Sondland Describes ‘Vintage Mob Operation’ At Hearing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. The cowardly Republicans are looking for the polls to drop for Trump. They are also waiting for the deadline for primaries. Trump would put in a hardcore fascist to run against them.

  2. 17 Trump Associates, 28 Meetings w Russians, 42 Indictments/Guilty Pleas, OVER NINETY INDICTMENTS and counting. 199 CRIMINAL CHARGES. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK.

    The Mueller investigation has resulted in dozens of indictments for federal crimes, and at least eight guilty pleas or convictions. In August 2018, Manafort was found guilty on eight felony counts of financial crimes in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, and a month later he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruct justice, in a plea bargain for Manafort's full cooperation with prosecutors. The investigation also lead to Flynn pleading guilty to making false statements to the FBI, and as part of a plea deal in December 2017, he is required to be a cooperating witness in the investigations. Mueller further secured guilty pleas from Manafort's business partner Rick Gates, Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, lobbyist W. Samuel Patten, and Richard Pinedo. All except van der Zwaan have become cooperating witnesses for investigators. In February 2018, Mueller indicted 13 Russian citizens and 3 Russian entities, most notably the Internet Research Agency, and in June 2018 added an indictment of Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort's business partner. In July 2018, 12 members of the Russian GRU cyber espionage group known as Fancy Bear, responsible for the 2016 DNC email hacking, were indicted. Investigations into Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen were referred to the US Attorney's office of the Southern District of New York.

    The US Attorney's office has overseen
    Russian spy Maria Butina plead guilty to Conspiracy in December 2018.

  3. Let’s just accept that Republicans will not impeach an utterly corrupt president of their own party. They exist to protect the rich at the expense of the poor. That is who they are. Period.

  4. Do not forget he was not elected to office by the majority. He was installed by Putin he’s desperate to deflect from his Russian installations with a phony investigation of meddling from Ukraine. Hopefully this was the result of his secret talks with Putin on how to make his presidency legitimate. If the economy is so great and he’s indeed built the “wall” why not run on that but hey he desires to cheat to win as always

  5. "Wonder if they have any idea???" They DON'T CARE! All they 'care' about is themselves. They are venal, stupid and immoral and they can get away with it because their followers are such cretins.

  6. With Trump as president it was only a matter of time before he destroyed our institutions and standing in the world. "Everything Trump Touches Dies" The White House is just another PR platform for Don the Con.

  7. Barr cover up trummy indictment on the Mr. Mueller report, but this Ukraine conspiracy trummy has nobody to cover up for him, because all his men are in with him including Barryyyy

  8. $400 ?? Is nobody paying attention there? Hello producers! Hello panelists! somebody gently correct the lady it's $400,000,000.00 !!

  9. This is what happens, when you elected a shameless, vulgar, vindictive, impulsive, narcissistic Reality TV show con man and a sexual predator as president of the United States. The 63% White males and 52% White females who want their sons and daughters to grow up to be like Trump must be so proud of themselves…

  10. Mob bosses are made men, the ultimate one. Trump is boss in title only. He’s a draft dodging coward who is NOT a made man. It’s like they put Fredo in charge.

  11. Trump onLy wants the announcement of investigation but not actual investigation because there’s nothing there to investigate.

  12. Wow so this is America huh we gotta get out of here, this is how wjite America get down cause they are obsessed with money n power and throw anyone under the bus who stands in they way

  13. And as long as Ukraine would have been only pretending to investigate Biden, Trump could use this in his campaign. If Ukraine really investigates and find nothing, all arguments against Biden would disappear.

  14. I like Presidents who don’t need the help of foreign governments to win elections!
    Bernie 2020 USA ??

  15. I just listened to David Holmes's opening statement – it is worse than what we think of it, people… TOTAL CORRUPTION of the US government from the top -Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Barr, etc. BTW, why nobody is focusing on their own children infiltrating US government?!?!?? Media should dig into it and Democrats should start naming names, if Rebuplicans can't let go of Joe & Hunter Biden.

  16. And does anyone remember that Trump just left our allies, the Kurds, to be slaughtered by Turkey, that he ditched the Paris accords, that he insulted Angela Merkel, that he's destroyed our influence and our alliances across the globe and made it that much easier for Putin to push through Russia's agenda. As terrible as blackmailing Ukraine is, it's honestly the least of his crimes.

  17. an announcement is all the Q Anon followers need – same thing as the IG report and the FISA declas – it is all a reality tv show for his loyal Q followers – just like a wrestling match , or maybe Q followers thing wrestling is all real too – so sad

  18. The white house is the crime house,that where they all gather to commit crimes…what a shame..Donald Trump is a down right criminal..

  19. "SONDLAND threw everyone including his Mama under the bus." #DaSONDLANDbusISrunning. BEEP! BEEP! ? ? ? ? ? #DaBUSaintFull

  20. PEOPLE! The beautiful irony is that by bringing in zero gov. experienced fake officials, Trump has ushered in a group of individuals that will turn on him easily when hard pressed because they can't be threatened by losing a political career to Trump that never existed!

  21. Omg Joe TALKED in his loud, overwhelming baritone voice over everybody ALL morning, can't he just let someone else speak for a few minutes without busting in over them and launching into another loudmouth monologue?!?

    I get it, the show is called, "Morning Joe," lol but there's always a handful of guests on there and Joe monopolizes all the oxygen in the room the whole time, it should be a show with just him and a microphone for 3 hours every morning, if that's what is happening anyway!!

  22. I said right from the beginning that Trump doesn't even really want the investigation; he just wants it to be announced that Biden is being investigated, just so it sounds bad enough to hurt him in an election, should he become the candidate. This illustrates that Trump doesn't care about corruption; he just needs the appearance of it for political purposes.

  23. He did the same he did with Obama birthirism !!! “” i have sent a an investigatory team” Remember he did it for so many years forcing Obama to show his birthcertificate and college scores . It is trump’ MO like muma says

  24. Scottish poet Robert Burns may as well have described the Republican Party well in his poem (1791) "Such a parcel of
    rogues in a nation!"……."What force or guile could not subdue, Thro' many warlike ages, Is wrought now by a coward few, For hireling
    traitor's wages……..O would, or I had seen the day that Treason thus could sell us,…….Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!"

  25. History is being written at this moment and the Republicans and theirs Administration is going to be judged harshly and, as Traitors to the Constitution our Democracy and, the Oath they took to defend it how very sad for our Country at this moment in Time!!!!!***????????????????????????

  26. While we play games with Trump. The turks are still being killed because they didnt play ball with America. This country has no integrity

  27. Also the Republicans don’t understand that Vladimir Putin wants to destroy all Democracies all over the World that why he’s invading the Ukraine and, using Donald Trump because he’s greedy for money. Trump was try to find a way to let the Oligarchs of Russia of in that’s why he had them in the Oval Office and, no one said anything.
    He (Trump) wanted to Launder money through our Government selling us out to implement Fascism Propaganda always saying Fake News how Communism works so you have to believe what they are telling you and, you can’t think for yourself wake up these Republicans lost their Souls following this Evil man who the worship like a king not upholding the Constitution of the United States ?? of America watch they’re trying to bring us down so Vladimir Putin can control us Almighty God protect us from the evil and, hand Satan he’s on the move !!!!!!!!!????????????????❤️❤️❤️

  28. the excitement and cheering can be heard all the way up to Canada… 'oh' could we swap Trudeau for Adam Schiff? we'll throw in celine dion too.

  29. I don't know anyone who wants to be lied to, or trusts someone who lies to them consistently. I don't know how the individual Republican feels about this, but I doubt that they like being lied to… Makes me wonder how Trump keeps his popularity…

  30. The funny thing is about this is that person that you've been criticizing CNN and CNBC when it comes to that author of the book with no name. I guess it doesn't matter that he didn't put his name on that book his statements are true. I'm sure I'm not the only one that came to this same reality When Donald Trump and his pad of paper written in Sharpie markers proved his point. About Donald Trump being like the old grandpa running around the field with no pants on. Cuz when I heard Donald Trump make those statements that's exactly what I was thinking that reference of The Grandfather's flipped his lid and he's running around the grounds with no pants on.

  31. Why dosen't the media ask more direct questions of Trump? For instance; "the Department of Defense did of review of corruption in Ukraine and cleared the money to be released, so what new information did you have that made you decide to withhold the aid?" Let him actually try and give information…

  32. The truth is this this is prophecy fulfilling itself Donald Trump is the tool of the Antichrist. And GG ping in China and got Amir Putin in Russia are two of the Four Kings spoken of in the Bible that are working for the Antichrist. You take North Korea that happened for a reason because Putin wanted that to be done. And the same thing with Donald Trump charging exorbitant amounts of money for support in South Korea in Japan for defense. Cuz Putin is hoping that they will not be able to pay it and actually tell the United States to leave so Russia and China can come in and take it over. Same thing that happened with the Kurds in Syria that was all planned by Vladimir Putin. And it's the same thing with their Ukrainian phone call in the corruption there with Giuliani and those two thugs that are in jail right now. We can bury our heads in the sand all we want when it comes to Revelations the God's prophecy is going to be fulfilled whether we like it or not and for those so-called people of Faith liching their pool to Donald Trump will stand before the Judgment seat of Christ and be judged. This is a warning to my brothers and sisters of faith if you hold Hate in Your Heart towards your brother and sister you will not enter God's Kingdom. It is a fact that cannot be manipulated for God cannot be manipulated. We all know the Antichrist is not going to rule in a democracy. What is happening right now is God's prophecy fulfilling itself

  33. "Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up, lock Trump up, lock Trump up! Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up! He's….a…traitor!"

  34. The problem is your GOP will not listen to the facts. The whole GOP is Russia’s puppet. For Crying out loud Wilber is in cahoots with a Russian Olygarch in a Cypriot bank. How closer to Russia can trump get. He sold a house to a Russian via Wilber.

  35. In a normal society , Trump will be in prison by now. America seems to be malfunctioning even with the election of Trump .How did this nation get to these mess ? Putin really work very hard to disunite this nation . Unfortunately, the republicans did not see it ,as a result of their selfishness . The only party that will destroy this nation are the republicans . Time will tell . The foundation of this nation was based on Truthfulness . Democrat are not good but Republicans are the worst . Who will rescue America from Trump and the Republicans ?

  36. News reporters need not utter one single word of commentary about Trump for ME to be certain he’s corrupt. He has convicted himself with the words coming from his own mouth! He’s his own whistleblower!

  37. QUESTION TO SONDLAND "NO ONE ON THIS PLANET TOLD YOU THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS TYING AID TO INVESTIGATIONS'' ANSWER ''YES'' – CASE CLOSED or is it an explosive, devasting, earth shattering, damaging, testomoney by Sondland – lol lol lol lol – f'kin yawn festival FAILED

  38. "The original concept of fake news was called “disinformation,” an invention of Joseph Stalin, who coined the term. Some writings from the time indicated that the Soviets in many cases considered disinformation to be a higher intelligence priority then actual intelligence collection." Trump is clearly making fake news, while calling real news fake.

  39. President
    Trump had right to think over so called „Javelin's deal”, because
    Ukraine could simply resell this deadly weapon to Russians – not as a
    state, but just piece by piece, Ukrainian soldiers could do this, for
    a Russian bribe. In the past it was possible to buy any weapon from
    Ukrainian's soldiers – even during the war with Russia Ukrainians
    could sell to Russians their own defensive weapon. Ukraine is not
    stable according to bribery, up to now everything is possible there
    for bribery. Would Americans be happy, if Russia would destroy
    American tanks or F-35 aircrafts using American „Javelins”? So,
    it was big decision to Trump, to sell Javelins to Ukraine or not to
    sell. He could and should think it over, many times. Dems interpreted
    this delay as „waiting for bribery”. Trump waiting for bribery?
    Person, whose every single move, even sneeze is commented by CNN?
    What a naive accusation! Maybe they accused Trump because they had to
    do it? Who ordered them? From the other hand, giving any weapon to
    Ukraine makes USA participant in Russia – Ukraine conflict. This is
    big responsibility, because for sure it made Putin very nervous.
    Putin wanted to consume Ukraine piece by piece, in salami style,
    kilometer after kilometer, and Trump stopped him giving Ukrainians
    wonderful, semi-offensive weapon. Dems reaction is – Trump
    cooperates with Putin by… giving Ukrainians weapon to stop him? No!
    It's ridiculous! In my opinion the result of Putin's anger is Trump
    impeachment! It is written „Know the tree by its fruit” – I
    assume, according to my knowledge, that the Dems' impeachment is
    simply Putin's response to Trump's “Javelins deal”. There is
    strong connection, Dems simply follow Putin's orders – he pays them
    for it, or they have to do it, because of blackmail, or because any
    other form of obedience. They are dismissive to Putin, to Iran, to
    China – they are not patriots at all, they sell US piece by piece.
    They should be accused for that and should be sentenced for fake
    impeachment, and they should go to jail. Including Obama, Pelosi,
    Hilary, Kerry, Bidens and many others. They are illness to American
    democracy, and illness should be treated with appropriate treatment,
    with appropriate medicine.

  40. I love these guys. They do not hold back when ripping this Fat Orange Pathetic Sad Loser Fake president. It is so great when the truth cuts through liars. So sad So pathetic.

  41. Finally @Joe and Guest
    You Guys are starting to Wake up, (From a Deep Deep Sleep) and those GMO diets of Artificial Intelligence
    – Called (AI)

    This is What both Eisenhower and Steven Hawkins were both warning us about
    and what I’ve been trying to say since 911 = 11 (a false flag by its date) to corrupt the rest of the World
    – while our Balance and Courage was Destroyed …

    – There is “Absolutely Nothing that is Hidden” and There are “No Coincidences” in this Life as You just said my man Joe.

    We are now completing a Cleansing Process, and that was Trumps real Mission to this Earth at this Time into this World as the “Chosen One” or the second coming of a-jesus

    But this Time, He is really the Wizard of Oz as many of his Base fell down on their knees,
    – to worship Trump as a white jesus and Not even the One in Who is God.

    The Cast:
    – Mueller was Toto
    – Hillary is one of the Wicket Witches
    – The Flying Monkeys are the Republicans and the Democrats
    While they are surrounded by Tin Men, Scary Crows and Straw-men in Red Hats

    And Tulsi is Dorothy,
    – The One who has been Waking Us All Up in the Debates for the FUTURE
    As the days of the Fantasy World of Apprentices is Over

    The “Wizard of Oz” was the Text Book of this Life (Not the Bible)
    Because THE BIBLE IS LIKE The ENGLISH Language,

    DESIGNED to Confuse & Deceive with two Definitions of the GOLDEN RULE (THANK U RUDY)
    the Kings Jester in this Life, (who twists & turns) with every Word to Lie

    Our choice of course under the Golden Rule is too Chose between
    – Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated
    – He who Owns the Gold Rules

    In Summary of Truth:
    Donald Trump was sent as he said the “Chosen One” as he’s always Pointing at the Mirror
    The One to Wake US ALL Up, before the New Day Begins

    I told y’all back in 2018 (What 2019 meant in Numerology)
    and Nobody paid Attention until Now – When Everybody can see the Truth, except the Liers
    And the Truth is setting us Free to Choose?

    The Facts:
    – 2+0+1+9 = 12 Which is symbolic of the House of Self Undoings (The White House)
    – 2019 is The Year of “The Hanging Man” Upside Down (as in Lying) symbolic in the Tarot
    as Donald Trump.

    12 also represents the last House Number in the Zodiac symbolic of Self Undoings in Astrology
    And Again, this is Why there are (NO COINCIDENCE) and Why (Nothing is Hidden)

    But this time around:
    Note that the Chosen One is Hanging Himself, for the Sins of his Base….but the Base is dying for their own Sins this time, while worshiping another false god.

    – Examples
    Linsey Graham
    Bill Barr
    Mitch McConnell
    Jimmy Jordon
    and many Others who are coking & worshipping false gods

    The Rapture has opened up, as everything is about to Fall through the Cracks …
    and the Natural Disasters are apart of that, if the Wrong Choice is Not made, to Wake Up …

    On the brighter side
    Many of Us Are Now Ready for Reality Show to begin – as this Fairy Tale is Ending ….

    2+0+2+0 = 4 or 13
    4 (2+2) Represents building a New Strong Foundation by We The People
    While 13 Represents Death, Transformation And the Regeneration of the Human Race

    22 or 2+2 Represents the The Beginning of a New Master World, LED by Human Beanings in our Communities While Socializing with Peace & Love for thy Neighbors, after the Death of Capitalism or Slavery in English terminology (Is Ending)

    Those who don’t fit in this world, are free to chose one of the Raptures,
    -who wish to be somewhere else that’s HOT ?

    So 2020 Represents the New Foundation of Humanity
    Under the Leadership of A Goddess
    – Its Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Who will unite us in Peace and this is why they hate her.

    So Now Let’s see how close I am to the Truth Again,
    Under the New World Order of Aloha not Kissinger’s model of Capitalism with one Ruler
    – But Now It’s Our individual Choices to Chose
    Especially for those of Us who consider Ourselves Sovereign Citizens upon this Earth at Birth

    The New Age of Aquarius is officially in 2020 which is about to begin
    and OAC is the Proof of This, Who will lead a squad of Angels with real ?
    – As Tulsi is our Focus, to be Free Again – at Last.

    Good Day ?w/Aloha??

  42. I have no idea when folks at MSNBC are gonna get time off between now and December 2020? January 2021? I certainly appreciate your work. I try to watch every day ~ and engage on social media with what I learn.

  43. Do you know how 'wired' the retail industry is? I can tell you where the grocery stores have their camera's. I can tell you where the department stores have their camera's. I worked in retail for several years. You get used to it. You have to take the attitude of — 'if I keep my nose clean', I have nothing to worry about. Mob stuff? I live near Boston. We know mob stuff! That doesn't mean that you have to do it.

  44. ? This is crazy, how many witnesses do the American people need to see what is in front of their ears and eyes. Oh and Joe, please shut your hole.

  45. The Donald would have you believe , when the " Mob " came calling. He "TOLD" them, how much they were going to extort from him. And try to make that into a positive, from his twisted point of view .????

  46. Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from the Clinton Corps in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere.

  47. The part where JOE says how those who hung around Epstein back in the day… they thought about how (in aw) they couldn't believe they were getting away with what they were doing. Yet it'll all come out in the end. SURE WILL ‼️
    These so-called mobsters are going to get theirs✅

  48. Time is running out before the American PEOPLE will need to rise up against Trump and the a Republican criminals. Yes indeed, a coup, and I fully support and encourage it.

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