APPRAISER: Did I ever to tell you the story about…I don’t think-I think it’s too “inside baseball” never mind… about, you know when they first said, they first
called me up and said, “Hey you want to go on these shows? We’re going to 13 cities
and you pay your way, and you might get on TV.” So I said, “Is this a good idea?” Well
I talked to a friend of mine after the first show, because I went to Philadelphia I
drove down there, and a guy — got friend of mine who’s in show biz me said, “Noel, sign
up for every show you can go and just get your face in from that camera it’ll
pay off.” But it did, I’ve had a lot of fun. And you know, I told somebody today – they
asked me for my autograph – I always tell them you know when I was a kid all I
wanted to do was get to the point where somebody asked for my autograph. Now it’s

2 Replies to “Should I do ANTIQUES ROADSHOW?”

  1. I had the pleasure of volunteering on the show in Knoxville. Everyone involved was wonderful, from the appraisers to the production people. Hopefully Antiques Roadshow will continue to educate and entertain us all for 500 more episodes!

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