Solo Trip to Tokyo: Feeling Unfashionable in HARAJUKU | JAPANIKU (S02 Ep 06)

Good morning everybody. I’m at the Starbucks at the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, obviously, you’ve probably noticed I planned the day around it being super rainy And having to be indoors but it’s not raining at all, it’s just overcast I guess it rained this morning before I got up I came here early, like 8 am or something And I got the perfect view, people are starting to come in, I’m going to be able to film a ton of timelapses Which is really cool. Take some photos but most of all, I get to draw Usually in the morning I draw at the hostel, take my time, draw, plan my day But today I felt like going out, I felt like going out directly I got my matcha latte that I just finished which was delicious – super sweet but super delicious Because I barely slept last night, I think I slept 4 hours or something because There was a group that was making noise up until 1 am, I could not sleep for the life of me Earplugs, eye mask… impossible so hopefully the matcha will give a little bit of a kick Right now I’m drawing. Trying to draw to draw the scramble You guys now I draw faces, I don’t draw *landscapes*, especially not weird perspective like that But it was a good little practise. So, like I said… Today I’m going to be working my way (that’s what I meant) through Shibuya, Harajuku… Trying to stay inside..? But I mean it’s not raining so I can just walk wherever But I did plan to go into malls and stuff because it was supposed to be really bad weather So yeah. It’s almost 10… Yeah it is 10 So the shops are going to open now and I’m going to be able to go outside. At least I’m nice and warm here Maybe I’ll just doodle a little more… nah for today maybe I should just go. I’ve been here for hours… Ok so the plan is to go shopping, well, window shopping more like it I’m going to find all the malls in the area, so Shibuya, Omotesando, Harajuku… Probably maybe even go up to Ikebukuro to the Pokemon Center I’m not sure yet but it might not be much fun for you guys but I’m going to do my best Last time I was too shy and there were too many people But right now I’m at, almost the very middle, without getting run over Remember the last time I did this? All I did was ‘whoop, there we go I’m done’ But this time, see? I’m braver. Braver and stupider and more… touristier Except now I’m on the wrong side so I’m going to have to cross again so that was really dumb… Let’s go back. That way. Actually… Yeah that way, definitely that way Ok maybe crossing with my arm stretched out isn’t the safest thing I’m going to shut up now I couldn’t go without saying hello to Hachiko though I’m not going to queue for a photo so Cute collar Hachi, see you next time! Welp, time to give this thing a try Just bought myself a mikan daifuku. I have never had that before There are so may things I wanted to try in that depachika thing (that’s what it’s called) But I’m trying things that I’ve never ever had I really want a melon pan but I had one last time but maybe at the end if I still have money So what I’m going to do now is find the… Let ‘s just hide in here for a second What I’m ging to do now is find the big Don Quijote, have a quick look inside because I know I’ll go crazy with all the small aisles And if there are a lot of people it’s just not going to help with my anxiety And also there’s a Tokyu Hands, haven’t been to one yet (on this trip) So I want to check it out, you know stationary and me… Yeah let’s go to that now Donki, where are you? Oh oh could this be? Donki! Where is it?? Yep I had totally gone in the wrong direction there So. Time to hold my breath. By hold my breath I mean my anxiety breath Yeh let’s do this Hachiko in hre. What are you doing here Hachi? Don’t do it Ikuuu Running away from the Kitkats, run awaaaay Starting to feel it, starting to feel the anxiety Too many noises… I think it’s because of all the noises Time to get out! Made it out alive. I always stay a little bit too long To the point where I’m like ‘ok now I need to get out or we’re going to have a panic attack on our hands’ I’m fine once I get out, I can breathe but I always wait a little bit too long Do you guys have that? Does anyone have a little bit of anxiety or a lot of anxiety or even Crippling anxiety where you can’t even go in stores like that Not cool. Anyway Tokyu Hands next, I think it’s less cramped in there Just going to have a quick look, I think it’ll be ok After that I think it’ll be time for lunchies. Lunchies always makes me happy Uhm, where’s the way in? We’re here Where is the way in to your store? This way? Probably not this way What the actual f Ugh I got it wrong guys, I don’t want creative material, I want stationary So 5B, 5A, 5C… and maybe crafts Ok let’s try this again Finally I made it Elevator party. Going down down It was super fast at first, it arrived like *that* But now the lunch crowd is really filing in so it’s taking a little bit longer I’m going to try one more thing and then I’m stuffed Wow my nose is dead red Hi. Hello One more sushi and then I’m done and the crowd is getting a little crazy so I want to get out And then go to Harajuku, maybe go to Higashiya Man which is a confectionary store I’ve never been to For a little bit of dessert? I don’t know, I’m really full Ah! Here it comes! So that was Genki Sushi It’s not the same as last time. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the one I went to last time Which was a really good one, it was much bigger than this. This was fine It’s conveyor belt sushi so you get what you pay for. It’s hopefully good, you’ll be the first to know if I’m sick anyway But it’s not expensive, it’s super filling and it’s easy. You just sit down, order, they come really fast. Well, as you saw, they come really fast at first and then it started slowing down as the lunch crowd came in. Anyway… Am I going to get copyrighted for this music? Damn it, I actually like it I like the vibes, I’m enjoying Shibuya this time Which is cool because the last time I ame it was chucking it down with rain It had been chucking it down with rain for days and I was just like, done Done with the people with their umbrellas, done, done, done, done… I definitely recognize this place, it’s that trendy area where I feel like I’m dressed with a burlap sack ‘every time’ We’re coming into, well, we are in Omotesando I’m pretty sure now Omotesando, through to Harajuku, hitting a few stops along the way… I look a mess And I’m actually too hot today… I was freezing cold -hang on Ok I can do this I was freezing cold the two other days so I put on multiple layers on today and I’m dying I’m going to have to find a way to take some layers off And also change the camera battery I’m looking for a spot where I can eat my little treat From Higashiya Man. It’s much more… either I’m blocking the way or I’m just not allowed to just stop and eat But it’s a cute little confectionary store And they’re really kind, she showed me a catalog where it explained everything and And I couldn’t choose so I just picked one at random. No clue how I’m going to do this because I need… Ok if I do it like this… Use my sp -oh my God, I did not expect that texture Ok, pretty sure it’s some kind of mochi, it’s called uguisu something And I know what ugusui is, it’s a kind of bird, right? Oh God my hair So. いっただきます! Mh. So good It’s so good guys, so so good This is Omotesando Yeh yeh yeh Coming in here was a really, really, really bad idea Everything is so cute Oh my God, this looks ridiculous, ugh I’m really having -it’s funny because I was listening to a Zoella video while putting my face on this morning And she was saying ‘you know it’s just one of these times when I just feel ugly all the time and I know it’s just temporary…’ Girl. Girl! Yeah. Same So I was just in there in Kiddy Land and I thought that I was just going to look, it’s going to be cute but I don’t need anything… Yeah. The damage is done Oh my God. And you know toys, like branded toys like Pokemone… what did I buy? Yeah Pokemon and stuff They’re just so friggin’ expensive. So… So this one I saw in the other (toy) store and I was like, if there’s a Pikachu one I’m going to buy it and if not, whatever And it was whatever because there was no Pikachu but here, there was a Pikachu one It’s one of those cable things and I wanted it so badly for a while now even though it’s stupid and expensive Me and Pikachu we’re like, we’re like *this* And the other thing -I didn’t buy too much but it’s still not good I love these characters so much, I don’t know who they are but I’ve been using them on my phone as (message) stickers all the time Piske and Usagi. Look it’s a little pop socket with an onigiri and the little characters Oh my God I love these. I’m going to put this on my phone This matches so well the one I have now Because it’s pink and I hate the ‘I Face’ thing in the middle where everyone is like ‘what is it?’ It’s just a brand, yo. So I’m going to put this on right now and then I’m ging to move away from here cuz enough is enough Look at it. It’s perfect! I’ll never grow up. I will never grow up Finally I have a pop socket on my phone that I like Yes, yes. What’s my age again? Oh well Time for the vending machine of the day I don’t like Coke but I’ve been curious about this for a while and this is small enough that I might be able to finish it I really don’t like fizy sugary drinks in general. Let’s see if I have enough actually Cuz I feel my coin collection dwindling I had too much change and now I have none Was that enough? Yes it was Raining my ass, eh? I’m dying of heat. When I go to the bathroom I’m taking a layer off Ok this is most definitely going to want to fly out Actually it didn’t Did I speak too fast? Smells of peaches Ew, no No. Oh that’s a definite no At first I was like, mmh peaches and then it was like, soap? Toilet deodorizer? No! Oh God no. Nuh uh. Just no Just went into this store which is one of the thousand of malls around me because I needed to use the bathroom especially to remove some of my layers because I thought I was going to die And oh my God, the fashion here in Harajuku… Omotesando, we’re in the middle No pretty sure we’re in Harajuku now. The fashion, I love it Everyone here is so fashionable, I really feel like I’m dressed with a burlap sack I’m in my jeans, I’ve got my sweater around my waist, I… look like a f*g tourist It would be fun to try dress up in Harajuku fashion one day Definitely should try and do that. Time to earn some cash… From ding all this! That would be the best, right? Onwards! Onwards to Harajuku because, the plan is guys The plan is to this time -beause last time I freaked out, same for Ameya Yokocho Last time I went to Takeshita Dori, there were so many people, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t cope But also it was raining, umbrellas everywhere… it was not a good day so I’m willing to give it another try Because it looks really interesting and also it’s a gorgeous day. It said it was going to be around 10C Which is why I layered the f up and it’s almost 20C today guys The Apple weather app sucks. It sucks a*s Almost done with Takeshita Dori. As you can see I’m a little hot even though I’ve taken off so many layers I’ve found some socks. Some cheap socks. I’ve been looking for some knee-high socks -we’ll see if they’re knee-high Seeing how tall I am, we’ll see about it but they were cheap and they seemed the right length so I’m excited to try them on I’m in front of a Daiso and it’s one of the big ones so I’m going to have a stroll in there And then I think I’m almost done with Harajuku and then… it’s still quite early I might actually go to Ikebukuro and do the Pokemon Center that way it’s done Full day of shopping Anyway I think you get the gist. It’s getting way too busy in here. I am getting out. I’m getting the f out Probably out of Harajuku entirely. I think I’m done here Sorry about the changing. This is… dancing Oh my God I see the end. You get the gist of it But this is the end. Yes Harajuku station. Let’s see if I can go where I need to go from here Oh gosh this feels good I’m not sure how much battery I have left since this is my last brick (battery pack) thing So let me figure out where I want to go from here And then I’ll see you guys later. Maybe you’ll just get flashes from the Pokemon Center, depends where I’m going Ok I need to breathe, I need to relax… See you in a minute Guys, do you see what I see? I think I found another trains spotting… spot Go go go go go. Pretty sure this camera is going to say it’s dead. How is it still standing, I don’t know Oh my God. I’m in heaven Yes, yes, oh please yes Look who’s really happy… Trains trains trains… Ok back on track Guys I recognise this corner! At least I think I do Because that’s the corner where I waited 40 minutes for a table To this joint. Oh my God I’m so sure it’s here It has to be here. It is! It is there! Best noodles ever! I know I’m attracting even more attention to myself squatting down like this but I can’t feel my feet anymore Actually that expression is completely wrong, I can really feel my feet, it’s the other way round I’m approaching Sunshine City where the Pokemon Center is Just waiting for the light to change It’ll be worth it once I get there but my feet are dead. I even bought in Daiso Those patches that you put beneath your feet when they’re achy? So I’ll try that later today Because oh my God it hurts. It hurts so much Ok enough of this. Ooh nice light. Wawawa. Eating the sun. Oh too late. Why is it always a thousand degrees everywhere? (drama queen) I don’t have a squirtle yet I don’t have a porygon. I only do first generation, you guys know the rule If they had a chansey one, I would definitely get it Well I am deceased. They have the all the f*g ‘first gen generation’ (lol) pokemon ok yell if you can see chansey. Like the miniature version of chansey I can’t see him. Uh oh. There’s only the big one I saw earlier Look at him. Holy cow I can’t see him. Nooo No chansey. There’s every single one of them but no chansey… I’d never wear it but I love it so much, I want it. I want everything It’s not fair I want to add a few of these to my collection but I can’t buy all of them. I just need to choose which ones I really like so even though I like this one, I only want first gen for sure I don’t really like the colours.. how am I going to pick? He’s kind of cute, maybe I should take him It’s taking me all my strength not to get the mew. I don’t need it Well I don’t really need any of these later but I really don’t need plushies, I have enough… I don’t need key chains… maybe tiny ones but oh my God. So frustrating! Cute. At least it’s one I like Welp. Hang on, I can’t see ya The damage is done, I’m leaving. Look how red I am, it’s way too hot in this mall I don’t understand why it’s so hot but… time to go I think I’m going to head ‘home’… it’s going to be an expensive metro ride

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  1. Welcome back! What do you think so far? I think we're already just about half way there!
    I want to make this more interactive which is why I'm including the derp-iku-face competition/game from now on. Hope you enjoy it.
    Almost at 1000! FIngers crossed! <3

  2. Those are contacts right, your eyes looked gorgeous! Your reaction to seeing the trains though hahaha how long is your trip?

  3. It is so an overwhelming Tokyo tour, Shibuya starbucks coffee shop, Hachiko, Genki sushi, Don Quijote, Harajuku and Pokemon center in Ikebokuro! What I noticed is you are a vegan, love natto and look like a train otaku. I envy you are so energetic^^

  4. Your reasons for travel to Japan: (1) Pokemon, (2) food, and (3) stationery; in that order. とてもカワイイです。

  5. In Japan,Today is memorial day. – change era – "平成(HEISEI)" to ""令和(REIWA)
    Emperor Akihito abdicates today, closing curtain on 30-year Heisei era.

  6. 22:40 Derpiku I found you! Your channel is absolutely so cute~ I'm so happy to have found you hehe 🙂 Tokyo is my dream travel place and I hope to even move there if I like it enough!

  7. Derpiku i found you 22:40! 😆You in donki is litteraly me every day haha sometimes i dont go in to a store if i know im just looking and wont buy anything because i cant handle the store owner see me leave empty handed haha does this happen to anybody else? Love your vlog as usual i just love how real and interesting you are cant wait for more! Love you drawing at 22:40! Hope i have the honnor of winning one of your lovely drawings !😆

  8. Loved this! Learning so much from you and your vids! Can’t wait to film my own for memories 😍😍 do people stare at you filming lol? I’m worried about that

  9. Harajuku is Not only about the Takeshita Street. You should have walked up the Cat Street which is more calm and leads to shibuya within half an hour …and just behind the troubled Takeshita Dori there are narrow Japanese streets with old traditional / less traditional family houses with scattered plant pots and vintage shops…

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