Steampunk metal plates- handmade embellishments

Hi everyone, it’s Asia Marquet here, Lemon
Creation, welcome to my channel. And today I have, I hope, very good trick
for you on how to prepare handmade, from paper, pieces which look like metal plates with rivets;
And believe me, they come very handy for all your steampunk and industrial projects, so
stay tuned. I am not planning on narrating too much during
this video, I will just tell you very shortly how I am doing what I am doing right now. So I have some pieces of scrap paper and I
am using Nuvo black drops, but you can use any 3D paint to do that and you have to wait
until it dries, then you can use beautiful, beautiful colours from Lindy’s. You can use either Magicals , Magical Shakers,
sprays. Moon Shadow Mists are beautiful to do that,
so I use few to show you different effects. And at the end if you want to add some accents
you can add a little bit of, really tiny touch of Metallic wax. That’s not necessary, but if you want to color
the rivets, that would be the best way to go. And that’s it. If you liked this video, please share it with
your friends, don’t forget to subscribe or hit the bell button to get notified about
my upcoming videos and well- enjoy! I wish you beautiful day!

19 Replies to “Steampunk metal plates- handmade embellishments”

  1. Hi Asia. I enjoyed seeing this, but the places you held up the Lindy's product to show the color name were mostly too short and we were unable to see what the color was. Can I request that you either hold them up for longer or list them in the description box, please. That would be really helpful. TFS 🙂

  2. You did such a great job making the paper look like real metal plates! Amazing work! You’re so awesome Asia! 😍😍

  3. This is a great idea. But I could not hear very well. I wear hearing aids but they do not make my hearing perfect. Is it possible to get cc for the hearing impaired?

  4. Fantastic video tutorial.. I did the same technique on my steampunk DT project in January.. But I added acrylic ink.. Works great too.. Have a beautiful day. Xoxo

  5. Thank you for a great idea on how to make these metallic papers. They are looking just fabulous. Sorry for asking. But did you spray with the different colors and on top added embossing powder ?? Normally most embossing powders turns out shiny. But your metal cards look dull as supposed to for this kind of background paper.
    Thank you for taking time to make a video and share with us. Hugs from Monica… 😉😍😉 Spain

  6. You know over the last few years l have seen many completed projects using this technique, but never seen it being done, a couple years ago I won some products like these but no instructions, now I have your video, Thankyou so much for sharing……

  7. Awesome technique! Thank you for sharing. ❤
    Wee Respectful Request…..Please dont speed the video up so much and the blurry fades in and out are horrible 🙁 especially when showing the products used. Some of them I couldn't read. This all but ruined a fantastic video. 🙁

  8. My dear followers, for those of you who either can't understand my spoken English or who are having hearing problems, please press the CC button just on the right bottom of the video screen and you should see the subtitles:) Disclosure- it's me who does the translation, so I apologise for eventual mistakes 😉

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