SUB) 빈티지 레드 가을 음영 메이크업 Vintage Red Fall Makeup (에스쁘아 비글로우 쿠션, 입생로랑 워터틴트) | 블럼

[music] I’ll cover it with Etude House Concealer It has good coverage and adheres very well to these days I’m going to use esporr beglow Cushion Petal Color If you have sensitive skin because of the fragrance, please test it. I compared it to my own beglow cushion beglow Cushion was a more moist and yellowish color I’ll apply Etude Shadow on the pearly red color I’ll apply Mac’s Soft Brown on it Etude shading products give shading I’m going to put on the upper part that I applied the shadow to remove the feeling of swelling Put the curler on, I will fill the eyeliner with the upper part of my eyes I’ll draw my eyes with reddish brown eyeliner I’ll apply it on the front and under the eyes I’ll apply pink brown mascara to match the color I will draw eyebrows with black eyebrows.
My favorite product I’m going to use &other stories canvas toupe with blusher Lastly, I’ll apply YSL Water Tint 613 Over time, the moist formulation looks attractive. If you do this, your makeup is complete

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