14 Replies to “The BEST Rat and Mouse Kill Traps that work every single time without fail”

  1. Since one female mouse can produce 50 offspring a year & all of them can start reproducing in 3 – 4 weeks from birth, so you can have a horde in no time. Besides the damage they cause, they also carry the deadly hunta virus which has a high fatality rate. Along with fleas, ticks, worms & bacteria.

  2. I like Victor metal pedal traps. Triple baited with teriyaki jerky welched gummy berries and peanut butter. My dog got snapped on a triple baited trap today. She seemed uninjured but mad at the world. My triple baited traps are the only ones that catch mice. I've tried lots of baits. I have a 200 acre soybean field behind my house that must be maximum loaded with mice. And they are wanting warm lodging right now.

  3. Watching you try to set the traps was Funny As heck.. looks like you did a edit on that part but the Musical Sold me as I got Drawn in By the Expert design and engineering. the comical part was the fumble on setting of the traps… he he made it more intense. I would like to build a Rat Trap Version trap and from now on I will have this musical in my mind playing haha

  4. May I say if it was me setting up traps I would first used clear perspex so you can see any spent traps second I would have used T Rex rat & mouse traps no fiddling around with the kill bar and pin you even take the small section out fill it with what ever works for you I like to use peanut butter smooth or crunchy. And third I would have tried to remove any food source and that forces the rodents to take the trap bait. Keep going your doing good.

  5. I noticed green mouse droppings by your live trap, a clear indication that they’ve consumed poison.
    Turn your traps upside down, they are much easier to set.
    And I Store feed in metal trash cans, they’ll still get food the chickens leave laying, but I feed the chickens outdoors.

    And I hope your deer mouse was eaten by a bird of prey Fred!!!!

  6. Just a HUGE word of warning… NEVER HANDLE TRAPS WITHOUT DISPOSABLE LATEX GLOVES ON. Rats and mice have no natural control of their urine or bowel movements. Rat/mice poo and urine carries various bacterial deseases and can be highly toxic to some humans. Also old re-used traps are full of various micro rat/mice bacterial body parts of past kills.

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