The Final Countdown – Europe (Vintage Cabaret Cover) ft. Gunhild Carling

We’re leaving together But still it’s farewell And maybe we’ll come back to earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We’re leaving ground Will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown Yeah We’re heading for Venus And still we stand tall ‘Cause maybe they’ve seen us and they welcome us all With so many light years to go And things to be found yeah. I’m sure that we’ll miss her so It’s the final countdown

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  1. anybody notice shes using a plunger without a handle to muffle the trombone? is that common? pardon my ignorance if its normal, but i love improvisions.

  2. Gunhild Carling (born 7 May 1975) is a Swedish jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist.[1] She is famous for playing three trumpets at the same time.[2] Carling became known for her performance at Allsång på Skansen on July 20, 2010. The same year, she became an expert commentator for Dansbandskampen at SVT. Gunhild plays trombone, bagpipes, trumpet, recorder and harp, and will often showcase all of her skills in one song, sometimes casually breaking into a tap dance or singing lyrics. [3] Carling competed as a celebrity dancer in Let's Dance 2014 on TV4, placing third.[3][4]

    In 2013, she performed with her 'Carling Big Band' at the Royal Palace in Stockholm in the celebration of King Carl XVI Gustaf's Ruby Jubilee.[5] In 2016, Carling performed at King Carl XVI Gustaf's 70th birthday celebration.[6]

    She is featured as a singer and multi-instrumentalist in several of Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox's adaptations of pop songs, which include a jazz swing version of Rick Astley's "Never Going to Give You Up", a 1920s jazz swing version of "Material Girl", a vintage jazz version of Europe's "The Final Countdown", a jazz cover of Pharrel Williams' "Happy", and a 1920s hot jazz cover of ABBA's "Dancing Queen".

  3. Hell yeah…. It's like a blond Jessica Rabbit kicked a member of the Mos Eisley band off of the stage for some Final Countdown karaoke.

  4. Очень даже, такой вариант Последнего отсчёта я ещё не слышал 😍😍😍😍✌👍👍👍👍😁

  5. Having first listened to this on Spotify, I had no idea that the trumpet was also played by the vocalist.
    Here I was, expecting someone to run on and take the trumpet from her, and then she just pulls it out and wrecks with it.
    Edit: Just remembered that thing's called a trombone. Sincerely, someone who doesn't play brass.

  6. Yo imagino que no van a entender que estoy escribiendo, pero lo tengo que decir en español, mi idioma nativo. ¡Es un tema excelente! ¡Brillante! Me encantó. La rubia Gunhild Carling es sorprendente, pero también los músicos, la puesta en escena, la versión "vintage cabaret cover", todo es perfecto. Realmente genial. Postmodern Jukebox es como Gardel: cada día, cantan mejor. ¡Bravo!

  7. Amazing performance & version..!!!..It looks like, just a little little not so jazzed, to a band's live of 2008..anyways, you can play & sing TFC as you want, suddenly you'll feel the good & sound Rock bit rising all around..!!! 🙂 🙂

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