The BEST Thrift Haul I’ve Ever Done | vintage clothing + homeware

Hello, hello! Welcome to the best thrift
haul I have ever done on this channel! That is a huge claim for me because you
know every time I do with a thrift haul I’m like, “Oh this is my favorite thing I’ve ever
thrifted!” “Oh this is my favorite thing I’ve ever thrifted!” but like for real
this is the best haul at ever done and I’m so excited about it! I went to Value
Village yesterday to source some stuff for my new vintage shop. If you guys
didn’t see, I have started a little vintage shop on my website so all these
products will eventually be up on there, but I want to sit down and share them
with you guys first because I was so excited!
We’ll start with the elephant in the room, which is the most beautiful rattan
shelf! I have seen these all over Instagram. I’m obsessed with them. I’ve
been looking for one for so long, but they’re always like 150 dollars on
Facebook marketplace. So this is like a little bit of a mini story time. So I
went in, and I had gotten all the clothes and like home goods and stuff that I
wanted to, and I went back to my car I put everything in my car and I swear the
thrift store karma is real; I was going to put my cart back in like the proper
place that they have right in front of the store and as I was walking (I was
probably like halfway across the parking lot) I saw an employee turn the corner
from the donations like drop-off place to go into the like little outdoor
furniture area that they have, and he was carrying this.
And I just like froze for half a second, and then I saw like two or three
different groups of people and/or individual people around him like look
at it, and everybody’s eyes kind of lit up, and I was like oh no! So I’m there with
my empty cart and I was like, “You know what? No shame. Gotta do it.”
So I freaking booked it and was like sprinting at this poor employee he was
like… probably like, “What is going on?” with my empty cart and I got to him and
I was like, “Is this going up for sale?” and he was like, “Oh no, sorry.” And I was like
“Dang it!” cuz I thought he meant that somebody had like already bought it because
a lot of times people will like buy stuff but then they’ll leave it until they’re done shopping and so it’ll just like have a little tag says like that
it’s been paid for. So I was like “Oh noooo!” and then he goes, “No I’m just
messing with you! Yeah!” I was just like, “Cool, I’ll take it!” and like I don’t
even think this ever hit the ground. Like he was like getting ready to put it down
and I was like, “It’s mine!” So I got this for $13!
I saved this tag so I could show you guys. Matt asked me last night he’s like,
“Do you want me to take the tag off of it?” I was like, “No!” It’s a badge of honor! It’s got
to stay there for a second So that is the one piece that I’m
keeping for myself. I’m so excited about it (as you can probably tell.) But I also
got a bunch of home goods and clothing stuff for the store, so I thought I would
show you guys cuz I got a lot of really really cool super unique pieces which
I’m really excited about! I’ll start up here with all of the mugs, because I got
a lot of mugs. I think this one it’s probably my favorite.
It’s little strawberries and I love the like green rim around it. It’s so old and
cute! It’s got like the old stamp on the bottom. This is so so precious. That arm strength! I also got this set of two, and these are like taller mugs, but I thought
these are really cool because it reminds me of like honeycomb and flowers like
kind of a bee theme? Especially with this like muted mustard color scheme we’ve
got going on, and I love that the glaze is like a little bit speckled too, and
then the inside is matte black which is so cool. See if you can see these guys. So I’m
going to sell these as a set. I thought this mug was super cool
because it’s like iridescent which I feel like is a really like trendy
thing right now, but it’s also vintage so it’s like it was way ahead of its time!
If you can see the like iridescent glaze on it. I hope it shows up on camera!
And then I also really love this mustard speckled one. So lots and lots of mugs! These definitely need to be washed, so
I’ll be doing this after I film this video before I take pictures of all this
stuff for the shop. But I got these cool vintage salt and pepper shakers, and I
love the pattern on these! They’re so cute! they’re like super farmhouse-y. Oh!
This one’s got salt in it I think still. And the last homeware thing that I got
I actually got a little while ago, but I wanted to include it anyway because it’s
so cool, and it’s this vintage copy of Treasure Island. And it has an
inscription on the front which is my favorite thing in the world. It says,
“Merry Christmas” I can’t read the second part “1944 for your library. Aunt Mauro”?
Anyway, it’s beautiful and it’s got this cool like… when they couldn’t print that
many colors. How cool are all of the illustrations?
And there’s like kind of a lot of them too all in the chapters. So beautiful and
so cool. I love old books! Then a couple of accessories.
I am so sorely tempted to keep these. these are white leather or faux leather-
I should probably figure that out before I list them- combat boots and I think
white combat boots are so cool! It’s such an interesting take on the combat boots
trend, because I personally don’t wear a whole lot of black. Construction trucks.
You guys know by now! Five more months! five more months and our lease is up!
But yeah! I thought these were so cool Especially the like chunky ivory laces.
And these are size seven and a half. I’m a seven so it’s real tempting to
keep them. I have a few items too that are already listed on the store right now, so
they might be gone by the time that you see this? Not sure. But I’m gonna talk about
them anyway. This handmade crochet bag is so cool! Like you can tell that it’s
hand-stitched and it’s old, but it’s also like super sturdy. Like you could totally
just use this as your purse and it’s not gonna like fall apart or wear too
badly. But I think the fringe is really cool, and somebody took such care in this
because it’s like… It took me a while to figure out that it was handmade. I can
really only tell in like the lining (like where the lining is sewed in.) So cool!
This is a huge thrift haul, so this is gonna be quite a long video. I’m sorry in
advance if you don’t like long videos. But moving on to the tops! I got this
like mushroom colored button-up which i think is so so cool. It’s 100% cotton
it’s vintage LL Bean and it’s a large. This is really special, and so like soft
& cozy ! I think the next collection I am gonna put out is gonna be called, “The
Hygge Collection” because so much of this stuff is just like so cozy and fall
vibes and I love it. Then I got this vintage Eddie Bauer sweater. It’s got
like the quarter button thing that’s really trendy right now, and it’s like
perfectly worn right along where the buttons are, and they’re like
tortoiseshell. It’s this super cool maroon color. So cozy! Again, totally
something that I’m tempted to keep for myself. This is like the hardest part
about running this shop is that every time I source something I’m like, “Ooh maybe
I should just keep that!” and that’s a really good way to spend a lot of money
and then not make any money. Oh this is so cool! This is a vintage clubroom
corduroy button-up. So it’s this like dark taupe color. I think this is so
cool! It’s an extra large which- I really like sourcing really oversized
pieces because basically any size can wear them because you can either do it
oversized or you can do it more fitted depending on what size clothing you wear.
That’s really cool. And then this one is more of a basic, but I still got it
because it’s really soft and it’s really thick, and I feel like you don’t make
thick turtlenecks like this anymore that will actually like keep you warm. it’s
just this 100% cotton maroon turtleneck top. And this would
be so cute for layering under dresses kind of like the situation I’ve got
going on right now, or by itself, or tucked into a little corduroy
skirt or wide leg pants. Super versatile! Then in the dresses department. Again,
this is something that’s already up on the site, but I wanted to talk about it
anyway. Mostly so that I have like a visual
record of it, because it’s so cool and I know somebody’s gonna buy this and love
it! But it’s this handmade shift dress from- the shop that I got it from said
most likely the 1960s- and it’s got like a crochet trim, and it’s pretty versatile
sizing. I would say it could fit like small to large honestly. And it’s really
cool tan and cream floral pattern and like somebody made this like by hand! All
the stitching… I mean it looks like they used a machine, but at the same time like
you can tell that somebody just like made this, which is so so cool, and the
fact that it’s 60 years old is nuts to me and just so special! So really excited
about that. I’ll be sad to see it go but really happy that somebody’s gonna enjoy
it. And then I have three more vintage dresses that will go up in the next
couple of launches. Someone’s having a bunny tantrum over there! This one I saw an
immediate was like, “Wow what a find! This is so lucky!” and it’s this green
floral print maxi dress it has these big like shell buttons all the way like down
past the waistline. This is one of the coolest vintage tags. Logo inspo!
But what I really really love about this dress is it also has this tie in the
back. You could either pull it around the front if you want it to be smaller, or
you can tie in the back if you want it to be a little bit larger. And I just
think this is so cool and special. It’s a size large. There’s something about vintage
dresses, you know? Especially when they have like cool old tags and like …oh I
love it! Then I also got this one. I’m gonna
switch out the buttons on this because I don’t like the buttons, so I’m going to
sew on probably some tortoiseshell ones. But it’s this like red and taupe tulip
print which I thought was so interesting, and it has again buttons up the front
with these little loops which I think are so so cute. I think it’ll look really
nice when I replace all of these like black fake jeweled-looking buttons which
I don’t love. This doesn’t have a size on it, but it looks like a large to
me. I’ll definitely obviously measure everything when I put it up on the site. I
spent so much money on all of this stuff! It’s always scary like starting a new
business. It’s like, we’re saving for a house and I just spent like a couple
hundred bucks on all this stuff… but I think that all these pieces are so
special I think somebody’s really gonna love them. Then I also got this one, which- I
got this specifically because I thought how cute it would be over a turtleneck.
And it’s this maxi dress. It’s like blue and black and taupe, and it has some
buttons on the side here. It’s really really soft. Again, size large.
Apparently I had a really good look in the large section! But I love the pattern of
this and I think over a sweater or a turtleneck it would just be so cute! And
then last but certainly not least because this is probably my favorite, is
this dress. It’s so 90s and I love it so much. It’s this tiny little black and
white plaid. It’s got pockets up here and then these brass buttons all the way
down, and it’s maxi length. And then in the back… I want to keep this! If I keep
anything it’s gonna be this. It has this like lace back tie detail. So it’s a size
6 but again it could be super adjustable. It looks like it’s on the bigger end of six
to me, cuz I’m like a 4 and I feel like this would be a little bit big maybe. Then since it’s Fall, I had to get some cool pants. These mom jeans are vintage
Bill Blass mom jeans and these are already up on the site. They’re size 10.
The waist is 29 inches. And they are so flattering! Like these make your butt
look so good. And I love the like true vintage blue color. I feel like it’s a
lot more saturated than a lot of blue jeans that are made now which gives it a
super cool vintage look which I really really love. Then I found a couple of
pairs of linen pants. These ones are like a natural linen color
and they’re are size 0, but they have a really stretchy waist, and a little
pocket in the back. And these are just like so comfy! I, for the most part, will
look for any excuse to not wear jeans, and so wearing pants like this is a
great way to still feel like really fall, and you can wear them with a sweater and
just look really like neutral and elegant which I love. And then I also
have this pair which fit me like they were made for me when I tried them on
for like the modeling pictures that I took for the site. So I’m like kind of
half hoping that I could keep them, like they don’t sell, but also I’ll be very
happy if they do. They are these pumpkin colored linen blend pants, and I don’t
know exactly what the material is or what the size is other than the measurements
that I took. I think they have like a 26 inch waist. Aecause it’s a like- I don’t
want to try to guess what language this is.
It’s an Asian label, and I do not read any Asian languages, so I will try not to be
racist and just assume that it’s Chinese or whatever. But I did find it in like a
Chinese thrift store in Tacoma so that would make sense. And it has a little
pocket. Another thing I love about this and why I bought it is the waist. It has
like this triangle detail. This was actually a two-piece set and there was
like a pumpkin-like coloured linen blazer, but I didn’t get that actually
just got the pants because I just didn’t like the cut of it. I felt like it was
vintage, but it was like not quite modern enough to pass. And you
gotta get a good old pair corduroy, so I got these corduroy pants. They’re
high-waisted. They’re vintage blue star khakis, and they’re boot cut,
but because they’re high-waisted they’re still really really flattering. They’re
97% cotton. I want to say these are like a size four because they fit me pretty
well. I haven’t measured those ones yet. Then I got one skirt because I
do think that you can carry skirts into autumn like with tights underneath and
little boots. So I got this lace taupe skirt,
which I thought was really really cool. It’s a size eight. This looks a lot
bigger than an size 8. The tag says eight. Maybe it’s not- I think maybe it’s a size
eight if you wore it on your hips, but I would personally wear this like
high-waisted so I would go a little bit bigger with it. But I like the like
ruffle detail on the bottom and I think the color is really really pretty,
especially with the sweater tucked into it. And then lastly- I was so excited to
find these. They were really expensive for a thrift stor,e but when you find
vintage Levi’s you buy the vintage Levi’s. And these ones are so cool and
special! They’re brown and they have like copper hardware on them. They’re the 551
relaxed-fit tapered leg, and they definitely look they’re high-waisted to
me. These are a size 12. I just think brown vintage Levi’s… like
how cool are those? So cool! To answer my own question. So cool. Next I’ll do sweaters,
and this one is the most Rory Gilmore thing I’ve ever seen. Like this is
straight up like you are in an episode of Gilmore Girls the minute you put this on.
It’s a vintage Cherokee sweater, and it’s a little bit shorter. It’s not like
cropped, but it’s like that shorter length that hits like right where your
hips are which i think is really cool and flattering, and it’s sage green and
then it has cream and yellow stripes on it which is so cool. It’s so soft.
It’s a size large but again I would totally wear this oversized. It’s a
hundred percent cotton. It’s got cool detailing around the cuffs and around
the bottom, and I love this one so much! Do you see my resolve weakening the longer
that I talk about all this stuff? This one
is so freakin luxurious. Again, it was really expensive, especially for Value Village,
but it’s half cashmere and half silk which is like fancy pantsy! And it’s this
sweater. It’s got a really small subtle cable knit. Let’s see if you can see that…there!
And it is really really soft and I also like this because the material is like
thinner so we’ll still keep you pretty warm because of the cashmere, especially
if you wear like a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath it, but it’s not so thick you
can’t tuck it in to jeans or overalls or whateverm, because I find a lot of my
chunky knit sweaters look terrible tucked into jeans, so this would be so so
good for that. I think it’s technically a men’s medium,
but again unisex! I think! This is cool too. So this top/cardigan thing is
vintage Eddie Bauer. Again, it’s a really pretty neutral tan color. 100% cotton.
It’s a women’s medium, and it buttons all the way down, which i think is so cool,
and I love the style of the collar on this. It’s really like… like this is the
kind of thing that you wear like at home on a Saturday morning when it’s a little
bit chilly out and you’re sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper or a
magazine. And it feels think it would be fairly warm too, because the inside is
like a little bit fuzzy. Not fuzzy, but… I’ll show you. Like can you see that?
We’ve got five more items! This- apparently I was really into Eddie Bauer
stuff- again vintage Eddie Bauer and this one is a cardigan. And it’s extra small,
but it could fit a small maybe even a medium. It’s a ribbed like light neutral
cardigan. The thing I really loved about this is it has this stitching. Let’s see
if I can show you. It has this stitching around the collar and the sleeves it is
so pretty and dainty it’s like the cutest little feminine detail. And
honestly I would wear this as a top rather than a cardigan. Yeah, I just think
this is really cute! It’s a hundred percent cotton. I try to source things
that are like 100 percent cotton or tencel or linen. A lot of times I have
to go with blends because that’s just what’s available, but I try when I can to
source like a hundred percent like natural materials cuz they last a really
really long time like this is probably 20 30 maybe even 40 years old and it’s
like still going strong, and it’ll go for another 30 or 40 years which is so cool.
Okay this is for a Christmas launch, but I’ll show to you now anyway because it’s
so cool! Look at this cardigan! It’s got um like little red cardinals… is that
what they are? It is like so festive looking and cool. It’s also got gold
buttons. Oh I love that so much! And then the last few things are all like jackets
and outerwear, and I think that these are like the most special pieces. This one is
vintage LL Bean, and it’s a maroon corduroy blazer which is just so freakin
cool. It’s 97% cotton, so mostly cotton, but oh my gosh!
Again, no size on this. It looks like a woman’s medium/large to me. I love
corduroy for this fall. I’m like so into it. I think this is so so cool. The like
pockets that it has, and the three tortoiseshell buttons. So cool! This is
maybe my favorite thing that I found. This denim and tan bomber jacket is the
coolest thing I am totally obsessed with it! It’s got this patch on it which says
“24 Daytona team Seattle” which is so cool, and the denim is so soft and worn in and
this would be so warm. It has the coolest like suede tag on it too, and I love the
color blocking detail. This is so- Oh! Again this was pretty expensive, but it
was so cool I was not gonna not get it. It’s an extra large,
but also so cool oversized it doesn’t even really matter. Then lastly, we
finally made it to the end of this haul!, I got this like sweater (bomber style
sweater) and it’s vintage Harley Davidson which is so cool. So it has a
little HD here and then the whole stitching on the back, and I know there’s
like a whole culture for like vintage Harley stuff, and I thought this was
really really cool. And I like the like faded red and black, look especially for
for this time of year. It’s a size woman’s extra-large.
Yeah, women’s extra-large, and again 100% cotton so that’ll last a really long
time. So that’s everything! I know that was quite a bit of stuff. I would love to
know what kinds of stuff you guys liked and what kinds of stuff you want me to
source in the future. All this stuff will be up in the shop in the next like three
weeks probably so if you have your eye on something and make sure you follow
nutmeg.vintage on Instagram and sign up for my email list so you
get notified, because I could not believe- some of the pieces that went up in the
first launch were gone like within a few minutes and like one particular dress I
had three people messaged me after it sold
being like, “I can’t believe I missed it!” so if you want something don’t don’t
snooze on it cuz things go really quickly, which I’m so thankful for! Thank
you guys so much for being so supportive! I’m so excited about this new venture. I
know you guys love thrifting, and obviously I love thrifting, so I’m really
excited about it! Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you have
a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you all my next video! Bye! Oh, PS, don’t
forget to subscribe please so we can hang out some more! Okay bye
for real!

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