Shadow Warrior – Velharia #9

This game is unreasonably hard,
I don’t know how to play without
mouse or I just suck at it. Whatever the reason may be,
I’m going on the easiest level. The game looks a lot Duke Nukem 3D
which is not surprising at all since
both games use the Build engine. There is a lot more of monsters
in the harder skill levels. The game’s BGM is such a good work. When
you download the game with our
link here you can also get its OST in the MP3 or FLAC formats. I spent several minutes trying to
get the silver key but I gave up.
I entered the IDKFA equivalent cheat, SWGIMME, and fuck all. Gah. No way I going to replay
everything. I’ll just cheat and I
don’t care.

5 Replies to “Shadow Warrior – Velharia #9”

  1. Esse jogo é muito difícil, kkkkk.
    Faz velharia do Redneck Rampage, esse fps é engraçado demais xDDD. Outro difícil bagarai.

  2. Shadow Warrior, o engraçado e popular FPS da 3D Realms foi o assunto do nono episódio da Velharia, a nossa série de vídeos a respeito de games clássicos ou antigos. Veja mais informações na descrição.

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