Stop! Use what you’ve got… be creative with what you’ve got already in your stash and save money!

Hello, I’m Úna. Welcome to my channel. Do you ever think you spend too much money on crafting products that you don’t need.
I watched a super video the other day by Jennifer McGuire and she showcased some beautiful Altenew products so I went straight online put them in my basket
and then said, Stop! Úna, you don’t need these things.
Try being creative with what you’ve got. This is what I made… The first thing I
found that took my interest was this set of dies that I bought years ago in The
Works here in Ireland – really cheaply – I paid about €4.50 – that’s about $5 –
and when I saw the Monstera leaf, I thought: this is just what I
need! And when I found this Iceland Poppy and these stems, I thought, Yeah, they’ll
be perfect! I have this in my stash for five years and I’ve used it a
few times but Yeah, why not use it this time to make a potted plant. I cut out
some leaves. I didn’t use the Philodendron in the end… and got to work.
I drew the plant pot. I often do this to create things that need to be
symmetrical. Draw a half of the thing you want, and it doesn’t have to be perfect,
because as long as it’s symmetrical it’s going to look alright. So I cut this out
of Desert Storm card and I cut it twice so that I could assemble my bits and
pieces on the bottom layer. And then I colored the top piece with my Spectrum
Noir markers; and I took a look at my swatch cards and I decided that this
brown gray would be perfect. So I started colouring… I speed it up here so that it’s
it’s only a minute or so long. There’s a fine tip… there’s a bullet point and a
chisel tip on this marker… and so I speed things up with the chisel tip. When
you’re colouring something like this, it’s always good to leave a light highlight.
And if there’s something like the rim on this pot, you can just offset it a tiny
bit. It will look even more realistic. And in the end I brought in some Distress Ink, Gathered Twigs, to make this pot look more
dimensional. And it was perfect. It was just the other touch that was needed. So, like I said, I used the bottom piece to assemble my bits. Now this takes me
forever… the playing around with the bits… deciding where to put things 😅 I decided
to use my scissors to cut one of the leaves just to make it look a little bit
different from the others. And bringing in Distress Inks again, I added some
darker touches to the leaves. Next time I make this, I’ll start with a lighter
green I think. Using Twisted Citron and Hero Arts Unicorn pigment ink – just
pouncing it on there – and darkening even more with Forest Moss on the leaves; and
then spritzing the the leaves with some Perfect Pearl water. I make it in a
mini-mister. And I’m happy with those. Those labels are more inexpensive
ones that I bought in The Works. And I layered them together to cut them out so
that I’d have a frame. Then, using Versamark ink and white embossing… Stampendous white embossing powder, I created a sentiment for the card. I did
it on Desert Storm, Neenah Desert Storm card as well.
Now, I just show you really quickly two more examples of how I used this
technique. I drew a half of a vase and using the template, I cut it out on Neenah
Classic Crest Solar White card stock and then I used a Spectrum Noir marker to
colour it. Now, when I was colouring this with the Spectrum Noir marker I did
discover that it was gone very dry so I did need to replenish my stock. I had to
go out to buy some more markers but these are essential colours and I
don’t mind having to replace those. It can be difficult to draw straight lines
so I bring in my T-ruler to help me. Here, I’m creating a bottle, so I produce
a template from it, and then using some repositionable tape, some temporary glue
tape, I adhere it to a piece of cardstock and cut it out. Now, to show that this
could be turned into a, say for example, a red wine bottle, I coloured it green. And you could add some labels to make it
look a bit realistic and use a marker… add highlights with a marker. But this time I decided to turn it into a vase, a tall skinny vase. I’m using a Twinmarker here
from an inexpensive set that I bought years ago in the in the Netherlands. And
this old Altenew set, a diamond pattern set I hadn’t used those two top pieces
before and I thought, Perfect, this is the day to use stuff that you haven’t used
before from your stash 😎 I did have some issues with it…the paper was
inclined to tear… and I discovered that I just needed to wash it with soap and water to stop that happening. I created a random pattern. With the
big stamp I created a pattern on another card base. And again the bit that takes
me forever… playing around with the bits and pieces… deciding what way I’ll
arrange them. And this is what I came up with in the end. Now those little gold
embellishments are made from a Crelando set that I bought in my local Lidl store
for about €4.00 (about $5). And I make them on plastic packaging and this laminated piece of paper. And they’re super embellishments. They (these bottles) will last forever. On the second card I used the solid piece to color in the trellis
pattern. And sometimes I use a light hand and sometimes a heavy hand. I’m
going for a completely random look. I didn’t want it too geometrical or too
perfect. I’m not usually good at being that…doing this and I was delighted with
the way this turned out. It was just the look I wanted. And look at the bottle… I
turned it over and used the reverse side 😄 I just loved the (way the) alcohol markers (looked) when they seeped through the paper. I tried this… I tried this… and I tried this.
And in the end I went for this look. I applied some gemstones to the points and …to the trellis pattern and then changed, swapped up the pink for a blue
flower. I was really pleased with it. For the Monstera card I picked up the
pieces with a piece of Press’nSeal. Thank You Jennifer McGuire 😀, adhered the label background to the card. And this is a GINA K bottle with Hi-Tack Fast Tack
glue in it. It’s just an inexpensive alternative that I get at my local hobby
store. I snip off a piece there that would have looked as if it was growing
out of the side of my plant pot. It’s easy to finish up… just adhered the bits
and pieces down that hadn’t adhered properly, applied the top of my plant pot. And then I wanted to give it a little
sparkle, so I used my Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen. Then I applied just a few
embellishments. I really thought this card didn’t need much.
I tried gemstones. I thought about some splatters. But, no, I decided to leave it
just as it was. I’m just so pleased with that plant pot and so glad that I
decided to make it myself. So those are the cards for today.
I do hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you’ll come back to Úna’s Craftycards.
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bye 👋

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  1. More wonderful cards. I think we are all craft hoarders, the more we have the less we use it because we see another 'must have' toy! Looking forward to your next videos.

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