Styling a Thrifted Shirt – The Tropical Dad Shirt Made Vintage

Hello there, welcome back to the closet historian, today I have a little bit of a different styling video for you all, you guys are used to seeing me style my thrifted finds, or my vintage finds a little bit more here on the channel or I’m starting to do some essentials videos which I’m really excited to make more of But today I thought I would do something a little bit different and just style one item into many different outfits So today I decided to take this lovely rayon Hawaiian “dad” shirt that I picked up recently drifting and included in my last thrift haul, I will put a card to that thrift haul here as well if you guys haven’t seen It yet, although that video did do quite well, so thank you, as always, and a lot of you seem to respond well to the idea of getting some dad shirts So today I thought I would take this dad shirt and style it into 10 different outfits for you (old film projector sound) For our first ensemble I’ve paired the lovely dad shirt with the same linen and rayon suit that I paired it with in my last thift haul video where I was thrifting it This is how I envisioned styling at the first time here I have paired the suit and the shirt however with all ivory accessories for a bit more of a formal You know, appointment-with-the-museum-director sort of look I’ve got an ivory belt, shoes, an ivory cord crocheted handbag and gloves, and little 1930 style sunglasses, and a straw vintage hat Of course this same outfit works with other accessories as well, here I have paired it with cognac leather accessories with a leather– a stamped leather belt and handbag and matching leather shoes, and of course switching to a different hat with a brown hat band I’ve also switched off the gloves or some jade bracelets for more casual look, switched the sunglasses to a more 1940’s style, and put on a little beetle– an encrusted beetle brooch here Of course as we know I love a good insect brooch Even though I’m afraid of actual insects. Here it is without the bolero Of course so we can see what the shirt looks like in its full glory with this outlet I think the contrast of the richer brown is really nice with these like sort of soft greens and ivory of course This look I think is a little bit more you know…watching your luggage get loaded on to your Nile river cruise sort of a look Next I’ve paired the shirt with a similar suit, but in black linen rayon This is a linen/rayon blend from joann’s for those of you wondering who may be seamstresses as well I uh made both of these suits, and this fabric is a bottom-weight from joann’s that I quite like, it’s their linen/rayon blend But here it is with black, I think a little bit more sharp, good for in town as it were You know shopping around Cairo or Morocco or whatever you are. I have this paired with a vintage leather bag, those same crocheted gloves again, a faux ivory carved brooch, as well and a black straw hat These lovely black suede and leather heels that I have on with this outfit are from a company called Remix vintage shoes Which I highly recommend their shoes, I only have a few pairs because they are an investment, but my goodness are they a worthwhile one. (subtle 30’s music and jungle bird/insect noises) Next we just have a little bit of our shirt peeking out of this brown cotton twill suit This is another cotton twill, another fabric from Joann’s This cotton twill is from their bottom-weight section, and I’ve used it many times before. Again I’m sorry about not having a pattern to recommend to you for a suit like this because of course I did make the pattern myself Apologies. Here it is without the jacket, because of course in the summertime, it’s quite warm and you often are taking your jacket off I’ve paired this with a straw hat, and natural straw clutch as well and then the brown leather accessories again including a belt and Chelsea Crew shoes here. Next I have paired our lovely green top with a green cotton twill skirt cotton twill is a major fabric in my wardrobe in summer time as we can tell especially with these safari or adventure ready sort of styles I’ve also paired this with a bamboo handbag, which matches the color of the top stitching on the skirt, not that you can see that here, and the sunglasses help tie in that orangey-tan again And then I have this with forest green suede belt and shoes as well to pull out the darker green color from the blouse of course I also have unbuttoned the blouse another button here for a bit more of a scandalous V in the front a little bit more casual here, you know… as opposed to be buttoned up suiting looks that we had before. A great outfit for out shopping or at a flea market or out to lunch whatever Next we see what our “dad” shirt would look like tucked into a more slim fit pencil skirt, this time in a organic cotton a dark espresso brown organic cotton from Mood fabrics .com I’ve paired this with a lot of dark brown accessories including dark brown leather belt and shoes, these shoes are again from Remix vintage shoes And I have on these fun costumey sunglasses, a brown plasticflex clutch that, yes, does look like a dark chocolate bar, and then a vintage hat with a sort of shiny Finish over the straw. It’s an interesting hat I found this one very early in my collecting actually, and I don’t wear it nearly enough but here’s what this lovely dad shirt looks like paired with dark brown and More of a slim cut pencil skirt here for a chic look Next up I have styled our dad shirt to look rather grandfatherly by tucking it into some high-waisted pants and pairing it with a cognac leather loafer here, a flat shoe my goodness, and then a matching leather belt and clutch handbag, of course And then I still have those fun flip sunglasses that I’ll just pop into my pocket here like a true grandfather dad style, you know an inspired look would would require, but this is a good you know look for getting a drink with the guys after golf, you know a little more Katherine Hepburn a little bit more uh casual. And then we can of course pair the same outfit with tall lace-up boots for a more Safari ready Mogambo kind of look, if you’ve seen that film, with Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner they were always tying These little scarves around their neck and that film, It’s always inspired me to think that you know, it’s rather almost girl scout or camp ish look for your safari looks, so I like tying a little scraf at the neck like this now But it’s uh got some attitude this little Safari outfit, but of course, it’s not the most flattering from behind But we’ll just look at the front of it again shant we? And now for our most modern of looks so far Here we have some mom jeans to pair with our dad shirt, of course, it’s the full parental Trend going on here. These are not of course proper mom jeans because I can’t find them anywhere Unfortunately, they are now very trendy and therefore gone at the thrift store But here are some old navy high-waisted jeans that are approximating the look until I can find some true nice high-waisted Levi’s or something out thrifting, but here is a good modern take on the dad shirt, just tucked into these high-waisted jeans with a straw handbag again those same 40s sunglasses. You can of course untuck this and tie it, as I am often want to do with many of my thrifting styling videos, you’ll see I tie most of the blouses but I was trying to avoid tying it for most of this video as a bit of a challenge to myself But of course you can tie it with jeans like this for an even more casual look again with that straw bag… tahdah! I think it’s another good date outfit, and uh just like walking around out and about in the summertime, but I think it’s you know kind of flirty and cute, would be good for a date with these little heels on as well Then of course I have the most casual outfit of all for you, just wearing this shirt loose open Again with those same high-waisted jeans, with a lace trimmed cami, and my gayest of sneakers. That’s right Of course. This look is a little bit, you know, “of course doll, I’ll come over and help you put together at IKEA furniture”, which is, you know, something to go for honestly It is a little bit like maybe-I-can-help-you-grill-something-later Although, you wouldn’t want me to help you try and grill anything, I’m terrible at uh cooking, mostly. I’m still learning thanks to my parents hellofresh subscription, but this is you know, the umm The least femme look, so let’s tie it up for a little bit more of a pin-up effect here Just you know, you know, we’re gonna have that shirt out of your way when you’re building that bookcase, of course But this is of course the most casual looks perfect for moving putting together your girlfriend’s furniture *ahem I mean* for helping put together something and you know, just hanging out So those were my initial ideas on how to style this “dad” shirt in my wardrobe with some of my other things… that I have my wardrobe I’m really lucky that I’ve made some really nice cotton and linen/rayon suits over the years, little summer like short jackety suits to wear and so unfortunately A lot of people asked my last video for the like what patterns I use to make those and unfortunately I make my own sewing patterns. So I have none to recommend to you. I’m really sorry about that Umm trust me I would love to be able to tell you that they are The Closet Historian patterns and you can pick them up here, but Sadly, I do not have my own pattern line yet, uh one day. Let’s hope so I really, I really hope so, but thank you guys for your interest in my patterns Even though I can’t give them to you Please let me know what your favorite outfit from today’s video was in the comments below and if you guys want to see me style Any of the other things I picked up in any of my other hauls here on the channel Just let me know and I will try and style some more outfits like I did today with a different item So let me know what you’re most interested in seeing me style and I will try and help you out Thank you guys as always for tuning in today, and I will see you again real soon. Bye (30’s music)

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  1. For those who have inquired about the darker brown (flip) sunglasses, they are just cheap ones from Amazon! Here are some similar The other sunglasses in this video are from an Etsy shop called Sunglasses Museum!

  2. big wlw energy. my faves were all of them but especially the suits, the green (half?) circle skirt, and the katharine hepburn.

  3. I keep trying to concisely state how fabulous this is, but it just comes across as fangirl babble, so…you're a vision, and this video was perfection. I loved the different styling ideas, and it sparked some "ah-ha!" moments for some things I already own, which is great. And I am antsy to get to my local thrift shops to see what crazy "dad" shirts I can get my chubby little hands on!

  4. I love this video
    I'm on a very low budget so the idea of one shirt making so many outfits is very inspirational! I love your accessories. I love the poses… like a movie star ?

  5. Perfect presentation and aesthetic, love. Also, how about a link to get those palm leaf earrings?

  6. WHAT DO YOU MEEEEEEAAAAAN YOU MADE THE SUITS ? I’m dyyyyyyyying ??? waaaaaant grabby hands you’re 100% goals!!

  7. Your videos on each channel are so entertaining, inspiring and motivating. you What is the gorgeous red lipstick that you wear so often? And, is there a technical difference between a broach and a pin?
    Keep those wonderful videos going. Love your clever narratives.

  8. Have you had many followers mention that your voice and speech pattern is very Ellen? It's driven me nuts trying to figure out what I thought of when I enjoyed your commentaries!

  9. This is fantastic, B! Thank you for all the fabulous inspiration. As a [digital] set dresser myself, I really appreciate your background set styling.

  10. Hi Bianca, I think it would be amazing if you pursued launching your own pattern company. There are a few ladies on Youtube that have launched theirs and you could probably ask them how they got started. Perhaps that might be a way for you to find out if that is something you are interested in or if you it is feasible to launch on your own. Your suits are just exquisite and i just LOVE your dresses. I think your style would really add to the community and maybe inspire more ladies to sew and venture more vintage fashion. Check out Athina Kakou, Gabberdashery, Mimi G & of course the great Gertie Hirsch herself might be a great point of contact as well.

  11. I’d REALLy love to see you do essentials videos by era, the key pieces that will sell a look as being from that time period, would make a really cool series.

  12. Wow. You can come over and help me put together some Ikea furniture anytime ?? Great styling, I’m going to have to pick up some dad shirts now!

  13. For people wanting a pattern for the suits, simplicity 8462 is kind of similar to the ones you made in the first two outfits. The collar is different and the sleeves are longer, but it's similar in it's sort of bolero shape. I'm a beginner sewer (sewist?) And I just made the skirt from that pattern. I'm going to try the jacket next (wish me luck). I am so inspired by your videos and can't wait until I can try some pattern drafting, but I should probably get to the point where I can at least follow a pattern (easily) first!

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