Storage Wars: Skills to Pay the Bills (Season 10) | A&E

All right. I paid 775 for this thing. It better have been worth it. Rene bid me up pretty
hard on this locker. Now the only revenge
is massive success. OK. Ooh, some old ’80s art. I would totally put these
up on They’re cool. 30 bucks for the set. A bunch of pictures in here. Ooh, this is cool. This looks legit. Here’s a set. So there’s Grandma,
there’s fishermen, and there’s violinist. Here we go! Yes! Certificate of authentici–
“authenticification.” [timpani] Original lithos,
signed, limited edition. I’m going to say each of
these or at least 25 bucks. Norton. Ooh, I’ve heard of him. 25 bucks. 100 bucks in art so far. Not bad. They spent the time
to pack this so well that it’s got to be valuable. 40 bucks for this
thing at least. Crystal. Ooh, this one’s cool., for
your owl glass needs. [ding] 50 bucks for this box. Yes. Another novella. I’m going to say 35 bucks. Some more artwork stuff. These are cute and quirky. 30 bucks for this box. Whoa. Advertising pieces. These are cute. 100 bucks? This little stool. And the fabric’s even cute too. I would probably just strip this
and keep this fabric on there. 50 bucks. Ooh, more of these thingies. There’s, like, 20 in here,
the old advertisements. These are easy sell. This box is worth 200 bucks. Ivory china, Mikasa,
The whole set’s there. 50 bucks. Old vintage light. I’ll sell it for 20 bucks. Ooh, moat glass. So it looks like a whole
box of moat glass stuff. Awesome. 50 bucks. Craft tub. Some yarn. Put that over there. Here’s some feathers. What? It’s hilarious. Complete grandma hat. All the tidbits. 10 bucks right here. Let’s see. Oh, this is heavy. Let’s see. Excuse me, sir. MAN: Yes? Could you help me real quick? MAN: Sure. This thing’s really heavy. I’ve always depended on
the kindness of strangers. Thank you. You’re welcome LCD tablet. It looks like something
for artists to use. So I may have to take this
to a tech savvy person. I’m definitely
putting this aside. This is nice, a little
mid-century modern piece. It needs a lot of work though. If I cleaned it up, 200 bucks. This one, no. I’d just throw this one away. Ooh. It looks like some breakables. These are really cute. Ooh, made in Germany. What does that say? This might be the only
time maybe I need Rene. Dang it. Psych! I’ll never need Rene. A fun box of little China
from all around the world. 50 bucks. OK, so all in all,
not too shabby. And I still have that monitor
that I need to get checked out. So now let’s just see if
we can find that guy again. Excuse me. Uh– I found an animation
studio that agreed to look at my tablet thingy. Greg? Hey, Mary. MARY: Hey. So I’m here at Six Point Harness
to meet with Greg Franklin. Got it? Yeah. All right. Looks like it’s
starting up right now. That’s a good sign. What year is this thing? GREG: I think it’s a 2012. OK. 24-inch screen. MARY: Got it. And it’s a touchscreen,
like your phone. These are pretty much
used for any kind of hand-drawn animation
that is produced. This is like the Cadillac
of Cintiq tablets that you have here. Let’s check it out. Is this me? Is this my cartoon version? Oh, so it’s like a pen. Wow. GREG: [laughs] Yeah, “kewl!” [laughter] GREG: Let me get a
little color going. I do have some drawing
experience, just so you know. I sell these greeting
cards on my website. Greeting cards? Yeah, they’re funny. They’re always rhyming. What do some of them say? Like, “I do what
I want when I want.” And then you open it. “So just shut up and
give me a croissant.” [laughter] OK, I gotta put a
croissant in there now. [laughs] [laughs] Go ahead and say it. MARY: Scales. [laughs] That’s awesome. GREG: Ah, that’s fun. All right, save that. So how much do you think
I can get for this thing? For being as old as it is, I
didn’t notice any dead pixels or anything like that. In the shape that it’s
in, maybe you could get– [laughs] Nice! You didn’t stop! You added one more zero! Yes! Guess who’s got the
skills to pay the bills? It’s me. Cha-ching! [laughs] Awesome. Yes! I was not expecting that at all. Yeah!

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  1. Why is this really old clip being shown now? This stuff was aired like 2 or 3 years ago … I remembered this …. Guess they are looking for additional air time money $$$$

  2. If this guy says that Cintiq is worth $2K, I've got lots of old gear I'd like to sell him. That thing MIGHT sell for $400 on ebay.

  3. Someone should tell Mary that that line from Streetcar Named Desire, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers, means the character, Blanche Dubois, accepts that she is insane and is ready for the men in the white lab coats to take her away.

  4. It's nice to see a real woman on TV for a change. Seeing man hands and huge Adams apples on most of Hollywood "starlettes" then finding out that they're mostly all transgender, this is a nice change.

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