Stay Social heart and soul – being clever with old stuff

– So here we are in Room 4 and you’ll see the bed head here. We had a local carpenter make the bed heads out
of recycled materials and we went to an old recycled yard and chose lots of products
including this green here. This is an old farm door. We turned it into this bed head and even the things like the green little flowers. That was the carpenter. When he put it together
he just wanted to add that little touch. We have here desks that you can sit at. Also, made out of upcycled timber. Some more artwork on the wall here. You’ll also be able to see how we’ve done things
environmentally friendly. I’ll just see if I can get this working. Hang on a second. No I can’t quite at the moment, but up here we’ve got
this honeycomb blinds and they help with
insulation in the house. So then let’s come through
now to another room. And we’ll go to room seven. We’ve got these keypad locks
so that you don’t have to have a key. So here’s another room and this one you can
see the bed head here, this one’s made out of an old fence and we’ve powder-coated that and the carpenter again
turned it into a nice bed head and again we’ve got some beautiful artwork from a local artist in
Castlemaine that one and beautiful red gum recycled timber top. Now in the bathroom what you’ll see is each bathroom we’ve upcycled the basins, so this is an old piece of
furniture that we polished up and put a basin on. Gives that little touch and another cute little
signage here you can see, which we really like. It gives it a bit of character.

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