Spillers Records, Morgan Arcade

It hadn’t been my plan to take over the family
business. Some people get pocket money, not in my family. ‘You can either clean the chicken **** in the shed, or come and help me in the shop.’ And the rest, as they say, is history. I am Ashli Todd and I am the owner of Spillers
Records. Spillers Records has been established since
1894, making it the world’s oldest record shop. I think the Cardiff Arcades are the best kept secret in Cardiff. Not only are they visually beautiful, they’re just crammed with a wonderful variety
of independent businesses. To go from one independent coffee shop, to
an independent clothes shop and then, obviously, to see us.
You could literally just stay within them and not venture anywhere else. It’s the variety, it’s the imaginative, it’s the creative and it’s definitely more rewarding.

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  1. Fuck spillers, I will not fund intolerant vile far lefty filth, YOU SHOVE YOUR RECORDS RIGHT UP YOUR ARSE!!!!

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