Sliding closet mirror door rollers and tracks

Hey, it’s Mike from and today I’m going to show you two types of sliding mirror door rollers. Concave and Convex and the mirror door tracks that work with them. In this video I’ll be using the 23-225
and 23-041 roller assemblies with convex wheels and the 23-040 sliding mirror bottom track. I will also be using the 23-028 roller assembly with a Concave wheel and the 23-256, 23-257 and the 23-258 mirror door tracks. Keep in mind the mirror door tracks are available in a variety of lengths
and finishes, and there are many styles of rollers to choose from. To see the differences between Concave and Convex and
how the rollers and track work together I’ll show you a few examples Here I have the 23-225 convex roller assembly and the 23-041 convex
roller assembly working with the 23-240 sliding mirror door track And here I have the 23-028 concave roller assembly working with the 23-256, 23-257 and 23-258 mirror door tracks.

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  1. I wish I could upload a photo. I bought used sliding mirrored doors with brass – gold trim. So perhaps 1970s. The bottom track is asymmetrical. I can get one of the two doors into the bigger track but not in the smaller track. I bought these doors used. Should this track work?

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