100 Replies to “Sigrid – High Five (Official Video)”

  1. Lol, 0:57. I am getting Max from stranger things vibes and also Ginny from Harry Potter vibes. I LOVE THIS SONG 😍

  2. This kept playing in BP forecourt when I worked there, only it wasn't clear enough to hear the lyrics, but I knew I liked it. Took me bloody months to track this song down 🙂 🙂

  3. My “ friend” was basically the popular girl everyone disliked or was scared of. She bullied me but in the end we were friends. Now I can’t even say I had a fight because I moved 😞 😢 she pretends I’m not there anymore, and when I wave to her she shoos me off, and the worst is my bff who I have sleepovers and hangouts with al the time acts like her at school 😔.

  4. 1:52 stranger things lol & the instrumental in the chorus always reminds me of the first season of the OA on Netflix, I just love this song lol

  5. man a love Sigrid. this is the first thing by her I ever saw and I was like omg this is my favorite show stranger things in a music video. anyways she's really talented.

  6. This movie is great. I'd rather look at this than It Chapther Two <3 And i really dont kidding. It sucks. This Rocks!

  7. I don´t know why people say stuff about her dance moves. I think she is very good. Plus, ppl, look at all the other teens behind her, they are super awkward jeez..

  8. More music video directors need to see this because it has the two missing ingredients to make a great music video. Jazz hands and telekinesis.

  9. Está canción salió principalmente en MTV en un comercial, pero colo los colombianos solo ven cosas promedio, como ellos… entonces hasta ahora se dan de cuenta, apuesto que tampoco saben que es la que canta everybody knows en la justice league :'V

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