Spring is Near! Nicolai Creates an Arrangement Full of Life

As spring is approaching. I am going to make a arrangement today, using a lot of bright
and colorful flowers, mainly focusing on spring flowers. What’s a little bit different than some of the previous YouTube videos I have made, I’m going to arrange the
flowers like loose stems in this vase that you see here. So, let’s get started
on putting some flowers in this beautiful vase. For the arrangement today I have picked up this beautiful vase from
a good friend of mine, which is called Mr.
Honda, he lives in Okinawa and make these beautiful,
beautiful pottery. I have a great range of
flowers here to work with and I will explain to you now how I arrange loose stem flowers and what I focus on, particular. So, as I’m getting starting
on this arrangement, I will first add some
water into the flower vase. I will not add too much to begin with, just so that there’s enough
for the flowers not to dry out. So, maybe about 10 centimeters
I will add into the vase and as I’m finished with the arrangement, I will add on more. First and foremost I will arrange flowers around the edge of the vase. The reason for that is
to create a nice base, where some of the other
flowers can sort of get stuck into as I am arranging. I cut each and every flower in an angle and sort of slowly starting
to place the flowers on the edge of the vase. I am trying to focus on flowers
first to have this shape that could sort of come
over the edge of the vase. So, as you can see the lupines
that I’m arranging right now is sort of coming over like that. As you can see here, just sort of the head of the flower is sort
of coming over the vase. Next, I will focus a bit on the mimosa as well as the acacia. Here again, I take off all the greenery before I put them into the vase. So, as I’m getting starting
here, let’s get a close look into the vase to see how
the stems are right now. As you can see here inside the vase, you can see how I am trying to create a circle of the flowers. What I’m trying to do is,
the more perfect circle you can make, the easier it is to sort of create the next layers. If the stems are too,
sort of, stuck together in different areas in the
vase, it’s more difficult to get the next flowers standing well. So, what I’m trying to
achieve, as you can see here from the lupines stems that’s going here, I’m trying to then get the acacia flowers in between the stems that
I have already arranged. In this way, the flowers
will hold on to each other very well and as I am arranging and putting more and more
flowers into the vase. Another thing which is
important when you arrange in the vase directly like this in water, is to really make sure
that you get no greenery or no sort of, left over from
the stems inside the water. So, let’s try to always
keep it as clean as possible when you arrange flowers in a vase. As you can see, the arrangement
here is slowly developing. What I’m focusing on still,
is getting the, sort of, surroundings around the container, everything that has sort
of, this kind of shape, is really good to start of with to sort of get the flowers floating
over the container. So, here I’m arranging
right now the mimosa, before it was the acacia, and then I have these
amazing, amazing tulips here. These are really gorgeous,
very funky-looking tulips where the leaves are very sort of thin towards the end of each petal. They’re really, really, really cool. And next up, I would
like to talk a little bit about the pro’s and con’s
for arranging flowers loosely in a vase like this. Definitely the up-side
of arranging like this is that you do have a lot of freedom, it’s very easy to add on flowers. You can sort of put one
stem in if you’re not happy with where it sits at the height, just take it easily out
again and put it in. I often ask the question, how long will this arrangement last? How do you get the flowers to last longer? And my first reply is
always, change water everyday but in this case, with this arrangement, it’s a little bit difficult
to change the water, so that can be one of the disadvantages of arranging flowers
in this particular way. The arrangement, it’s
really taking shape now and I think that the
perimeter has really come out, turned out very nice. As you can see here,
there are sort of, flowers all the way around. I think this beautiful
Ivy, giving a nice flow but also giving a bit of
contrast to the yellow. So, by adding a bit of darker color, I feel that the yellow
actually stand out more than if it was just all yellow flowers. And what I’m focusing on
now is, is creating sort of the baseline of the arrangement
and then the next step will then be to slowly
sort of add on layers to the arrangement. And what’s really then a
benefit of arranging flowers this way, meaning that there’s no sponge, is that you can really,
really add a lot of flowers in between because adding
flowers to a sponge can be a bit difficult. So, I’m adding on a
few more of the acacia, which gives a nice sort of depth to the middle of the arrangement. I have another few beautiful, beautiful ranunculus here that I want to. I’m putting them in now
where they can sort of get hooked onto other
flowers inside the vase so they sort of don’t
fall away to the bottom. I particular like this ranunculus, as you can see it from the
side, it’s really detail and the petals are so beautiful. So, I’m trying to get these
flowers a little bit higher in the arrangement so you
can really see sort of around the edge of the flower. And as you come closer
to the final arrangement it’s really, really easy now
to add volume or more flowers because it’s nice and full inside the vase and the flowers really just
fall perfectly into shape. I’m focusing on when
I arrange the flowers, that each direction is
always from the same angle. If I have too much flowers
going in from the side, the other flowers will sort
of, get hooked onto them or bang into them as I put
them in the arrangement so I’m trying to get everything
sort of in the same angle. So you can really get a lot
of flowers in the arrangement. Now I feel I really got a nice
feel to the arrangement here, you can really see how the
tulips are really coming out, standing out and I think that the shape of the arrangement coming together. It’s been some time since I
have arranged flowers this way, it was really enjoyable for me and I hope that you enjoy it as well. I hope you will take advantage of that. Thank you very much for
watching, see you next time.

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