Stone Wall, cold rain & hungry! continue the hard work

Clean the house, welcome a new day Prepare tools for the hard work of the day Remove stumps and grasses to prepare a floor for the house Drop each stone, all sizes Use your hand to sweep through the soil after digging 12:00 pm Still working hard 04:00 pm use trash to transport the land day 2 When the soil is too high, there is no place to store soil and stones I have the idea to create an outer revetment to hold the soil after digging I need a huge amount of rock with a pretty big size so I had to bring the basket into the stream to find Priority kicks with clear corners and edges Blue rocks like this look nice but delicate so they won’t be chosen Due to the solid rock structure, each stone is about the size of a human head with a weight of 15-20kg so I can only carry 2 to 4 stones at a time After I got the rock, I dug a flat line on the edge of the soil I poured to lay the stone the stones are stacked, gaps filled with earth to make a connection Choose large, long stones to be carried directly over the shoulder 5:00 pm on the 2nd day It’s dark, ending a hard day at work The third day of opening last night it rained slightly, so the tree still didn’t dry I continued my work Rain makes everything wet After just a few trips, my whole body was covered with dirt stone embankments are about to reach the completion stage this is an iron spade trail after 2 days of stone transport This is the yam I discovered when I was clearing grass The top is the root of yam Tubers are still fresh I started digging Tubers are large and well grown A giant yam white tubers, really interesting tubers are big and weigh about 15kg I’m going to split them up for baking Each small branch will have an old part, a small part The old part will be kept for breeding Young portions to eat instead of rice I will bake it in the charcoal oven Find where to plant it delicious food It looks good to me because it looks good

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  2. I have been watching since you made a bed under a rock. I have only just found out there were subtitles… I have been watching these videos without any dialog and still keep coming back because it's like a silent movie. I shall continue to watch without subtitles!

  3. That is a mighty tuber. After watching, I remembered to turn on CC, so I watched it again. This is when I learned you are planing on building a new house. This is getting interesting.

  4. Допустил ошибку. Надо было дополнительно вбивать в землю деревянные колья и соединять их со стеной.

  5. I don't even know what you ate, but it looks like a baked potato, and the way you devour it makes me think it taste good, wish I could have some.

  6. Happy that you've made yet another video. You didn't use to do them this often and I'm pleased! Thank for sharing again. If you keep posting, I'll definitely keep watching 💯♥️

  7. In Russia, he would have required a lot of documents ( documentation confirming the ownership of land;
    decision of the administration to grant permission to start construction work;
    copies of the city's master plan;
    technical conditions for connection to centralized engineering communications;
    situational plan;
    floor plan, facade drawings and sections;
    the act of surveying the boundaries of the site with the breakdown of buildings.
    In parallel, you need to prepare documents for the project of a private house:

    situational plan with drawing of nearby objects, indication of localities and plan of centralized engineering networks;

    topographic surveys of the land plot with the indication of the street located next to it;
    master plan of the land plot with reference to the area and vertical layout;

    floor plan and drawing of the basement;

    specific sections;
    the facade project;
    drawings of the truss system and roof structure;
    plan and section of the Foundation structure;
    explanatory note with ind. it is worth considering the project documentation for construction, which includes:

    situational plan (M 1: 500) indicating the location of the future private house relative to the boundaries of the locality, indicating centralized engineering systems (Sewerage, electricity, water, etc.);
    topographic survey of the land with the adjacent streets (scale 1:500);
    General plan of the land plot with a vertical layout and binding of the project to the area (M 1: 200, 1: 1000);
    the layout of the basement;
    floor plan (M 1: 100, 1: 50);
    the main and side facades of buildings (scale 1:50, 1:100);
    characteristic sections (M 1: 100, 1: 50);
    floor plan for floors that do not repeat (M 1: 100);
    plan of roof truss system (M 1: 100);
    plan of the roof structure (M 1: 100, 1: 200);
    the layout of the bases (scale 1:100, 1:50); Water, Sewerage, gas or electricity are necessary communications for the normal operation of a private home. Depending on the location of the land plot and centralized engineering networks, connecting to them may require a lot of time and financial resources. and permissions from the relevant organizations. Permits for earthworks and cutting down trees ( if this is required during the construction of the house ). And a lot of references and permissions. Well that the guy does not live in Russia. He would have been tortured by the police and bailiffs. And in a couple of weeks, all of its buildings would have been bulldozed to the ground

  8. Keep an eye on this wall. Without proper drainage or dead man anchors a retaining wall can be a time bomb. Look for bulges or slipping rocks. You could be desiging a tiny mudslide.

    I applaud your work. I just don't want to see you get hurt or lose your hut.

  9. I wonder how did you get the scar on the side of your leg I would’ve hate to done that out in the jungle you should do a video on medical techniques could help somebody

  10. You’re surely deserves the good meals after many hard working hours. But there are many millions of the lazy ones just relaxing and their government giving them food stamp everyday for the rest of their natural life

  11. Now that you do metalwork and stuff, (you've done that some time now) you should make a flint and steel (If you haven't done that already) for easier fires. Don't exactly know what metals to use for the metal part, but it's probably not hard to research and find the answer for.

  12. Уважаю за такой труд ручной, желаю вам миллионы подписчиков и десятки миллионов просмотров, удачи друг 🍀

  13. For transporting the stones from the stream to the wall site, or any such long distance carrying of great weight over uneven ground, the American Indians used a device called a travois. Two long poles, connected by two or three cross members, perhaps some netting from vines to contain the stones, and a waist strap or cross member at one end. Hold up that end and drag the travois with the weight. The two points dragging along the ground don't add to the burden, and leverage can be used by leaning forward against the waist strap or cross member with each step. A lot easier on the back and legs than carrying them in a backpack/basket.

  14. With your ability to make hardenable tool steel from a few rocks containing iron ore, I'm surprised you didn't whip up a couple of I-beams to reinforce the wall.

  15. What always becomes my mind is, where did you build is the land owned by your family or did you buy the land? 🙂
    I'm always curious about this, please answer meee 🙂

  16. Last year I had some dirt from some holes I dug for planting marijuana. It was either leave the yard like the terrain from the moon ,stepping over piles of dirt constantly just to get my plants ,or do something with it. so I started making mud-bricks, then it became addicting, I woke up every morning and had to get my brick quota met or else I felt like a loser . at the end of the summer I noticed I went from looking like a pudgy bearded man with pimply skin to a rockstar hippie with a Matthew McConaughey body. my skin got clear, I believe it was from working in the dirt ,my body picked up natural bacteria that fought the bad bacteria I had in my body. I built a wall between me and the neighbors stupid dog ,and now he can bark until his throat falls off, I don't care, there's a 1 foot thick mud brick wall between us now and I feel like a castle builder. Peace

  17. Ideas exactas para crear, hacer un techo eterno y si mejor una pirámide también buenas ideas existentes en estos mis medios modernos existentes terrenales chale 👣🌎🙏🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯

  18. Do you know what you need to get rid of all that dirt?????

    A swimming pool, I don't think anyone else has done one of those!

  19. I get the channel and loved the video, but is there a end goal for building the stone wall? or was it done just for the video?

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