Small Details You Missed In The Black Widow Trailer

The first trailer for Black Widow, the solo
vehicle for the heroic Avenger, is finally here, and it is pretty spectacular. There’s plenty to unpack in the spot, but
with all of the insane action, there are a few details that you may have missed. Fortunately, we’re pretty good at spotting
those. The trailer opens on a panoramic view of a
city, one which might not be immediately familiar to American eyes. That statue in the center of the shot is pretty
distinctive, however, and if you already have a gut feeling as to what this setting might
be, let us go ahead and confirm it for you. That installation is called the Liberty Statue,
and it watches over the great Hungarian capital of Budapest. Now, a few of you may be asking, “So what?” For the rest of you, we’ll give you a second
to pick your jaws up off the floor. You’ll recall that, during the absolute mayhem
that was the Battle of New York in 2012’s The Avengers, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton
had a humorous exchange while they were smack dab in the middle of shooting and arrow-ing
the heck out of the invading Chitauri hordes. “This is like Budapest all over again!” “You and I remember Budapest very differently.” It seems highly unlikely that this would be
a mere coincidence. It’s also worth noting that after this shot
dissolves to a montage of previous Marvel films, with Romanoff’s voiceover wistfully
recapping the road to her “family” in the Avengers, the first recognizable character
we see is Barton. Will Hawkeye join in on the action in Black
Widow? We feel pretty safe in guessing that he will. After a very Widow-y Marvel Studios card,
we see Romanoff arriving at Budapest’s train station, followed by a shot of what appears
to be a convoy of military vehicles headed to an unknown location. We then briefly see who is leading that convoy:
General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who is not the biggest fan of the Avengers. You’ll recall that during Civil War, Romanoff
was on the pro-registration team led by Iron Man. However, during the enormous brawl at a German
airport, she had a slight change of heart, allowing Captain America and Bucky Barnes
to escape, while the rest of Cap’s anti-registration team was captured and hauled off to the Raft
super prison. Romanoff’s role in helping them skedaddle
would not have been lost on Ross, who almost certainly has designs on making sure she ends
up cooling her heels in the Raft, as well. Of course, we know that she eventually joins
Rogers and Sam Wilson on the run, ending up in Scotland, where we catch up with the trio
during the first act of Avengers: Infinity War. This likely means that Ross won’t have any
luck bringing the Black Widow in, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a major thorn in
her side. The spot finally gives us our first look at
an iconic Marvel villain: Taskmaster, who in the comics is capable of perfectly replicating
the fighting style of anyone he might encounter. The baddie’s super-muscle memory also allows
him to use any weapon after observing its use just once, and you will notice that in
the Black Widow trailer, he’s using a weapon that we’ve only ever seen one MCU character
employ before, a character who just happens to have very close ties to Romanoff. We suppose this could be a coincidence or
a mere aesthetic choice, but we do find it a bit odd that Taskmaster would be channeling
Barton in his first appearance in the trailer. We’d also like to point out that we’re using
the descriptor “he” because Taskmaster is male in the comics, but it’s not at all clear
that this is the case here. The actor portraying the villain hasn’t been
disclosed, and it stands to reason that this is a detail that Marvel has been keeping under
lock and key for a reason. The Taskmaster of the MCU could very well
be female…and could, in fact, even be one of Romanoff’s “family.” As we see in a brief scene around a dining
room table, this family includes Yelena Belova, with whom Romanoff has a nice, friendly fight
near the opening of the spot and with whom, at points in the comics, Nat shares the Black
Widow moniker; Alexei Shostakov, AKA the Red Guardian, Russia’s answer to Captain America;
and Melina Vostokoff, whom we first see briefly wearing a very Widow-y outfit. We know that Belova and Vostokoff are products
of the same “Red Room” training that molded Romanoff into a deadly weapon, but in Vostokoff’s
case in particular, we don’t necessarily know what her motives will be. In the comics, Vostokoff is known as the Iron
Maiden, and she is driven by a deep-seated hatred of Black Widow, whose shadow she has
never been able to escape. She’s even tried to assassinate Romanoff,
so if the character indeed remains an ally throughout this film, it will represent a
complete 180 from her comics incarnation. We were heartened to see that David Harbour,
who has earned household name status thanks to his role as Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger
Things, didn’t get crazy jacked for his role; indeed, he’s just as doughy, yet he still
manages to squeeze into his old suit to join the ass-kicking party. “Yeah! Ahahahahaha…Still fits.” And kick ass, he does, in a very brief shot,
we see him going toe to toe with Taskmaster, an extremely dangerous opponent if ever there
was one, and holding his own. Unfortunately, we only see a literal second
of the fight, but if we’re being honest, all we can hope for is that it isn’t the last
scene in which Red Guardian appears. Harbour is an extremely endearing actor, his
few appearances in this trailer have us anxious to see more of Shostakov, and that old costume
even looks pretty badass. But it’s obvious that the Guardian hasn’t
seen action for quite some time. There have to be some high stakes involved
in Black Widow, and what we’re saying here is that we really, really hope that the Guardian
survives this fight, unlike…well… Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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66 Replies to “Small Details You Missed In The Black Widow Trailer”

  1. One thing I don't like about the MCU black widow, she doesn't sound like a Russian Spy, but she does try to but it doesn't really work. Has anyone seen the black widow vs black canary live action fight @batinthesun channel, and that version of Black Widow is more accurate than MCU black widow.

  2. The stranger things Harper theories were right…
    He was teleported to Russia, but changed his identity to the red guardian!

  3. I bet marvel won’t see the cash cow from this drama queen bc honestly who cares about a character who died in endgame. Oh wait let’s make another iron man after he died. Sadly he would push more $ than she ever could

  4. Big marvel fan but I can’t stand Characters with no power at all what is her ability not able to get knocked up She’s just a girl version of 007

  5. I feel there is a possibility that Taskmaster is Clint Burton because throughout MCU, Natasha had spoken about how Clint gave her a chance for redemption. There is a possibility that Taskmaster turns to be Clint who is given the task to eliminate Natasha but he chooses to get her recruited in Shield.

  6. Guardians red costume looks hella better than cap's and 1000% times better than black panther movie costume.
    (Note: Black panther's Civil war movie costume was dope)

  7. I know what happens in to black widow, she survives this movie but does after it. Don’t tell me how I know. I just know

  8. Year of women in 2020:
    Birds of prey- February
    New mutants – April
    Black widow – may
    Wonder woman 1984- June
    Halloween kills – October
    ? so excited

  9. Well, what really happen is….Harper did end up going thru the upside down and ended up in Russia, that’s where the Russian then brainwashed him into becoming the red guardian.

  10. "one that might not be immediately familiar to American eyes" nice dig at how uncultured and bad their education system is, love it

  11. Black Widow is supposed to be without a "family" until the Avengers so this movie is going to completely change & ruin her backstory we've all come to love about the character. Awesome! So amazing!

  12. how about this. task master is actually hawk eye.
    because as they say"task master can mirror fighting style him once saw " and yet hawk eye himself is no where to be found in the trailer.
    also when hawk eye says"we remember Budapest very differently". that just sounds like they stand on the opposite side of the field.
    plus, if he is task master, that would be a great explanation for how he become a cold blooded blade user in end game.
    just saying. cause i m obviously not a comic guy lol

  13. At :15, when looking at numerous ID's, there is a sheet of paper with the stamp from Israel. Maybe she is connected to the Israeli Mossad…

  14. Saw that scene at the end with Hopper so I had to check it out…This was a very heartbreaking scene from Stranger Things season 3.

  15. Here is the leak. Jim Hooper is imprisoned in Russia after what happened in Hawkins, and he gets fat and trained to be an "assassin" in red tights and he gets to train young girls like Eleven. So, Black Widow is kind of Eleven… oh… Natasha used to have superpower!

  16. I didn't miss anything. I'm simply not interested. The character is boring and I don't feel motivated to see a spin off about it.

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