Tair 11a – Russian Portrait Goodness with Vintage Lenses

recently I had a photoshoot with my
friend Zane and she’s come on other videos before and anyone who watches my
videos knows that I’m a big fan of like vintage lenses and I don’t buy lenses
very often like the latest the two latest lenses I got was like a $10
Mamiya 55 1.8 from like one of the flea markets here in Seoul that cost me like
ten bucks by the way Mamiya lenses very underrated
they are quite beautiful and even though the aperture ring doesn’t work on the
lens I got like the photos are still amazing like I don’t mind just shooting
it wide open all time anyways we’re talking about the Tair 11a which is my
latest expensive acquisition it’s actually not that expensive when you
consider the prices of modern lenses because this lens is a cost about like
120 dollars and I was very careful to meet the description I was sure there’s no like oil and the
aperture blades or anything by the way if you’re buying a lens from eBay
check the description very well and check the rating on the guy the thing
that’s got it got a hundred percent so anyways to Tair 11a it has quite
a history and this is not a land review by any means I don’t like doing lens
reviews I might do some but upload them on my secret videos blog you know
because I don’t want people to go out and buy stuff just because I just talked
about it but I know someone out there is looking for information and I hope this
video finds you anyways this lens is supposed to be kind of a copy of a Zeiss
size so not you know for those of you that don’t know after World War two
pretty much Russia and America stole and as Russians got copies of the zeiss
blueprints and parts of the factory and all that stuff but anyways this lens is
135 millimeters is an F 2.8 and the great thing about this lens is that it
has 20 aperture blades now for those of you that don’t know much about lenses
the aperture blades have a huge role to play in the bokeh know many people love
Bokeh like if you have a lens with very few up to blades you start getting
those like kind of jaded shapes in the background when you have the Bokeh but
a lens with like a lot of aperture blades like I’ll even from 10-15-20
those kind of lenses make very large beautiful Bokeh Balls
and very creamy you know that’s what attracted me to this lens it was either
this one or the Pentacon 135mm you know I really wanted one of those but in the
end I settled for the tire 11a now it’s a heavy lens I think you can kill
somebody with it and I’m not gonna talk about this lens in such a way as it’s a
review I’m just gonna show you some of these pictures that I like that I took
and basically decide whether you like it or not because it’s very subjective
but I am gonna say that I like this lens and I will do I guess I will review it
someday and I’ll load it to my website but I don’t like to talk about things I
just got I’d like to spend at least six months shooting them you know but uh
yeah it was really fun shooting these portraits like I know these portraits on
the best it’s because I’m not a portrait photographer I’ve never identified as a
portrait photographer I’m a street photographer but it’s always fun to do
these kind of things and this was for Zane’s a kind of school project actually
needed a video so we went out and helped her anyways if you’re looking for
information for the Tair 11a I hope this video helped out a little will make
a more serious video about my Russian lenses cuz your nose I love them even
though they smell like even though they smell like diesel truck burning the oils
needs an oil change you know but it’s still cool lens you know I like you very
much and I’ll see you around

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