SNOW WHITE vs ELSA: Princess Rap Battle (Whitney Avalon ft. Katja Glieson) *explicit*

Snow White versus Elsa! Let the rap battle begin!

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  1. Oh holy jesus my sister sent me this video just now and said remember you seen that video when it came out and sung the whole thing because i told you to and i would give you 2 euro and ten they laughed when i said "like a porn star you blew it" so sinced they laughed i kept kept saying it to everyone in my family, like if my mam was like "aw shit" i would be like "you had the chance to do better but like a porn star you blew it" oml what was i att xDD i didnt know what it ment obviously 😂

  2. I didn't know you had a mole on your neck and a piercing on your tongue 😝Elsa your a fake.

    Make this blue if you agree.👇

  3. Whitney, I love all your rap battles, and when this one came out I thought it was cool also, but when I heard little girls imitating this rap it became immediately clear to me that this rap stepped over the line with language that I now feel is offensive and not fit for younger audiences. In future please think about how your word choices may have damaging impact on young minds. Thanks

  4. Seriously i hate this rap battle real princesses dont cuss and they arent degrading like elsa is being. Snow White is a true princess!

  5. 1:31
    “And who eats an apple a stranger gives ya?”
    “And who needs a man to save and kiss ya?”
    That’s actually true 😂

  6. cool fool tool pool rules best rest
    pain vein brain frame blame stand chance top pop ryhming words some clues for u alll💖💖💖

  7. Absolutely howling l! My daughter is 4 and just watched this coming from all her Disney videos all I heard at the end was motherfucking queen 😂😂

  8. xRavěnJinxTaeNork打扰你们都在忙丢人啊好哦哪估计大家都能度假酒店我要要的幸福过来人的 says:

    Snow white: Your a copy of a copy, im the original Princess!

    Elsa: Your one ditzey "PRINCESS" im a MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN !!

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