48 Replies to “The Clay Masters of Tokoname”

  1. Fantastic, I cannot imagine the amount of dedication and time that went into making this video for us!

  2. Ein wirklich schönes Video. Handarbeit mit langer Tradition und von Generation zu Generation weitergegeben. Mal ein ehrliches Danke für diesen Beitrag und Einblick in die Herstellung.

  3. The way this craftsmanship has been passed over by father to son, the dignity and respect for the material and the techniques is truly unique. In the west there used to be the same mindset, but not anymore. Work ethics and morale is always a result of a pristine product and tokoname is not exception. Great vid.

  4. This calming and besutoful video has helped me during a very stressful and heart breaking day. The dedication to the craft of these talented individuals is phenomenal and the video is amazingly edited.

  5. Thank you so much for the time and dedication that went into making this video! I am a potter myself and I absolutely loved it!!

  6. WOW!!!! . . . Such an amazing and very interesting video.
    Each and every bonsai video I watch just makes my heart grow fonder.
    I've been dedicated to bonsai for many years, yet I've still so much to learn.

  7. Very educational film on the work – and craftsmanship – that goes in to making Bonsai pots. I will no longer look at my 'pots' as just pots. Thank you for such an informative film.

    I'm returning to give time to the Bonsai I've had a number of years but had to plant in to containers due to other life commitments, just happened across your film and have now subscribed.

  8. It is perfect. Thanks for bringing this to us. It is pretty much fascinating to see the people of Japan being devoted to their works with such a dedication 🙏

  9. Oscar, I really loved this video. One can really see the artistry, the craftmanship, love and respect you put in this video. Yes please! More of this kind of videos! Your other videos are beautifull and I always look forward to see them but whit this you reached another level! Thank you. Regards from Sweden.

  10. Many thanks for a great video. I hope that one day I would be afforded the opportunity to be able to travel to shops like this. It would be a privilege and honour to meet and talk to real craftsman like those in Your video.

  11. I love hearing the stories of Japanese artisans who are the descendants of Japanese artisans. It a world that's always changing, it's comforting to know that there are still people practicing and preserving ancestral knowledge from generations past.

  12. Excellent documentary! Realy good work quys and thanks for this video. I'm simply fascinated about masters respect for the clay for the whole process of making the pot and their techniques. More vids like that guys.

  13. Thank you for that fantastic documentary!
    Makes me understand why some pots are more expensive. After watching we should all know, that these are worth it.
    I love the passion! 🙂

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