See the treasures brought for Antiques Roadshow’s visit to Sacramento

I love to watch the show. I tape this show. And I love all of the appraisers
are great and so professional. And I love how gently they
handle all the items, like. They appreciated the way the person
owns it, appreciates it, or even more. And I just love the part where sometimes,
the thing is not what you think it is but it’s something else and
something even better. I really love that part.>>So you carried it all the way here?>>Yeah.
[LAUGH] Just from the shuttle.>>Okay.
>>Down here.>>Have you had appraised yet? Or.
>>No.>>You’re going in?>>Right.
>>It’s a memory. It’s something that just is evocative of a
time for this person that meant something, that was a monumental
event in their lives.>>And I use them for
salt and pepper shakers, and looks like that might be what they
were used for originally in the 20s. So it’s worth about,
she said about $300 for the pair. But they’re pretty.>>It was so much fun. Everybody in there is smiling. The appraiser’s smile. They chat with each other, and
sort of collaborate on what we’ve got. It was super well organized. I was very impressed. Just a lovely experience. I’m so happy that we were able to come. So this guy is a reverse glass painting. It was hand-painted in England,
probably in about 1930. Other people have said, that’s beautiful. How much is that worth? And then I tell them 20 bucks and
they say no.>>I just like being here. I mean I see people at the Inn when
they do the treasures thing and they go I just had a great time. That’s me. [LAUGH]

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