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Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Catapult What was that? Ah? Hm, strange. Tom Thomas isn’t here. There’s no way these toy soldiers
could have shot it themselves! Now that was a good shot! It wasn’t real long. And not high either. And off target. It was pretty awful! It was good but awful. I got it. So, what do we do? We need to raise it up a little higher. Hey, Fire! Nolik! Why in the world would you shoot at a Fxie?! Fixies? They supposed to be in school right now. Actually, I’m on my way to school. How about you, Fire? Why aren’t you in class? Because there it’s totally boring! But here, look at what a cool shooter we found! Huh! What did you call it? You’ve got no idea what this is! It’s called a catapult, guys! A cat with gold eyes? It isn’t a cat with gold eyes! It’s a catapult, guys! Catapults are ancient propulsion machines. They were used to shoot stones,
heavy arrows, or barrels with burning tar. The main part of a catapult is a special piece of rope. It is twisted very very tightly, like a spring! The rope is then wrapped around a big spoon. And then, if you pull this spoon back,
put a stone in it and let it go, the catapult fires a shot! And the stone flies far, far away! Alright, so here we go. Came up short! What do you mean short? What are you aiming at? You’ll see. The spoon needs to go further back. Just a little. Guys, you’re gonna break the glass! Nolik! Now push! Alright. Yes!! Right on target! Now let’s fly out into space. Wait, what space? What kind of flying? Who’s gonna fly? I’m gonna fly! Right out the window! Right up to the Moon! First Fixonaut in the world Nolik! Are you ready for your flight into space? Yes, Sir! Nolik, get out of the spoon now! I’ll be the first Fixie on the Moon! Yeah! Nolik, enough of this! What kind of joke is this? It’s not a joke at all! He’s gonna fly into space! And how come it’s not you? Because he’s lighter. Hold on! Humans didn’t go straight into space themselves,
they sent dogs out there first! Neh. Chewsocka’s not gonna fit in here. Simka, why don’t you go and let us finish. Fine, I will go. But only after Nolik finds himself a helmet. You’re right about that! I’ll go find a helmet! The catapult was invented in ancient times, but people still use them today. Only now instead of launching stones, catapults are used to launch jet airplanes. You see, the runway on an aircraft carrier is quite short, so catapults are used to help the planes
move fast enough to take off. Catapults can also be used to save the life of a pilot. When an airplane has an accident,
a catapult activates in the cabin. The pilot is shot into the sky and comes back
to the ground with a parachute. A plain old slingshot is also a kind of catapult,
it’s just a very little one. But be careful with this toy! It can be dangerous to others and to you too. As for us Fixies, the only time that we use catapults
is on a peaceful mission. Papus! Hurry! Our Nolik’s getting shot to the moon with a catapult! What?! And if I meet new Fixies up there? What should I say to them? “Hi there!” And you can ask them to launch you back. So? Let’s do it! Fire, launch it! Stop! Don’t! Simka! Nolik! I’m not getting out! We’re alive. Hurrah! He flew all the way! Who flew away? To the moon? Nope. Just a bit short. It’s not our fault. You’re just heavier than Nolik
and that’s why you came up short. Papus, maybe we can try it one more time? What?! Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Modeling Clay All done! Simka! Take a look! I’ve got my own pack-o-mat! Now look at that,
a pack-o-mat made out of modeling clay? But this one’s my own! And it looks just like a real one! OK, you’re right. It really does, Nolik. Simka, Nolik! What’s up?! Hi there, Fire! Wanna play some tag with me? I really wish I could play tag,
but unlike you, I’ve got tons of work. Yeah, like what? Well, a bathroom hook fell down, Tom Thomas broke the lamp on his desk, the aquarium has a tube that’s leaking. So go and play! I have to get a pack-o-mat. Oh-oh-oh! “I wish I could play tag.” Hold on! – Nolik, you’ve got a pack-o-mat!
– Uh-huh. Although I’ve got to say it looks a little strange. That’s cause it’s… Let’s fix everything before Simka! With your pack-o-mat and my fixiboard! This will be great! So where is that hook that fell down? Alright. Nolik, get out some sticky stuff. From where? Obviously! From out of your pack-o-mat. But it isn’t real! I made it out of modeling clay today. Out of clay? Well it totally looks real. Long ago, back in the Stone Age, people learned how to use clay
to make their dishes and sculptures. But the modeling clay that we use nowadays
was only invented about a hundred years ago. Actually, modeling clay is just plain old clay
with some ingredients added so it won’t dry out. And dyes are mixed in
to make all of the different colors. There is just no end to all of the fun things
you can make out of modeling clay! I got an idea! Go on, turn around! What are you doing? Grabbing glue out of your pack-o-mat. Alright, get up here! Will it stick? Yeah, of course it will! Let’s go and fix the lamp! We can’t fix this without a real pack-o-mat. Yours will work just fine! Tideesh! So, what else did Simka have to fix? The aquarium. Hop on! Well, where’s that leaky tube? Here! It’s leaking at the joint. Yeah, this tube is gonna need a lot of modeling clay. Give me the rest of your pack-o-mat. Sure! And here’s a souvenir. There. All done! What’s all done? We already fixed everything! And what did you fix it with? Modeling clay. Modeling clay isn’t gonna hold anything. Well I say it will. Wanna bet? Alright! Ahhh! It’s exploding! What in the world is happening here?! Flooding water! You just do as I tell you! Without panicking! Did you know it’s possible
to make modeling clay in your own home? Just write down this recipe. You’ll need a cup of flower, a half a cup of salt and half a cup of water. Now mix the salt with the flour
and add the water little by little. Mix it together really well. What are you saying? That it looks just like dough? Well that’s exactly what it is! It’s just not for eating – it’s way too salty. But you certainly can sculpt things out of it. If you want your modeling clay to be colorful, you can add food coloring or watercolors to it. That’s it! Your modeling clay is ready to be sculpted. When you’re finished,
don’t forget to let your figures dry in the sun. That way they’ll get nice and hard
and last you a very long time. Phew! We almost didn’t make it. And did you fix the lamp with that modeling clay? Uh-huh! And the hook too. That was not a good idea. But it was really quick! Hey! That’s true! That’s why I want to give a medal to you. You’re heroes! – For real?
– Of course you are! And here it is! Your medal! But it’s made out of modeling clay. Your reward fits your heroic deed! Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! GPS …and… …three, four! Stop! Who goes next? I’m next! Five! One! Two! Three! Three… And? Wait, I’ve got to choose a route! Should I go here or there? Choose already! Nolik! What are you doing over there?! Nothing at all! Just waiting at my place! Good. And don’t get off it! Well, Fire? What was that? The alarm on my fixie-tab. Oh! Our lesson is about to start! Hurry! What about the game? Later! As soon as young fixies
enter their first year of Fixie school, everyone gets their own fixie-tab! It’s a little computer that can do anything at all. Well, almost anything at all! Studying with a fixie-tab is fantastic! You can read it just like a book and write in it just like writing in a notebook. You can use a fixie-tab to listen to music, watch movies, find your way around, and talk, text,
and send letters to your friends. And if you want you can use a fixie-tab
to go onto the Internet that humans use, or you can visit the secret Fixie Internet, where you can find news about the world of the Fixies. And fixie-tabs have games on them, too! Of course these games can be a lot of fun, but you shouldn’t play games
until your homework is all done. Faster, or we’ll be late! I know a shortcut we can use! This way! Now which way do we go? I need to remember the route. I think it’s this way! Or it could be that way. Well, which is it – this or that? I have no clue! So what’s our plan? We’ll go back and start again! We flew in from there, right? No, I think it was there! That’s not how we flew in. It was there! I think we’re lost in here. Uh-oh. Nolik, stop the panicking! I only went, “Uh-oh.” I’m not panicking yet. It’s your fault, Fire. “I know a shortcut. Go this way!” How are we going to get out of here? How do I know? All I know is that we are late for our lesson. Thanks to someone. It was not on purpose, I swear. Now Grandpus will punish us. Oh! What’s going on? I think I found a way to get out! Which way? Right here! I forgot that inside of my fixie-tab is a GPS navigator! Class! What is a navigator? A GPS navigator is an interactive electronic map that can help you find your way around. The navigator can figure out where you are
by using signals that are sent to it from satellites. All you have to do is type
the address of the place you want to go into it, and the GPS can figure out a route to get you there. And then it helps you as you go
by telling you where and when you need to turn, so you can easily get to your destination. Let’s see. Right now we’re here. And where do we need to go? You know where.To school! But where is that? Are you joking? In the laboratory of Professor Eugenius. Can you be quiet?! Where do you want to go? The laboratory of Professor Eugenius. Please wait, while I chart out the route. Huh! It did it! The navigator says to go… there! Hey, what are you doing over there? Come on! And if you happen to go off route, the navigator will give you a different way to… Well, you finally made it. Unfortunately, you missed an important lesson today! We got lost. Forgive us. In case you are wondering,
we were studying navigators! And you know what? We just used a navigator to get here! Yeah! It showed us the way that we had to go! Well, that’s certainly quite lucky for you, because now you don’t get an “F”. But from now on, kids, you have to get here on time. I promise you that. Cause now we know where to get our shortcuts from. Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Fire Extinguisher So, who can tell me, in the home, what is the greatest danger of them all? Chewsocka? Well, dogs are dangerous for us. But what is very scary for us and for humans? Fire! Where?! I was just answering what you asked us. Although your joke was awful, Fire, your answer was actually correct. Nothing can be worse
than getting caught inside a house on fire. Don’t know much about chemistry, but I can handle circuitry… That is an interesting idea. I have to try it out. And that’s why every pack-o-mat
has a fire extinguisher inside of it. And how do you turn them on? Well, I’ll show you at the end of the lesson. Nolik, listen, yell “fire!”. How come? I just want to find out how the professor
turns on a fire extinguisher. Forget it, Fire. I won’t do it for you. Fire! You again! I was joking. It’s a stupid kind of joke! And I want you to leave! Right now! Actually, I should call you parents
to discuss this terrible behavior. Fire is no joke at all! Remember, never fool with fire! Of course you should never play
with matches or with lighters, everybody knows that, but those aren’t the only things
that can cause a fire inside of a house. So can a stove, or a fireplace. And don’t forget electrical appliances like electric burners, space heaters, and irons. If you act carelessly around any of these appliances,
they can cause a fire! And we should never forget to take extra special care
with sparklers, candles, and fireworks. Sparks can jump off of them and set fire
to highly flammable things like paper, wood, or cloth. So, what do you do if a fire suddenly breaks out? That’s right! You call the fire department by dialing the number for all emergencies – 911. What’s going on? No way. No way! Fire? It’s burning, for real! Fire! What do I do?! Oh yeah. I need a fire extinguisher! Where are you?! And that’s how a pack-o-mat
can become a fire extinguisher! Do you understand? We understand. There’s a fire! It’s over there! Enough! You don’t know when to stop, Fire! I’m not joking this time! Please believe me! It’s there! Nice try, Fire. Oh, look, he even used smoke this time. No, Simka. That smoke is from a fire! Uh-huh. I’m sure that this time it’s for real! It’s the truth! I swear I’m not lying! This time I think it’s true, he’s not joking. We’ve got ourselves a real fire here! Toola, Simka! Turn off the soldering iron! Uh-huh! Got it! Be careful, kids! You have to stay back here, away from the fire! And what can I do to help? Take out your fire extinguisher! Long ago, people used to put out fires
with just water or sand. Today people also use fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are cylinders with hoses. They are usually painted red, so they’re easy to see. The cylinder is filled up with a special powder or foam. If someone needs to put out a fire,
they point the hose at the fire, pull out the safety pin, and squeeze the handle. The foam or powder shoot out of the extinguisher
and put out the fire. Our fire extinguishers are just too small for this fire! We have to find Professor Eugenius to put it out! I already did! Alright! Where’s the fire? Hurrah! We put out the fire! You Fixies are just the greatest! Thank you, you saved the whole laboratory! Not at all, colleague. If not for you Fixies,
I can’t even fathom how this could have ended. And what I’m wondering is how the fire got started at all. Fire? I had nothing to do with that! Yes, sure! Then who was yelling, “Fire! Fire!”? You know what? Maybe it was you that set the fire! Well if that’s what happened, don’t even think
about coming back to school without your parents! Colleague! Colleague! Wait! It’s all my fault. I didn’t turn off the soldering iron. Forgive me. Now we know whose parents
the school should be calling! I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Manipulator Well, what do you say, Professor? It couldn’t be any more accurate. Our manipulator works just perfectly! Good! So that means that we’re free to go. Great! See you later! Alright, finally! Now it’s our turn
to experiment with that manipulator. And do you know how to operate
this m-m-marnipulator? Heh! Why do you think we were spying? A manipulator, is a kind of mechanical arm that people use for difficult or dangerous work. To control a manipulator,
humans use a remote control or a joystick. The operator gives the command
and the mechanical arm grabs and moves the load. Some robotic manipulators don’t even need
to be steered by an operator. They’re controlled by computers
and can work without people being there at all. Even on the Moon! What is this button for? How about this one? Would you like to take a ride? Right now? Ah, you’re scared! Scared? Not one bit! Then off we go! Yeah, cool! This is totally awesome! Well hang on! This is going to get even awesomer! Professor? Hmm, strange. What made this ladder just fall over? Am I crazy or is someone here? Calm down. Calm down now. Poor Elisia. Yeah. You’re completely overworked. Woah! Who’s here? Ahchoo! Hang in there, Nolik. I’ll get you out of there. My compact’s gone! Oh, dear, what’s going on?! Stop this nonsense right now
or I’ll call the police on you! I don’t believe in ghosts.
I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe in… Where are you pulling me? I’m going to faint, I’m warning you. That’s all. Good bye. Throughout the world,
humans use manipulators for all sorts of work! In factories, manipulators are used
to lift and move heavy loads. They can also hand out the parts
needed for assembly, or even attach these parts themselves. In hospitals, more precise manipulators
are used by doctors to help perform operations. Manipulators are also used in places
where the work is simply too dangerous for people. For instance, where there are deadly chemicals. Or places where humans can’t get to easily, like somewhere underground where there
isn’t enough space to move or deep under the water. Or in outer space where there’s
absolutely no air to breath. So you see, mechanical arms
are helpful in all sorts of places where humans are unable
to reach things with their own arms. Hang on, Nolik! How can I get that thing open?! Oh! I got it! Yes. Who’s there? What’s going on? Ah-ah-ahchoo! Nolik? What are you doing in there? We just… heh-heh… took a little test flight. Is this yours? Elisa! E-li-sa! Professor Eugenius. I was attacked by a crazy arm. The manipulator? It’s your imagination. Look, it’s come back! Stop! Stop, I’m telling you! Professor Eugenius, it heard what you just said. Calm down, it’s OK. It was a little malfunction. But I took care of it. You are just astounding! And don’t think that I’m through with you! With me? With you? No, with the manipulator. Let’s go, Elisa. Yeah, let’s go, Professor. Great job, Fire! And why, Fire? Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Airbag We’re going to be late! We’ll make it! Oh, wow! Hey, slow down there! I’m a super duper racer! Well-well, Fire. Again, risking your life! Super racers like me can always count on luck! You know, Fire, counting on good luck is stupid. It would be better if you would
keep your mind on safety. Actually, today Professor Eugenius
has something really special to show us. He’s going to be testing an airbag. What’s that? Digit, explain it. Everybody riding in a car has to wear their seatbelt, because if the car has to stop quickly,
the belt will hold the person back. But there are times
when even seatbelts don’t give enough protection. Like when a fast moving car crashes into something. When that happens the driver and passengers
can be protected by an airbag. You can’t see them when they’re folded up
because they’re hidden. But if the car is in a crash,
the airbags blow up very quickly, and the person bumps into the bag
instead of banging into the steering wheel, or flying through the windshield. Here I come. And once again,
when something dangerous must be tested, Professor Eugenious tests it on himself. But Grandpus, aren’t you scared
that it won’t blow up with air? Don’t worry about the air. A three, and a two, and a one… The airbag filled up in an instant! Did you notice? Yes. But how does it do it? There is a chemical inside of there that quickly burns and instantly turns into a gas
the moment the crash takes place. The gas fills the airbag and there you go. Did I explain that right, Professor? We’ve got to get him out! Stop! We’d better call for help! Professor? Do you need some help? Thank you, Elisa. Sorry to take you from your work! You’re free to go. Professor, how did you manage
to press the button from way over there? I managed to hit it on the fly! You are just astounding! To keep small children safe while they are riding in a car, they must be buckled up with a seatbelt
inside of a special booster chair. But kids also need to be careful
when they’re riding a bicycle, skateboarding, roller-skating, or riding a scooter. First of all, it’s best to keep off of roads
where there’s too much traffic. Second, put your protective gear on: for your arms and legs
wear elbow pads, gloves and kneepads; for your head – wear a helmet. That way if you fall down, you won’t get badly hurt. And third, make sure that people can see you. If you are out riding in the evening, your clothes and bike
must have safety reflectors on them. They let drivers see where you are by reflecting the light from their headlights
back at them. Remember, better safe than sorry! Here we go. Well, I hope this time I’ve got it. Should we call his assistant right now, just in case? Let’s just wait and see. Ready, set, go! Grandpus, he needs to be rescued! Uh, no need. I made a change to it. Now the bag not only inflates automatically, it deflates itself as well! Splendid! As you Fixies say, Tideesh! – Today’s lesson is done!
– Hurrah! Come on! Where’s my fixiboard?! I’ve got your fixiboard, Fire. Here you go. I just went and equipped it with an airbag. Really? How come?! You know I’m a super racer! See? And that’s why I installed it. Super racers don’t need airbags. We never, never, ever… Careful! Oh wow! Is that airbag cool or what? It’s a very original design he used there. That design is my own. And Fire ran the test. Professor, will you make an airbag for each one of us? You all will get them. Real soon. But even so… Caution and care make accidents rare! I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Knots Nolik, there are pirates
off the starboard side! Battery, fire!! Hey! I’m not a pirate! Why did you hit me? That’s it, I’m tired of playing the wind!
Where are my pirates? This looks great!
Can I board your ship? And what are your skills? Tons! Like protecting the ship
and yelling “hoorah” when we win! And how about good sea knots?
Can you tie them? Of course I can tie them! Then tie up our treasure! And make sure it’s good and tight! Pirates, prepare to attack! I got it! That’s done! Good enough. Hoorah! It’s good and tight! Now can you survive a storm? Without a doubt! Our treasure! It sunk into the sea. That was my mom’s necklace we sunk! I’ll pick it all up! Don’t worry! No, thank you.
We’ll manage ourselves. He calls himself a sailor! Go and learn to tie some knots. Try tying two ropes into a knot. You think it’s easy? A badly tied knot will untie itself
before you know it. Here’s one way to tie it right. First, cross over the two ends, like this. Now to finish the knot
you have to cross them over again. But not this way!
It’s gotta be in the opposite direction. When it’s done it looks like
one loop inside another. This kind of knot is called a square knot! And it won’t untie as long as you tie it right. And that’s just one of the many
kinds of knots a sailor has to learn. O.K. I knew I could tie it! Now what else is there
to practice on around here? I found some more of our treasure! Here’s another one. That’s nineteen but we’re
supposed to have twenty! I know it because I’d counted our treasure! So what happened to the last one? Well done there!
So what else could I tie? Perfect! I even remember what it looks like. It’s a different color.
It’s a bright red one. Mom is going to notice right away
that the red one’s gone. I gotta go find it! Yeah, I think it’s on the floor. Who tied my laces together?! I was just practicing. Sorry. And what else did you tie up
to practice your knots? I’m… not sure you want to know. You’re funny. Let’s go untie them. Chewsocka, don’t look at me that way! I’m scared! She’s just staring at her own whiskers, Nolik. And what have you done to her whiskers?! Well, I tied them. With a square knot. Fire, you’re just a blockhead! And why don’t you tell us
what else you’ve done! Well, OK. I tied a decoration on her tail. That’s where it is!
We were looking everywhere for that thing! Fire, go and fix everything you’ve done! Chewsocka, don’t run away. Don’t be scared!
We just want to untie the knots! Sailors have developed
all sorts of different knots. Without them they couldn’t control their sails! But we couldn’t get by
without knots on land either. Mountain climbers use tightly knotted ropes to help them climb and keep them safe. Fishermen tie hooks to their fishing line
using special knots. You can’t even pitch a camping tent properly
without making a knot. When people sew, they tie knots
in the thread to hold it in place. And doctors use knots
when they stitch and bandage a wound. And a tie wouldn’t be a tie
if you didn’t tie a knot in it. Sneakers won’t fall off your feet, and the laces won’t drag on the ground
if they’re tied with a proper knot! But sometimes things can get
knotted up by accident. And that’s one time when you
don’t need to know how to tie knots, but how to untie them. All aboard! Like that… Now the only thing left to do is tie a knot! Should I tie it? Are you sure it won’t untie? You’re joking! Why don’t you go ask Chewsocka if I can tie a knot like a sailor. Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Chick Ah, Professor Eugenius is making breakfast! Only the eggs will never
get cooked at this temperature. What are you doing?! You can’t heat up these eggs
to temperatures that are this hot! Why can’t you? The chicks, you’ll kill them! What chicks? Where? This appliance, do you even know what is? I thought it was an egg cooker. You thought it was an egg cooker?! Listen up! I do not want to see you around this thing. Not anywhere close! Got it? I won’t get close to it. But Grandpus,
we don’t even know what this is for! It’s called an incubator! To help her chicks hatch,
a mother-hen sits on her eggs for a long time, keeping them warm
with the heat of her body. An incubator is a device for hatching chicks that is used in place of the mother hen. It is always nice and warm iside, just like under a chicken’s wing.
But not too hot. An incubator can even turn the eggs so they get just the right amount heat all over. Chicks that are hatched in an incubator
are no different from the chicks that are hatched without them. Fire! What? This thunderstorm is really scary! Let’s be scared together! I’m not scared at all! Me neither. I was joking. Just joking with you. What do you think, are the chicks scared in there? Holey Moley! Wow! That was a big one! Even the electricity got turned off! The incubator turned off too! And the temperature is dropping! And for the little chicks, is that bad? I’m sure it is. It’s cold in here. These chicks need help! And Grandpus isn’t around! Then we’re going to have to
save these chicks without him. Nolik, get the door open! Help me! I can’t! Grandpus said I can’t get near the incubator. so try opening it yourself! I can’t do it! And I can’t help you! But the chicks are going to die of cold! Let’s just do it! But don’t you go and tattle to Grandpus! I promise! Hurrah! It’s a bit early for hurrah. A candle? Yeah, we’ll warm up
the chicks with the fire. Class! Time for hurrah? Now, yeah! Tideesh! Like sparrows, ducks, storks, and ostriches, all birds lay eggs and sit on them
to help them hatch. And it’s not only birds. Other animals like snakes, crocodiles, and even turtles have babies that they hatch from eggs. To protect their children,
they try to hide their eggs, like deep in the bushes, in the cracks of rocks, or in the sand. By the way, roe is also little eggs, just without the shells. From this fish roe, little hatchlings are born
that will grow into big fish. And from tiny frog roe tadpoles hatch that will then develop
into full grown adult frogs. And you’ve heard of dinosaurs, right? Well, those giant reptiles
that lived millions of years ago, they also hatched out of eggs! What happened to the electricity in here? It’s a black out from the thunderstorm, I guess. This is just awful! My incubator! Someone lit a candle! And the temperature is normal! So who put the candle in there? Tell us right now! Nolik, don’t be a tattletale. It was me. By yourself? By myself? Of course yourself!
I wasn’t allowed near it! Well, yeah! He wasn’t allowed near it! All by yourself! Then well done! You saved the chicks! Our hero! So, Fire, follow his example! And you, Nolik,
accept our heartfelt thanks. Look inside! They’re starting to hatch! Alright, Fire. Come take a look.
Now I’m allowing you. Look, a little chick! It’s so cute! And so yellow! Look at him! What a little sweetie! Fire! What? Well, I really know who saved him! Tideesh! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Clocks Go around! Left side! That’s crazy! You’ll crash! No, I won’t! See? I told you! What? Huh? Nothing. Now you talk with your computer like it’s your friend. Listen, that’s enough playing for today. Mom, just a little more! I’ll give you half an hour, while I cook dinner. And that’ll be enough for today with the computer. This stinks. I’ll never get through
all of these levels in half an hour. No way. Hey, but what if we could stretch out the half hour? How? We could take the hands on the clock
and move them back a little. Mom will catch us. Fine, then let’s slow down the speed of the clocks. Yeah, but how? You’ve got to know things like that! Since olden times, many clocks
run with the help of a pendulum. The pendulum controls how fast
the hands of the clock turn. If you make it longer,
the pendulum will start to swing slower, and the clock’s hands will slow down. If you make the pendulum shorter,
the clock will tick faster. Most clocks that are made today don’t use pendulums. They run with the help of springs
or with an electronic chip instead. But even so, there are ways
to change the speed of these clocks too. Push it! Wow, you did it! It’s amazing how much slower it is! That will give you lots of time to play! But now you need to slow down
the clocks in the kitchen. Yeah, and every other clock you got! I just have to turn this to make the pendulum longer. Uh-huh! And now the clock will go slower. – Tideesh!
– Tideesh! Fire, now that clock over there! Let’s go do it! That’s it. We slowed down every clock
and your mom didn’t see a thing! That’s great! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Wow, Tom Thomas, you’re cool! Amazing! He got another one! Awesome! You’re unbelievable. Way to go! That’s strange. Hurrah! Incredible! Yey! I did every level! Oh, thanks! You both just… The time masters of the universe! Yeah, but I’m getting really hungry
and Mom hasn’t called me for dinner. Cause a half hour hasn’t passed on the clock. Hey, do you smell that? Something is burning! What happened? A fire? I don’t get it. I was just waiting for thirty minutes like I always do, but everything burned this time. Maybe the clock stopped? No, take a look! They’re working! Eh, I’ll make you some oatmeal. Oatmeal for dinner? Mom, I need to… I’ll be right back. You see what you’ve done,
time masters of the universe? You’ve got to go speed those clocks back up! Ok, ok! We’ll speed them up. They’ll be caught up in no time. Humans have come up with
lots of different ways to measure time. For example, if you stand a stick in the ground, you can measure the time of day
by watching where it’s shadow fall. That’s a very simple clock called a sundial. Another simple and ancient clock is a water clock. It keeps track of time by measuring
how much water has poured out of it. And if the clock uses sand instead of water,
it’s called an hourglass. But humans weren’t able to accurately keep track
of the time until they invented mechanical clocks. They come in all sorts of sizes: from grandfather clocks
to watches worn around the wrist. Today we also have easy to read
and accurate electronic watches and clocks. But the most accurate clock of them all
is the atomic clock! It tells the entire world the exact time. Tom Thomas, why is your alarm clock
ringing in the middle of the night? Really, is it still night out? Look, Tom Thomas. But the clock says that it’s morning. Interesting. Yesterday Fire and I sped up all the clocks, so that’s the reason the alarm went of. Sped them up? Are you crazy? Tom Thomas asked us. So what do we have to do now? Don’t you know? Get to school! It’s time I’m joking. Go back to sleep! Don’t worry, I’ll get all the clocks working right again. Can I go and fix them with you? Huh! Fix them? You boys are the ones that always make the problems! They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Doorbell Nolik! Nolik, what are you doing here? Just whistling a tune. Are you’re gonna whistle that tune
the whole time Tom Thomas is away?! He just left with his parents for a week, and we’ve got guests coming, remember?! What guests? I invited everybody! The class? Yes! Class! Are they sleeping in there or what? First they invite us and now they don’t wanna let us in! I’ll share the present with you then. Fire, maybe you’ll get it to work now. When they get here, they’ll ring the bell. How come? Why don’t they just do what they always do
and climb through the keyhole? No way! It’s not that simple, Nolik.
Today they are our guests. Ah… The guests ring the bell,
and the hosts let them in the house. It doesn’t ring. You think the doorbell’s broken? I say we go fix it! Before we fix anything we need to know
what went wrong with it. First we’ll fix and then we’ll know what it was! Back in the olden days, people would hang a bell
over their doors with a string, and guests would tug on it to make it ring. Today doorbells are electric and they make all sorts of different sounds: some buzz, some ring, and some even chirp like birds. The sound comes from a box inside the house
called a chime. To make the chime ring,
you push a button that’s located outside. The button works just like a light switch, but instead of turning on light it turns on sound! Verda, will you join me? I gotta think about this. Yeah. Simka! You think your guests are going to come at all? Simka! Toola? Hey! The doorbell doesn’t work! It must be broken. That’s odd. We heard it ring this morning. Nolik, let’s go! First we’ll examine the contacts. Yep! Good and tight. OK, let’s check the speaker. The speaker’s fine. Maybe the electronics are the problem? And what if we disconect these wires and switch them? – What will that do?
– We’ll know soon enough. You know what?! Why don’t we connect the wires straight together? Isn’t that dangerous? We’ll find out. Don’t worry. Nothing happened yet! Fire – he is the engine of our class. He is the fastest, the nimblest, and the bravest. Fire never sits still for a second
and he’s always looking for adventure. New ideas just burn in his head! And that’s why his name is Fire! But not all of his ideas are very good, so he’s constantly getting bumps and bruises. He just can’t help getting carried away. If he’s burning with an idea,
he can even forget about his classes at school. Grandpus punishes him for that. But it doesn’t seem to bother Fire, because some new plan
will pop into his head the very next second. To be honest, Fire’s my favorite
out of all the boys in our class. It’s sure never boring when he’s around! Hey, you down there! I figured out why it’s not working. So what’s the reason? There’s no electricity in the whole house. So that’s why the bell isn’t working. And what? We can’t visit like real guests do
until the electricity comes back? And when will it work again? Don’t know. It could possibly take hours, guys. Oh! It’s working again! Enough ringing! Hey, Fire! Quit fooling around! He’s not fooling around! It’s not me, see? Then who’s ringing it? I don’t know! Well, I know. The doorbell’s ringing because Fire
connected the wires together. True. But I’ll fix that right now. Your guests sure are noisy! Yeah. Thank goodness the humans aren’t home right now. Hello! Hello there dear guests! Let yourself in to our home through the keyhole! So, should we go in? – Go where?
– Go inside. No, that’s not how guests act. So what do we do? Real guest always ring the bell. Ok! Hold me tight!

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