Teen Girl Room Tour | Brooklyn and Bailey

[THEME MUSIC] -Hi. We’re Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we decided
to do a room tour, because you guys have
requested it so much. We thought it would be
fun to show you our room, and we really hope
you guys like it. So do you want to start off? -Well, I thought we’d
start off with our beds, because they’re
kind of different. We did them based on
our personalities. Mine’s blue, because I’m
more of a boyish person. And she’s more of– well, not
really boyish, but tomboyish. And she’s– do you want
to explain your bed? -Girly. As you can see, it’s
a really bright pink. And then we just have the
cute pillows that match it. And we also got some pillows
from– was it– where? -From Pottery Barn. -Pottery Barn. -All of this is
from Pottery Barn. -They have the best pillows. And this has got some cute
XO’s in all different colors. So pull in her bed
colors as well. -Mine’s an owl. I love owls. That’s why I chose this one. We actually made our little
bed frames from old bunk beds. But since we’re getting
older, we kind of wanted to split the
beds so we weren’t on top of each other anymore. And our mom and Jenny
from ShowMeCute did this. They painted it
and then sanded it to make it look
[? rustic ?], kind of. -So this is a cute nightstand
that my mom found just at a little antique store. And we fell in love with
it, because it kind of pulled in the whole
room together. Plus it’s also something
you can set your stuff down when you’re sleeping. So this is helpful. -And the walls– actually,
the polka dots are done by, again, Jenny, ShowMeCute. She actually has a video
on her YouTube channel. It’s called ShowMeCute if
you want to go check it out. But we decided to do a whole
bunch of modge podge colors to bring in the entire polka
dots and a multicolored room. -And make it brighter and fun. -So let’s move on to the
other side of the room. -So this is also like an
antique trunk that my mom found, I think, at the same
antique store, right? -I don’t know. They were antiquing everywhere. -Yeah, because we
really love antiques. So this is just a cute– -Chest. -And it holds all our
blankets, as you can see. And then this is our desk area. -And this is, again, another
antique from some antique shop somewhere. -We like to mix modern
and [? rustic ?]. -Antique-ish things. -As you can see, it’s a bright
pink chair, which is my touch. And I hold them in
a cute vase that’s made out of wrapped newspapers. -I love that. It’s so cute. Again, it brings in all
the colors of the room. And this we spent forever doing. It’s modge podge
and scrapbooking paper on a little cardboard B
that we found in a craft store one time. Love it, so cute. -And then of course we have
our picture frame of past. It’s got all of our pictures
from when we were little, growing up, all our trips. -From vacations. -Photo shoots. And then sparkly “peace.” I mean, who doesn’t
like peace, right? -Yeah, so I love this. I think we painted
this outside white, because it was black
originally but kind of meshed with the room. So we decided to paint it white. So love it, so cute. -So we’re going to head
into our closet on now. And actually we’re really lucky
when we came to the house. We scored the biggest closet. Well, besides– -It used to be a little
miniature storage room. But when we finished
the basement, my parents decided to
give us the biggest closet, because
there were two of us. So we had double the clothes
and shoes and all of that stuff. So as you can see– -We start with the jackets. -Jackets. -Which, of course, you
need during the winter. -Bags. -And then the purses
and the belts. -Yes. This is just a bunch
of shelves to hold a bunch of random stuff. This is where we put our little
cute boxes and our perfumes and– -Yeah, and we put
our makeup here when we’re doing
it in the morning. -Yes, and this once just
holds sunglasses and bags. And these are– -For our scarves. I love scarves. -We have, like, a bajillion. -And then our nice dresses. So, like, skirts and
dresses and stuff here. -We have this shelf
full of a bunch of books that we absolutely love. -Because we love reading. And then here, this
shelf just holds a bunch of fedoras and hats,
as you can see. And our dance clothes,
because we like to dance. -PJs. -And then here are our shirts. -Long sleeve, short
sleeves for the summertime. And then we have
long pants and then short pants for the
summertime as well. So yeah. And then just our shoes. -These, if you
might be wondering, we call them our junk bins. The kind of stuff
you don’t want– -Laying around in your room. – –loose around your room, but
you still want to keep them. -So they’re like your little
treasure boxes, basically. -Yeah, so we just labeled
them as “Brooklyn Junk” and “Bailey Junk.” And we keep them there
for special occasions. -Yes, for all of
our special things. -And then who can
forget our jewelery? We’ve got a whole bunch of it. Of course, you
can see most of it is mine, because Brooklyn
doesn’t like wearing jewelry. And then just some long
earrings here and there. -My mom got this cute idea
to go to an antique store, and we got this old rundown–
what do they call them? -Screen doors? -Screen doors from olden times. -Oh, those are so long ago,
we can’t remember rain. -But they hold our
earrings on the top. And then the middle row
is for your bracelets. And then the big long one
is for all your necklaces. And It’s really pretty
nifty and cute, so– -So this is the– -The full-length mirror. Yeah. -Yeah. -Full-length mirror. -I think you all
know what that does. You just stand in front of it. -Look at yourself,
look at your clothes. -So that’s pretty much a wrap
for all of our room tour. And we really hope
you guys enjoyed it. And we’d like you
guys to comment below on what your favorite
part of our room was. -And we decided
we’ll be uploading our videos every Wednesday. So be sure to check up on that. And be sure to follow us on
Instagram @BrooklynAndBailey. And we will see you later. -Bye. [MUSIC – KATIE SKY, “ONLY YOU”]

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