Stupid Things [my sister] Believed as a Kid

So I was thinking of video ideas, when I thought I could talk about Stupid Things I believed as a kid. But the only thing I could really think of was the fact that I thought If I ate too many bananas, I would turn into a monkey. And I didn’t want that to happen, so I stopped eating bananas and have grown a distaste to them ever since. So I asked my twin sister, who’s name’s Faith by the way, If she could remember anything I believed. She couldn’t think of anything about me, but, gave plenty of examples about things she believed. So here we go, for the sake of comedy I’m gonna exploit my twin sister. Stupid Things my sister believed as a kid …but not anymore So we have this older sister who was like eight, no 9 years older than us. And she told my sister that, the computer could talk back to us through typing. It happened because Faith was on the computer, an error message popped up. She asked my older sister what was wrong with it. And she said, “The computer says you’re typing on it too hard,” Faith asked her to tell the computer she was sorry. And soon she was having a full on conversation with it, on a regular basis. But the older sister would have to be there to communicate. Tell him I got a 100 percent on my spelling test! Okay, I’m typing it in! SRHJIKLJKGHGHJHK What did it say? It says it DOESN’T CARE. Another thing, was that one time my sister was drinking water and saw a bug in her drink. She freaked out and poured the water out. But my older brother said, You know something scary? Since you were drinking water, you could see the bug. But if you drink something like uhh, milk? You wouldn’t see it. *whisper* Because milk isn’t clear like water… So she stopped drinking milk for a while. But she drinks them now.. of course… So this one time, our dad came to us and said, Come on kids, we have to go! It’s buy 1 get 1 free! But he said it kinda fast, So it sorta formed into one word… So he said, Come on kids, it’s BUYONEGETONEFREE And we were like.. what’s buyonegetonefree… Do you know what buyonegetonefree is? I don’t know what buyonegetonefree is.. Then what’s buyonegetonefree? My sister asked if we could buy things at buyonegetonefree, My dad was like, yeah. So she brought her own money. We were waiting in the car for Dad to get ready, When my brother said, you know, At Buyonegetonefree, there’s skeletons that pop out and steal your money. So I thought, Oh! this buyonegetonefree is like an outdoor horror place huh? And that scared my sister, and she didn’t take her money. When we got to buyonegetonefree, it was just a GROCERY STORE! And my Dad was excited about the sale on milk. You know, I’m beginning to realize that a lot of these problems exist because older siblings suck. So this one I believed in too. You know how sometimes airplanes have those little smoke trails coming out? What we thought, that those airplanes were what made clouds. All those clouds. Just a bunch of airplanes. And I remember seeing a factory with steam stuff coming out, and I thought, wow. That’s a very big cloud maker. Another funny thing is that my sister believed in the Tooth Fairy, way longer than she believed in Santa Claus. That’s because my parents didn’t make us believe in Santa Claus. You know, we just pretend Santa’s real, like You know Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse isn’t real. You know how like, someone dresses up as him, and goes to Disneyland.. Well, it’s kinda like the same thing, and you know we just pretend that he’s real. We PRETEND that he comes and visits us every night, you know. We just pretend. So yeah, we never really believed in Santa Claus, but for some reason, our parents made us believe in the Tooth Fairy! So yeah, that’s about it. Glad i didn’t believe in some stupid crap like my sister. Haha.. uhh.

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  1. My older sister used to tell me that if I dial 000-000-000 the devil will pick up. I never played with a toy phone ever since she said that. Turns out she was annoyed with me playing on my toy phone

  2. Here’s a funny story:

    When I was little I walked in on my dad who was tinkering with the CPU of my family computer. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was fixing the computer. And me? Being the naive little brat I was got into a full blown argument with my dad because I thought the MONITOR was the COMPUTER.

  3. Ok one thing,this is the first time I heard you say your sisters name was faith and one more thing-how old is your sister,just crossed my mind

  4. I mean, airplanes and steam plants do kind of make clouds. Both airplane contrails and steam plant exhausts are both primarily water vapor, and clouds are made from atmospheric water vapor.

  5. Yeah the factory and air plane making clouds was my thought as a child too. Of course mine was from a nuclear reactor.

  6. Did you guys believe in other stupid crap, like Allah, of Jesus, or Zeus, or Odin?
    Or dumb conspiracy shit, like the earth is flat, or chemtrails (not that they exist, but that they are some NWO conspiracy to control population or some shit), or that the moon landing was fake?

    Because there are a LOT of stupid people on YOuTube (and the Internet in general) who believe in stupid shit like I just mentioned.
    LOTS of idiots out there. ?

  7. When I was little my aunt told me that when she was in the airplane they let her jump on the clouds and eat it i really wanted to do that and know I look back at it I feel ashamed of myself ??

  8. My dogs name is hope your sisters name is faith then who’s gonna be charity if your in Oregon you would know what I’m talking about

  9. “Those airplanes that make clouds” aren’t fake they do make clouds but it’s basically poison that’s just killing us when they do that

    Edit: not literally poisonous just a bunch of metals that eventually will kill us

  10. When I was little I thought if I ate an orange I would turn into a tree
    It was because of the adventure of the gummi bear tv shows

  11. 2:20
    Older siblings wAt!!!
    oldest siblings are worse than that ?????????

  12. Faith: Tell it that I got a an 100 percent on my spelling test!
    Older Sister: Ok I’m typing it in!
    Older Sister: *Types Janajisijnishuebdh*
    Faith: What did it say?
    Older Sister: IT SAYS IS DOSEN’T CARE!


  14. Wait did he delete stupid things I believed as a kid wait so that means it was too embarrassing for him

    Edit: I also hate my older siblings because they hit me and lie to me and scare me and I’m proud for saying thst

  15. I have a dog named Benny and on Christmas Eve I was awake at night and he barked and my mom said to stop barking so I think Santa is real

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