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(light music) – Hello and welcome, you are here with me, Jill Maurer, I am a jewelry designer. And I have a special treat for you today. Not long ago I did a “Your Jewelry Minute” on trembler jewelry, also
known as En Tremblant. Michele Salter saw that
video and she asked me if Donnie, who you may
have met on this channel, if Donnie happened to have any Trembler or En Tremblant pieces that
I could share with you. Donnie does, he does
have a couple of pieces, they are in Charleston,
he is in Charleston. So I don’t have those
pieces here for you today. When he comes back,
hopefully he will bring a couple of trembler pieces. But I did call another friend of mine. Her name is Julie Proctor. I have known Julie for a very long time. As long, if not longer
than I’ve known Donnie. And Julie is also an
estate jewelry dealer. She has a business called Monte Cristo’s which as been in Raleigh
for a very long time. In addition to Monte Cristo’s which sells the fine jewelry, Julie has another business
called The Rhinestone Bird. And The Rhinestone Bird is where she sells vintage costume jewelry. And most, if not all of
that, is sold on Etsy. It’s sold on Etsy and online. What’s fun about that business, at least what I love talking to her about, in addition to the
jewelry is where it goes. Some of those pieces
have ended up in movies, on television, she even has a piece that’s on somebody in a wax museum. It’s on a wax-museum star. It’s just fun, it’s fun to
see where her things go. So she has given me
three pieces to show you, these pieces are all available, they’re all for sale, I
will link those below. Now you may be asking: Where’s Julie? Why isn’t Julie sitting here? Well the reason is, Julie
does not like a camera. You can try, you can ask her to be here, you can beg you can plead,
Julie’s not gonna come on camera. She’s a lovely woman, she
hates being on camera. She just can’t stand it. Even though she wasn’t willing to come here and sit with me herself, she did offer for me to show these pieces. So that is very kind
of her, here they are. This first piece is the
most subtle of the pieces as far as the En Tremblant. This is is a lily pad,
this is costume jewelry. It is vintage costume jewelry. It’s a lily pad on this gold tone lily pad with the enamel, the green enamel. And on this one, this little frog, he moves around when you wear him. So it’s a subtle movement
but he does, he does tremble. He is adorable, now I’m
gonna see if I can get, if this will focus up close. But can you see him, he’s just so cute. So that’s the first piece,
and he’s on a little spring. That’s one example of
how En Tremblant is done. This next piece is also
costume, this is a ladybug, it is gold-tone metal
with this golden brown and black enamel, and as you can see, the wings move when you wear it. Having wings move on a
bug is one of the themes you often see in En Tremblant jewelry. And it’s so cute, so when you wear it, and you move around,
those little wings move. Here it is, I don’t know
if you’ll be able to see, let’s see if I can hold this
so you can see the springs. I don’t know if you’re
gonna be able to see that. Ha ha ha, I don’t know if you can see that but that is how that works. Ooh you can see his little
face there, he’s cute. He’s just a cute little bug. So that is this one, and
these pieces are both vintage, I’m not sure exactly how old they are. We’ll have a link so
you’ll be able to know everything she knows about them. They’re both just adorable. This next piece is very special. It is from Monte Cristo’s,
this is fine jewelry, this is in 18-carat
gold and it has enamel, it has Plique-à-jour enamel which means that that enamel is translucent. I can see the light coming through because you have more
light that way than I do. But there is light coming through those. And it is a stick pin. The eyes are ruby, that
body part is amethyst, which is purple so the ruby is red, the amethyst it purple,
and then the bottom part of the body is diamond. And so you would stick, you
would stick this through and pin it and when you
wear this the movement is very, very clear. So you could wear it here, you could wear it wherever you want. But it’s just such a
lively piece of jewelry. It’s a piece of jewelry
that actually comes to life. I’ll see if I can get
this closer up for you. And this piece is very difficult to date. I was talking to Julie about this. Well that’s pretty good, and she thinks is from about the 1950’s. So that’s how it looks, it’s just so cute. And then I’ll show you
the back so you can see those springs, you see
how those springs work. There are examples of En
Tremblant or trembler jewelry dating back to the Georgian period. They tend to hold up well as
long as they are treated well. This you would not wanna
throw in a jewelry box, you do want this to have its own box and it keep it separate. And it will, it will stay looking
good for a very long time. So I’m so excited that Julie
let me borrow these pieces so that I could show
you some actual pieces rather than just photographs. Because En Tremblant in
particular is something that you really want to see move. You wanna see video, ’cause the movement is the whole point of it. I just love this little
thing, isn’t this amazing. En Tremblant or trembler
jewelry often done with bugs, not always, can be flowers,
can be all kinds of things, and then here’s that costume piece. And then this is the fine-jewelry piece. If you ever have a jewelry question for me or if there’s something
that you’d like to see that I’m able to show you,
I would love to do that. We talk mostly about
jewelry on this channel. I am a fine-jewelry designer,
jewelry is my passion and I love to answer all of your questions about jewelry and help
take the intimidation out of buying jewelry. There’s always been this intimidation associate with buying jewelry that really should not be there. It is accessible to all of us. There’s beautiful costume
jewelry in addition to find jewelry, and anything I can do to help you feel comfortable
and knowledgeable about jewelry, I’m here
to do that for you. I am uploading a video every
single day for the year 2019 and I would love to see you
here again tomorrow until then.

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  1. Beautiful pieces. The lady bug 🐛 is so cute. The blue butterfly is so gorgeous. Thank You so much for sharing ❤️

  2. Thank you Jill for your informative videos that you make . I really enjoy them .
    I have question about ultrasonic cleaner is it save to use it frequently with jewelry ?

  3. What lovely pieces. Thanks to your friend for loaning them for the video. Also thank you for holding them close to the camera so we can see them better up close. The construction of the springs on the back of the butterfly is interesting to see.

  4. Lately, I’ve seen pendants where the center diamond trembles. Would this type of pendant also fall into the En Tremblant category?

  5. SO SORRY for getting around to this video late!!! Such a busy day! Just had a chance to sit down and watch. GORGEOUS pieces from your friend, but I cannot wait to see if Donnie brings any! Thanks as always for such a great video Jill, and I cannot wait for tomorrows!

  6. Thank You Thank You Thank You for making this video! What great pieces and love seeing the costume and fine pieces. What fun jewelry to collect. I went to Julie's Etsy store and went down a "rabbit hole"! I will let you know if I make any purchases, what a wonderful variety of style and prices. Trembler Hugs xxoo!

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