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Guess what this is an extra avocado So, you know what that means, I get to make ….one T H I C C C avocado tortilla this morning *funky guacamole music* Let’s converse, shall we? So here’s the thing this week I have a big fat scary chemistry test on Thursday, it’s the weekend right now. So you might be thinking Joanna. Why are you studying so early? Well, here’s the thing. I have so many other tests to study for and honestly, chemistry is really kicking my butt right now So I’m gonna have to pull myself together this weekend. it’s also in my best interest to start studying really early at this point because Senioritis is hitting me like a ton of bricks You know how you’re supposed to take breaks when you study like you’re supposed to reward yourself for doing a certain amount of work I reward myself after doing half a question :))
things are going at a turtle’s pace, to say the least So in this video, I’m just gonna study for my chemistry test and you guys are gonna come along with me I’m gonna show you some of the methods to my madness and hopefully, you’ll find something that you like and it might help you in your academic endeavors Also, I would like to apologize for the madness of last week’s video If you haven’t heard through the grapevine, I released merch. Well, here’s the thing. Oh my god Ah, that’s too much avocado So I thought I would be all cute and funny and DIY my own merch and make a video out of it So I posted a video on Monday of last week and you guys ended up crashing the website with so much traffic Which is absolutely insane and I thank you guys so much, but here’s the issue I didn’t want to ruin the surprise with the video still being up and the link not working So I had to end up privating the video for that. I apologize. It won’t happen again But once again, thank you guys so much for that anyways Let’s just get into this

*cH0mp* And then down my esophagus that tortilla went it was thick dumb thick but that’s besides the point it was Time to start studying for the looming test. The teacher was gracious enough to post the lessons online So I started by reviewing the first five of the ten lessons The chemistry unit in question is on equilibrium If you want a more in-depth look at this topic I recommend watching some videos by people who actually know what they’re talking about because let’s be honest here I’m literally doing baby chemistry and I am in no position to be legitimately edgumucating you Hello, so it’s almost 1:00 p.m. And I am let’s say it together everyone. I’m ravenous. So I’m eating right now This is some butternut squash everyone. Say hi I ate a chicken booby(??) chicken breasticle(??). Whatever you want to call it before this studying is going well not gonna lie I’m feeling confident. I’m gonna eat this now and then we’ll get back to studying. See you later Yummy enter phase 2 of my studying adventure my school gives out these workbooks full of practice questions for each lesson So I started on the questions for the first five lessons my brain was feeling powerful I was giving off Megamind vibes Actually Megamind is just a member of the blue man group with a five head if you think about it Hey, I don’t make the rules the Illuminati does.
anyways, this momentum didn’t last long. However, because at 3:45, I started feeling sluggish I was exhausted and drained and I was just writing chicken scratch so I decided to go out for a run I’ve been doing this more often recently and I find that it does actually help get the chemistry out of my noggin if you’re wondering why I’m dressed to confront the Arctic let me explain at this time in Toronto it’s a solid seven degrees Celsius. To most Canadians that temperature begs for a thick sweater or a light puffer jacket at most but in Joanna weather that’s approximately Negative three hundred and fifty eight point seven eight degrees Celsius. So needless to say I’m bundled up like the Michelin Man himself I’ve never looked hotter. So now ladies and gents. It’s around 5 p.m I’m gonna eat dinner early today so that I can just study the night away if you know what I mean We have some pretty spicy meals on the menu today. So we’ll walk through that together and then we’ll just hit the books Let’s get cooking. I Don’t feel well ladies and gents I present to you another cooking segment this time I’m gonna show you what I eat for dinner. First up That mean spaghetti squash Two months ago was the first time I ate this specimen it was cut in half and baked and ever since then I’ve eaten it That way. Today, however, I was feeling fed up with that stringy nonsense. So I took matters into my own hands I took half a spaghetti squash surgically removed its guts and then diced it into SKITTLES! Then instead of putting it in the oven I took a very big round pan and placed those little yellow cubes on high heat because we loved to burn things on this channel I let them sizzle for a while and try to get them crispy I like when things are charcoal level burnt not really but you get the point in the end. They tasted good. I enjoyed them I found them more flavorful than their baked counterparts, but that might just be me. Next time I should use some spices though I mean I did sprinkle some salt over it, but that’s not a seasoning next the cauliflower rice This is literally the simplest thing ever It’s straight out of a college students cooking book take raw cauliflower and grind it using a food processor Then cover it with some plastic wrap and microwave it for five minutes. I’m not kidding That’s literally it once your five minutes are over. Just douse it in salt and sprinkle some dill over it I have to admit this is really good It was almost like a Veronica Wang viciously shoving noodles down her throat because she’s scared It will run away from her type of moment more. All of the story is I liked it It was a solid 5 out of 5 squids Finally we have come to the real protein of the meal quite literally it’s time for the tuna sandwich I know I know at this point. You’re probably tired of seeing me make this dish but man, I just can’t shake it off I’m literally determined to like this meal. If only the tuna wasn’t so dreadfully awful I might be a bit more lenient even tried to make it a little bit better by just Dicing the cucumber instead of sculpting it into the bread buns, but in the end my god, it was still bad It’s the tuna if the sound of nails on chalkboard had a taste I’m willing to bet it would taste like tuna moral of the story No, I did not enjoy this but unfortunately I feel bad for wasting food. So I had to force it down Everyone I would like to give the news that I am officially six months pregnant with a food, baby I don’t know the name yet. I don’t know the gender. So stay tuned. Anyways, it’s around 6:30 right now so I’m gonna finish all the questions that I still have to do today and then I’m gonna go to bed because Tomorrow morning we’re doing this again. We have a lot to study and I’m not giving up yet You know senioritis is putting up a big battle, but I’m not done fighting. Okay, do you understand do you? Understand. Okay. So let’s just get back into this. And then I finished the last of the questions I was pretty tired at this point So I was eager to get this over with I was dragging myself to the finish line and at 9:55 I crossed it. It was finally done and I had definitely seen some better days So I brushed my teeth took a warm shower and called it a day Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it is absolutely freezing in this household ladies and gents today We have the other half of the unit to go through not gonna lie I really struggled with the second half the first time the teacher went over this in class So I’m gonna have to really grind today. Anyways, let’s begin I studied for one hour before things went really sour really quickly. Here’s the thing. Okay I was really lethargic at this point The last thing I wanted to be doing was studying so I decided to listen to some vinyls while I was studying to hopefully cheer Up my spirits a bit. Now. My final collection has grown substantially over the past few months honestly I might have an addiction but Amazon Prime does not make it easy with the overnight shipping when I study I often like to listen To quite somber music because let’s be honest Could you imagine trying to focus with the auditory chaos at his kiss or the Rolling Stones playing in the background? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Anyways, let me share with you some of the tunes I was listening to number one if you leave by daughter This vinyl has made me cry on three separate occasions every song on this track is more beautiful and etheral than the last so I highly recommend it my personal favorite off this album is Smother simply because of how dark it is And if you actually read the lyrics if you realize how genius the writers are number two all my demons greet me as friends by Aurora Aurora is one of my favorite artists of this generation Her work is so complex and all of her songs have so much thought put into them I don’t know. What drugs she’s on to write such beautiful songs But I just want to know where she gets them number three cigarettes after *coughs heavily* Okay, let’s not talk about the title of this final But other than that, this album is just another one that hits you in the feels It has a really vintage sound to it in my opinion, but I’m no music expert so don’t take my word for it It’s just good. I don’t know what else you want me to say. Number four This one’s a weird one volume 2 of The Walking Dead soundtrack. Okay stick with me for one second See what you will about the Walking Dead, but it’s soundtrack is one of the best ones I’ve ever heard I find it so atmospheric and it matches the tone of the TV show so well My personal favorite would have to be heavy games by Portugal The Man, which is also one of my favorite bands Woodstock was so good? I literally love every song off of that album It’s unhealthy, but that’s besides the point number five strange trails by Lorde here on if you want to ugly cry at 4 a.m Listen to this album. Lord Huron is actually such an amazing group I also have their most recent album vide nor I definitely butchered that but whatever and it’s just as stunning I Highly recommend it and finally number 6. We have hunger by Florence in the Machine now I was never a huge Florence in the machine fan, but I have to give the woman credit her songwriting abilities are incredible And so full of imagery. I really enjoyed the solemn and the yellow vinyl is just another plus it looks like butter. I like butter Wait, is this a camera have I been filming this entire time? I don’t even remember turning it on. Hello, dudes. What’s up? I’m eating some scrambled eggs right now. I’m about halfway done studying for today It really hit me earlier today, but I’m definitely on my game now. I fell off my horse now. I’m back on it I lost my dog. I found the leash now. He’s in my possession the socks they smell bad. Well, guess what? I washed them So, you know what? I think we’re doing pretty well. I really want this to be over You know, I’ve been at this for what must feel like ages now I can say with two percent certainty that I definitely grew 10 grey hairs. So take that. How are you? Well, I’m gonna keep studying. I’m feeling a bit like an egg. I hope you can smell my eggy breath through the camera The questions for those five lessons My mood was lifted compared to that morning But my motivation was definitely dwindling quickly around halfway through the mountain of work procrastination decided to say hi Suddenly everything except for studying looked ten times more fun to do so, I stopped studying I organized my closet for the 50th time because I’m never satisfied with the way it’s organized I swear to God that thing is like a puzzle and I can never figure out the right for you to put it together I cleans my room because dust bunnies are not fun. I let off some steam with some nerf gun target practice I’m getting pretty good pit bull better watch his bald head and I annoyed my mom because Mother’s Day is coming up She only deserves the best treatment after good two hours of this nonsense I told myself maybe I should stop procrastinating and got back to work at this point I no longer had motivation fueling my fire. It was panic. I had to finish those questions before school the next morning I wrote like an absolute maniac what I was even writing down at this point. Nobody knows I was writing something though That’s for sure. Anyways, it was 10:30 p.m. When I finished studying. I was past the point of no return I was a black hole just sucking up energy but I didn’t complain I had finished what I had set out to do my duties were complete and I went to bed with a Sane and level mind. Oh My god my math test

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  1. I have a science test on Tuesday, a 20 multiple choice question quiz on Thursday for history, a vocab quiz Friday for language arts, and a five paragraph essay test on Friday which I have to write in literally 45 minutes for again, history. I'm also pretty sure that my math teacher is going to randomly announce a test this week because he likes everything to be a surprise apparently, and I really don't like his method lol. I also have to finish up about 20 pages of questions with 10 questions on each page. I need help

  2. I’m in the English Year 9, or grade 8 (I think). If Joana is doing baby chemistry, then what in the world am I doing?! 😂

  3. I live in London , so it is most of the time it is cold or rainy, so I’m used to the cold and I love the cold weather

    Joanna: wears outfit appropriate for the Antarctica in 7 degrees

    Me: wears shorts and a t shirt in 7 degrees and a m still sweating

    But my parents are from koreaso they aren’t that used to the cold but but Korea is sometimes cold, so whenever i “ its hot” they say “미 짓 어?!!!” (are you crazy )

  4. If you aren’t reading the description you are missing a whole lot…like alot So i REcOmeNd ThaT YOu ReAd iT 🥵😤

  5. Here’s the list of her favorite vinyls
    1. If you leave by Daughter. Her personal favorite song is smother because of how dark it is.
    2. All my demons greet me as friends by Aurora.
    3. Cigarettes after sex
    4. Vol 2 of Walking Dead sound track. Her favorite is Heavy Games by Portugal. The Man
    5. Woodstock
    6. Strange trails by lord Huron
    7. Vide Nior by Lord Huron
    8. Hunger by Florence and the machine

  6. I love your vids!! Strange phenomena however, why do I feel accomplished after knowingly watching too many and being superbly nonproductive? More cooking vids plz!

  7. Filling your belly with food takes energy away from you cuz the body takes your energy to digest the food. You would’ve last longer if you didn’t eat. You should eat after you’re done . Try a light snack to hold you

  8. This is what I do. Mashed cauliflower with cream cheese and soy sauce. If you someone who likes creamy salty things then you should try it! Plus you can do the same thing with rice instead of cauliflower. Hope you like it!!!

  9. recently found u and been binge-watching ur vids. am actually studying rn so it seems like we're studying together yay


  11. Guess what I made an avocado trotilla for lunch today and I did not like it i don't know how you eat it 😂😂😂💖💖

  12. Joana is so responsible and such a funny entertainer. I feel so inspired by u. U exercise rather also keep up to ur studies. That’s what a responsible utuber should do rather just filming a stupid utube vid of them doing whatever the heck they’re doing. Luv u Joana

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