SS 143 Quiet High Flow Vintage Speed Exhaust System 155-203-05038

hi this is MT from vintage speed
today we are going to test our new exhaust system I call it super sports it
combined from SUPER FLOW flow and quiet like sport so we are going to drive
on Street and highway and you can hear the sound and I will show you this db reader also and this engine is got 94 piston and 69 stroke so it is a very
popular engine size 1915 with twin weber IDF with Engle w 100 camshaft okay
let’s go so this db reader is from 80 to 110 so
when it’s idle is below 80 my talking is a lot louder so right now and climbing up hill with
fourth Gear so in driving compartment is about 85db but remember is up hill here I am speaking Chinese I will show you the idle speed it’s quiet Idle is Quiet Idle is Quiet so on this highway it will be go up hill so
we will flat out on gas pedal
I try to make it louder so if you cruising at 50 miles to 60
miles per hour it’s really really quiet I think the wind is noisier than exhuast my small fire so after driving with our best linkage
and our exhaust system it’s a brilliant system look the hydro is so smooth then it’s quite let’s see how more easy
it is Wow
less than 17 okay that sees 7576 okay so this is the vintage speed new
super sports exhaust system so you can click here or here or here or here to
find more information thank you so much bye-bye

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