Step Inside an Industrial-Chic Forever Home in Pittsburgh

(upbeat instrumental music) – [Stacy] The kids were all
gone, we were empty nesters, we wanted a loft kind of a space. – It had previously been
a mechanic’s garage, it’d been a tile store, and
then it was an artist studio. – What I love most about
this house is the warm, open feeling that it gives you. – [Will] And a very big living space that’s dining, kitchen, living. – [Stacy] The first thing
that hits you is the scale, the ceiling height, the steel beams, the wood, the skylights. So you get a great feeling
of space and openness. We didn’t change the ceiling at all, but we changed everything else. – The windows are so
much a part of the space, because we wanted to
accentuate the industrial look that we saw in the ceiling. We also wanted a lot of light, so we made basically the whole
back of the house is glass to let the light in, but it also reflects the
industrial look of the house. We had them custom manufactured and Stacy used that same
look on our shower door. It’s actually aluminum, but it looks like it’s steel and glass. – [Stacy] Our master
bedroom was originally just raw brick walls, raw cement floors, and we made that into a
large master bedroom, closet, and a master bath. – The traditional storage spaces that people have in their house, we don’t have any of that here. It’s slab on grade, it’s a
flat roof, that’s exposed, so there’s no attic or basement. So we had to create our
storage within the space. – We used a lot of polyform, we made a wall of
cabinetry in the bedroom. I think one of the hardest
things we had to deal with was hiding all the duct work. We dropped the ceiling in
one area of the bedroom, which went through the
center of the house, and all the ducts went through that and then came out the walls. So we had this center column, with the heat and the kitchen on one side, and the fireplace. So we put in this storage
trolley on the one side, and a cedar closet on the other that would have normally
been unusable space. I am one, because I don’t cook a lot, love the fact that it’s all open. You know, when there’s a dining room, I never use that room. You know, with the kids we
always ate in the kitchen. So I love having just
all the space being used. The refrigerator is hidden,
the freezer is hidden, everything is hidden
because I knew it was going to be exposed to the rest of the house. I didn’t want it to look too “kitcheny.” I went looking and found this
huge old apothecary chest. – And it’s full of probably
thirty some drawers, so it’s perfect for storage. – [Stacy] The size of that,
which was over 12 feet, gave me the size of how to
build the kitchen side of it. – Stacy had the dining
table custom manufactured out of solid steel. It weighs 3,500 pounds. So we picked it up at
where it was manufactured, had it lifted on to our truck, and once we got it into
the space, I told Stacy, “Decide where it’s going to go, because it’s not moving
after we place it.” – I like anything well designed, it could be antique, it could be new, it could be five dollars,
it could be $5000. – [Will] Our vanity in our guest bath is a old butcher’s refrigerator with an old butcher’s wood top
that they carved the meat on and then put it in underneath to cool. – I liked this piece because it picked up some of the color of the tile, but gave an old feel and I
just loved the looks of it. – So on a previous project, Stacy had created an art wall, a big wall that was all art. And originally when we came to this house, it didn’t have that wall. And one of the reasons
that we opened up the back with all of the light in the back, and the reason that the
clear story is important, is we closed windows on that wall, so we could have one wall that had nothing on it but art. – We started with a piece,
this colorful piece, by Justin Guinta, a friend of mine, and then built out from there, so there was no plan, no rhyme or reason, it’s just visually what we liked together and also what fit spatially. I think why the art wall works is that even though I can’t tell you exactly
what pulls me to a piece somehow they all look great together, and they’re all pieces that I love. I don’t buy anything because its of value. I have to love it first. – One of the projects within the house that I’m most proud of is the floor. It’s a design that can
easily go wonky on you. So you have to be very
fastidious about making sure as you’re moving through, that it’s staying clean and straight. – The floor came from a
gentleman in North Carolina. It’s white oak, that went
through an antiquing process. I wanted the floor to look old, so you rough up the
edges, you put lye on it, it goes through various stages, it’s also an oiled floor. There’s no finish on this floor, so it just ages very well too. – My favorite part of the house is definitely the living room. You have such a beautiful view of the backyard that we’ve created, and you also have all the
natural light coming in. It’s just a great space
to wake up, walk around, and have your coffee. We have a great outdoor space, so I often have my coffee outside. We wanted to keep all the rough exterior, sort of industrial-looking brick. – [Stacy] I wanted a little outdoor space, but I didn’t want to have
a lot of maintenance. We tried to put big trees
around and big arborvitaes, and then have this little patio space. There’s no lawn mowing,
there’s no weeding, it’s just very simple. – Stacy owns a design store,
I’m a general contractor, and we wanted to find a project where we could bring our skills to bear. That what we do would
really show in the house, and that’s why we choose something
that needed so much work, and was such a raw space. – I hope people take away the idea that until those personalized
items are in the house it never feels like a home. You have to just explore
your own point of view and incorporate it into your living space. This is it, this is where
we’re going to grow old. This is where we’re going to end up. We are never moving again. (peaceful instrumental music)

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  1. these guys are a massive inspiration. Watching this makes me immediately work on my flat in which I ve just moved to .. and it's past midnight, ha.

  2. Thank You so much to this awesome couple sharing their beautiful personalized home. You are truly artists and creative people. You have the ability to turn something old to something new and I appreciate that. Wishing this couple and the one who created this great video Bright Blessings!

  3. I love the island in the kitchen with all the drawers. What a great idea! You both did a beautiful job designing the space!

  4. I recently subscribed to the channel and I must say that this is one of the most beautiful houses 😍😍

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    That steel table does not work for me.

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  13. "I love anything well designed" That is also my way of thinking. When you buy something well designed you know is going to last and look good 10 or 20 years from now.

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