Should I Store My Cigars with the Cellophane On or Off? – Cigar 101

Hey everyone, I’m John over at CigarAdvisor.
com and Famous Smoke Shop, and I’m here answering your Fan Mail. Now,
Tom over in Washington, he says he has a friend that always takes the
cello off his cigars when he stores them and he, on the other hand, Tom,
he keeps the cello on the cigar when he’s storing them. So he wants to know,
what’s the best way to go about it? Now, I typically have one way of
thinking about this, and that’s safety. You hear that? That’s the that’s the
crinkly sound of safety. Cello helps protect your cigar wrappers from rumming
– rubbing up against each other. every time that you go into your humidor
and rummage around a little bit. So, if you’re trying to pick out a cigar,
you don’t want wrappers rubbing up against each other, you want cello
resting – rubbing up against each other. If you’re trying to age a cigar on
the other hand, I recommend keeping the cello off your cigar. That’s a
humidor that you’re typically never really going into. You’re not
rummaging around. And that means wrappers won’t be rubbing up against each other.
So if you want safety, go with cello on. If you want aging, let the cigars breathe
a little bit and keep the cello off. If you want more tips like these, go to and if you want
discounts on premium cigars, click the link below and go to

2 Replies to “Should I Store My Cigars with the Cellophane On or Off? – Cigar 101”

  1. I age with the cellos on. I've left them off of a couple before and the difference isn't noticeable. In my opinion, the only good thing about taking off the cello is the visual appeal. It does look nice to have a bunch of naked cigars sitting in the humidor. I leave them on though for safety and because cello's still breathe. Also, I love seeing a cloudy cello on a cigar that I've been aging for awhile.

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