The Demolisher of the World and the Restorers

THE DEMOLISHER OF THE WORLD AND THE RESTORERS One beautiful morning, the Demolisher of the World
woke up to hail and lightning before enjoying a good stretch. He rubbed the dirt from his eyes to better
open up the view to the world. He oiled his limbs, which creaked and cracked like the ear-splitting music of cars being
dismantled at a scrap yard. He scratched his head and out fell
five skyscrapers and three aircraft-carriers. He yawned and clamped his jaws with such relish that every shop window on the street opposite
shattered setting off all the alarms. It occurred to him that while he had been
unsuspectingly napping his mother may have snuck in and tidied up in the flat. This infuriated him and he hurled
the piano out of the window. The closed window. He hated tidiness. He was sick of it. He preferred it if there wasn’t
even one stone left standing. The piano fell down,
the window was broken. That had been the last unbroken window
because he’d already thrown a lamp out through the other and a sewing machine through the third. What could he do? It was his impulsive nature. At least he hadn’t chucked out the fridge, now he could have his breakfast of a glacier,
two medium mountain ranges, a large aircraft-carrier done rare and
two crunchy tower-cranes. He burped with satisfaction. Then, when closing the fridge, he spotted the note that his mother had pinned
to the fridge door with a magnet. He hated to-do-lists but he didn’t dare call his mother
to tell her he wasn’t willing to start work. The old girl would’ve gone berserk. But what was she thinking? Why had she gone through such torment to give
birth to the Demolisher of the World, who as an adult just sat on his behind and wasn’t
even capable of getting a few lousy disasters done? He sighed in resignation and read the note. Then, pulling a face, he got down to work. For a start, he blew up a couple of volcanos
and poured lava on some towns. When everyone was cooked enough, he crushed several dozen polar bears to death
and started kicking people until they poured a few tonnes
of old plastic into the sea. He stuffed the hungry heads with hamburgers and laughed at them when they ballooned and then spent all their money on diets
that cost them an arm and a leg. He soon got into it. It was already afternoon and his work
was filling him with joy. He quickly pressed weapons into children’s
hands sending them to war, then he scattered rapists hither
and thither in the world who would leave no woman
they spotted untouched. This brought forth an evil laugh
and he threw himself into his work. He pulled a couple of hundred military aircraft out
of his pocket placing them into formation in the sky, and then he calibrated their payloads. When the mushroom clouds began to swirl,
the Demolisher felt his terrible hunger. He had last eaten at breakfast. The modern world is full of stress, people have almost no time for themselves. It’s no wonder we all fall prey to an early death. And when the growling Demolisher retreated to sleep, the Restorers arrived and and waited for the dust to settle. They collected the injured and the abused, gave them tents, then distributed medicine and food. They helped Ali, who tended to his goats
with his eight children, made cheese and ham, and would often
gaze at an utterly cloudless sky from which not a drop of rain could be squeezed. Not a single cloud, not even a wisp of one. And the Restorers brought gigantic machines,
broke up mounds of earth, deepened ditches, dug out lakes and constructed dams, while goats drank from the waters of the earth and bleated more happily, while the bells tied to their horns could be
heard from afar, lest they wandered astray. And the Restorers came across Emad too, who had had to flee when
the Demolisher gobbled up his village and then drove away or mowed down its inhabitants. Sitting alone by the side of the road, Emad was humming a cheap, old song, tossing a stone from one palm to the next. He raised the stone He raised the stone and let it fall into his other hand. Then raised it again and let it drop into the other. Then he started all over again. He did this exactly 132,410 times. Hungry and thirsty, his eyes were dry. He had no more tears. Then the Restorers stood before him saying that
there were more fun things to do than flip stones. They showed him a turner’s lathe, and Emad learned how to carve orchids from soft iron, gecko skeletons from stainless steel and peacock feathers from titanium. And of course all kinds of machine parts. And if Emad was to learn a trade, he would no longer
need to live in a tent and would be able to start to rebuild his house and not toss the same stone two hundred thousand times but instead put two hundred stones one atop
another until he had a roof above his head. Avin had fled from the Demolisher. She had run until her sandals were worn out, her
scarf frayed and the road slipped from under her feet. Utterly exhausted, she entered a town and with the help of the Restorers
opened a hairdresser’s. She made straight hair wavy, wavy hair straight,
cut long hair and dyed dull hair. The locals became angry with her because
they thought a woman shouldn’t be cutting hair but should sit at home,
do craftwork, cook and clean. There were enough men to cut hair, they thought. Why would a woman bother with such? They threatened to tell the Demolisher
if they saw her at it again. He’d give her a thrashing! But the Restorers did not desert her, they helped her to expand her business so
she could make a living from her trade. They help people to live as people. So they can eat and work. Not just wander like lost souls. Not just toss stones. Not just stare at the sky praying
it will release a drop of rain. Psss, the Demolisher of the World might still be asleep. Don’t wake him up! In reality, the three characters who appear
in the tale had the chance to restart their lives following the conflict thanks to the QUDRA programme. Ali (65), a water tank was built in his village
to manage the water shortages. Emad (20) After four years in the refugee camp,
and a turning training, he can soon make a living for himself. Avin (38) received training and support
to open her own hairdressing business.

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