Sunny Vase

My Sunny Vase designs give you options for your Cling Rubber Stamp Set and then the Cutting Dies are in another package and you’ll see ideas and things on the back of the package. And I just like to point out that we have a stencil in this package whenever you see this up in the corner, so make sure you don’t lose it. I like to store all of the dies on a magnetic sheet. So let’s get started, and I’ll show you a couple of ways to make good use out of your stencil. When the stencil is brand-new we’ve given you both the positive let’s say that the window and the window frame pieces. They’re bridged so they aren’t lost on the way, but you can simply pull at the point of those little connections. I also like to mark my stencil right at the beginning when I can still match it up. So for example, if I put this down on top I can tell I’m going the right way because the leaf matches up. So, I’m just going to mark some things, and by writing on this side of the stencil I won’t turn them over and and be confused by the fact that they never quite line up. OK, so that’s one way of using my frame part of the stencil. Now I’m going to use the windowpane so to speak to cover this. So this shows you how we used both the opening in the stencil and also the positive to mask the stamp across the surface of it. So here you can see once you get to doing your color work I can use the window aspect of my stencil to apply yellow quickly into an open area, and then I can use the other piece to mask off an area and quickly apply colors to the background. So you’re going to get a lot of use out of the stencil in doing all different kinds of mix-and-match combinations. From here I think it’s fun go back in with colored pencils, and of course you can do any combination. And I used Memento ink in case i wanted to do Copic Markers so you have lots of choices. I for one would love to live in a little cottage across from field of sunflowers I don’t know about you, but it seems like that would be a very fun place to live. Here’s another storage tip. If instead of opening your package and seal at the bottom you simply cut through all the layers up here at the top you can cut off just a little bit and then you can put all of your little stencil pieces back inside, and that keeps them together. And then I like to store this inside the Stuftainer with not only the stamps, but also the dies. And my stamps can simply get pressed on to the outside and then I can see them from the back, and then here I’ve got the the magnet layer for the dies. So I found with this one it was easier actually to die cut first and then you can come back in and stamp afterwards, you can see to line it up. Your little message just fits on the tag. So it’s easier to go that way than to stamp first, and then you can’t see where you’re going with the die. Here i stamped and did my color work on white background, and you can do your Copic Markers or whatever marker you like the best. Or you can also work on other colors of paper, and then your color pencils may be what works out the nicest, and then on these other shades of paper it’s kind of fun to come in with white and do just a little bit of highlights here there. So you can try any of those different looks and then when you go to do your die cutting… This sunflower has more of a gap between the petals here, and now that I’ve spotted that I can go right to it to line it up and run it through my die cutting. And this other flower is a little bit trickier so again find a spot like maybe the two little points up there and that will help you spot it to line up. Line up the fit of it here. Let’s take a look at this. So these two little points kind of stand out to me, and I’ve spotted them to be right there. So once you kind of spot something with each design it’s easier and you’re not just spinning it around trying to get it to line up, but it does line up perfectly as you can see. So now let me give you another little tip here about the vase. Here we’ve stamped with all the pattern on it and colored in a couple different ways, but remember that you can also die cut printed paper or some other little die cut piece and because the die is on that inside edge, you can move it around and decide exactly what part of the pattern looks the best to create your vase pattern. I think that’s going to look quite fun. Let me show you how you can use these backdrop cards to make some really fun pop up cards with your Sunny Vases. We’ve got several options, the first one this is our original Pop-Up Die and this score line is in the middle. I’ve marked my card, and I can center it or I can move it to one side or another. Line it up. And run it through. This original one is going to give me not only the base, but also the hang tabs. Turn it over and begin pushing. Push against that bottom edge and press. And then we’ll score here. we’ll push all the way up here, and then do a mountain fold from this side. And this gives us a place to attach our vase, and the other little hang tabs will get used to attach more of our sunflowers. So push the tabs up find the little fold that comes back down and That’ll give us the structure for our flowers to overhang the base. This die will also make a pop-up card and this one comes out of the Pop’cessories. It has just one simple pop-up. Again I’ve placed it in the middle, top to bottom of the length of this inner panel card so this is cut and scoring where you need to create a simpler pop-up. So press against that bottom edge and pinch. Press here across the middle and pinch. Press and pinch to train each of the folds And here we have another option to put the little vases and sunflowers that are all connected. Or I might want to have a little village in the foreground so you’ve got lots of combinations to do with your pop-up cards

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  1. I really love that your stamp sets come with stencils/masks. That is SO useful, and saves so much time. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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