. I found it in about 5 seconds, where I think it would have taken 19 seconds or more without it. 😉

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    There’s nothing worse than spending tons of money on cards or those that hype them spiking online prices, like the Mint Line for example, then when receiving a few shitty decks being told, “Hey, it happens.” It’s all part of the process and within their specifications. Bullshit, Ya know what, we’re the customers right? It’s one thing if I can notice off centered borders due to an unacceptable punching job, it’s another if a spectator totally calls you out on it. Live and learn right, next time I won’t support their damn Kickstarter.

    Anywho, as far as EPCC, I myself have a few decks in my collection that could pass for USPCC, from look to feel, and it’s sad that they can’t keep up that consistency because not all of us are crying for another Stoics Deck as far as handling and all the other negatives go.

    Was hoping that Blaine would at least make a 180 back to his roots and throw the magicians a few extra bones, like the double backer or blank as there are just so many things we can do with three jokers or more than one ad card. I guess he just likes seeing his name and artwork on shit. Was going to get one of these on my next Blaine order as I need some more Series B decks and the savings from not wasting my money on these can go towards a deck of his up priced White Lions. Love how they go up from 12 to 20 but I guess it’s better then all those scabs on eBay trying to get $40+ a deck.

    Hope you’re having a great Labor Day.

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