43 Replies to “She’s so Vintage… | Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art”

  1. Great work! What did you use to grade it? Did you base this off of the LUT that was designed for Slog2 but you use it on Cine4, which you cited previously?

  2. Today i just want to take a moment and recognize your perfect selection of music for your videos.Your music perfectly compliments the mood of the videos.I noticed this when you used "ESMZ's – 40 day dream" for your best vlog yet.I'm a huge fan of your work,such a story teller! keep on.

  3. Do you think could eliminate this shakiness with the warp stabilizer?
    I'm thinking about getting the same setup as you and although for some shots this shaking would actually be fitting, i would want smoother shots as well… (mainly i don't want to spend more money for a camera with the 5-axis stab. :p )

  4. Your videos are incredible and inspiring for me if you can give a check in my videos would be grateful.

  5. Great vid! I've only got money right now for one lens and I love the look of the Sigma art lenses. I'm also shooting with an a6300, do you suggest this 20mm or the 30mm? I really cannot decide!!

  6. Einfach nur echt extrem geiles Video!! Die Musik ist ein richtiger Ohrwurm und passt einfach nur perfekt zum Video! 🙂

    Meine Frage mal an dich: Wie findest du deine Musik so für die Videos? Ich habe da nämlich immer ziemliche Probleme.

  7. very nice. manually focusing? if not, how did you find the AF for this sort of scene? i'm sure it's slower than native sony lenses, but was it fast enough for you?

  8. hey =)
    Video is just great!)
    What about auto focusing in video with this lence ? Is it fast? Can i use follow focus on face? And what about noize, when it's focusing ?
    Do you know can i use Mc 11 adapter?
    Thank you)

  9. Hello! I have a 6330 and yesterday I bought the Sigma 20mmArt. I would like to ask you if you also hear a noise with autofocus in Video setting??

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