That’s My Houston Episode 1 | Vintage Park

(upbeat music) – It’s a beautiful day in Houston, and we’re starting things
off in Vintage Park. Vintage Park is nestled where
Cypress, Tomball, Spring and Houston meet, right off 249, just a few minutes north of Beltway 8. We have seen such growth here that locals no longer have to venture out to The Woodlands or downtown. The perfect date night, girls’ lunch or awesome shopping trip is
right in our own neighborhood. It’s holiday season and I’m powering up with the
Glow One from Clean Juice. Today on That’s My Houston, we’re gonna find you five dresses
in five minutes under $50. And we also have steps for men
to become better gift givers. And we’re lighting things up at one of my favorite night
spots to unwind, Brixology. So first off, we’re heading
to Anything Bling next door. Founder and fashionista Tracie Swonke hand-selects each piece to inspire women to feel confident and beautiful. It is definitely a place where three generations of women
can come together and shop. And they have two more locations in Cypress and Town & Country. And, you can now shop online
at All right, now it’s time to find five
holiday outfits in five minutes. Let’s do this. (electronic music) (laughing) Oh. Oh! Is that five? We have five? Now, let’s see my girls
show off these outfits. (laughing)
(soft music) – Oh my! You look amazing!
– Thank you. – So I’ve picked this
out because the color. The color is a very subtle
gold and it sparkles, and it’s got the shimmer,
and I love this twist. And this dress is only 50 bucks. You look amazing!
– Thank you. – Oh, my God, turn
around again. (laughing) Oh, this is stunning. I absolutely love this.
– Thank you. – And I picked this dress
because of the flow. It’s a very flattering flow. And the halter top neck just
shows off those sexy shoulders. And I think it’s a great, unique pattern that will make you stand
out this holiday season. I want you to get a look at this. This is the owner’s signature jewelry line called Oh So Tracie. And you can’t go wrong
with the black dress, a little black dress for the holidays. This one sparkles. And I love that the dress just flows down so it’s flattering no matter
what the figure type is. And this one is only,
hold on, $44. (laughing) Stunning. It is a beautiful, beautiful
green, almost jade color, and the pleating just flows beautifully and that neckline on her is amazing. And the shoulders, spin around, ’cause the legs and the
shoulders are fabulous. And this dress is only $46. (laughing) Okay, this has got to be one of my favorite outfits in the store. So I just, I love the
color and I love the flow, and the strapless is just so sexy on you. It’s gorgeous, do you like it? – Yes, I love it. – I love it.
– It’s great. – And I love the pleated fabric. you’ll make a statement
for sure in this dress. And how much is this… hold on, hold on, $50! (laughing)
– That’s amazing. – Thank you! So we did it. Five dresses in under five
minutes for under 50 bucks. I’m gonna get in so much
trouble doing this show. (upbeat music) Now, there are many men out there that have this gift-giving down. But for those who don’t, like
this guy, this is for you. Did you really think he’d show his face? – [Man] Thank you. – Steps to becoming a better gift-giver. Now we’re here at Lizzy G’s
Fine Gifts in Vintage Park, which is an awesome, eclectic gift store that has perfect blend of unique, handmade items
to mainstream must-haves. You can’t go wrong coming here, and their staff are fabulous at helping you find that perfect gift. – [Associate] Made in Guatemala. – Step one, call a friend. Ask a best friend or a close family member if he or she has been eyeing something. Step two, check their closet. Just take a phone picture
of a few clothing labels to find out their size, and please note, pants, tops, and dresses
can be different sizes. And you just might see a
pattern of specific brands which will also tell you
where she likes to shop. Step three, stalk their social media. Pictures they post with themselves will feature styles they like. And maybe they shared
a gift idea as a post which was supposed to be a
hint that you may have missed. And if you are still not sure, show the store associate their profile. They can tell a lot from a profile. They also know what the trends
are and the best sellers. So ask them! Get a little more involved, you know.
– Oh. (associate laughing) (laughing) – If all this fails, we have the perfect
foolproof gift idea for you just down the road at
The Woodhouse Day Spa. Welcome to The Woodhouse. (upbeat music) My husband and I have been
longtime clients here. And the experience and service
here is beyond incredible. So you can not go wrong with the custom gift
card that never expires and you can use on any service,
retail item, and gratuity. And bonus, with the
minimum gift card purchase, The Woodhouse is giving a
free luxe cable knit throw. And if you pair it with
this robe, you will be king. This is the robe of all robes. You’re in for a treat today. We are with Korèn Greco. Her and her husband Joe
own this fabulous spa. And I love that you
guys are from Champions. – We are. – What inspired you to do Woodhouse, and to bring it to the
Champions vintage area? – Well, one of the things that we noticed was that this was an underserved area for this type of business. – Right. – We loved going to spas
and enjoying time together. But we were never able to experience that without being at a resort or on a trip. So something where you can
just pop in, have your massage, some time away, and then,
return back to your day, was important for us. – Oh, it’s important to us. (laughing) Like I’m so glad The
Woodhouse is here! (laughing) And the one thing that really blew me away the first time I came here was coming in and seeing your boutique. I had no idea. So, I know you picked some nice–
– I did, I did. Yes.
– No-brainer, you know, foolproof gifts for us. So I’d love for you to
show us what you have. – Absolutely. Anyone that you have on your list, whether your budget is $5 or more, we have something that
can meet your needs. Something that’s great are
these $3 eye gel patches that are really, really popular right now for great stocking stuffers. Or what we love is for someone to be able to take The
Woodhouse home with them with the Sonoma Lavender
eye pillows and neck wraps, which is what guests experience while they’re here at the spa. We also have our
Woodhouse-labeled hot teas. And then, our aromatherapy
that we use throughout the spa, whether it’s when you first walk in, the fragrances of Woodhouse
can be taken home with you. We have beautiful jewelry
here with Mustard Seed, with our statement earrings. And then the layering necklaces
are really, really popular for guests to have in their stockings. – Korèn is amazing, and for more info, visit them at So, I’m gonna take a little break. Y’all get out. (laughing) And now, it’s time to light things up. (upbeat music)
Welcome to Brixology! This has become one of my
favorite places to meet friends. The decor sparkles. The intimate atmosphere
is chic but comfortable. The outdoor seating is perfect
to enjoy live music nights and their food is mouthwatering. Mm, oh, my God. So good. But the best seat in
the house is at the bar. Meet Jordan, he makes a
mean Smoked Old Fashioned, and he lights it on fire. It is a treat to witness the bartender’s charisma and craftsmanship that goes into each and
every drink they make. You and your guests will be completely
mesmerized and entertained. (guests chattering and laughing) But for this visit, I have
to get behind that bar. Do it?
– Yeah. How do you do it? Show me first. This is gonna go everywhere. – [Bartender] Put your thumb right here. – Oh, heck, there’s a talent– – You put your thumb there. – Oh, okay, like a football. – Like a football.
– Hey! (shaker rattling) Okay. Put my… Hey! (laughing) Wait, this is harder than I thought. I’m trying to be like, shake
it, there we go. (laughing) (shaker rattling) Oh, it get’s cold. I like it back here. (laughing) Well, should I pour one? – Sure. – How do you pour it? – Like this. Oh. Oh. (mouth buzzing) (laughing) Gotta get it a little higher. Oh, I’m fired! So when you’re in Vintage Park, you have to stop by here at Brixology and say hello to Jordan. – We’ll be here. (laughing) – Let’s do that one more time. (laughing) Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed
discovering Vintage Park in northwest Houston as much as we did. And just by tagging anything you’re proud of with #thatsmyhouston, we’ll together create an
amazing resource for each other and anyone visiting Houston. Thank you for watching That’s My Houston, and may you have blessed week. (laughing) (people chattering)

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