The Fixies ★ Invisible Ink and The Gramophone ★ Fixies English 2017 | Videos For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Invisible Ink “To Tom Thomas.” What is it? A note? Who is it from? It’s from no one! Is this no one a girl? Hey, tell us, what did she write to you? I don’t know! Well, then let’s take a look at it. No way! It’s a secret. Even from your friends? Come on, we’re not just your friends. We’re secret friends! And you won’t tell anyone? Nobody. We promise! Are you gonna open that thing or not?! Huh, there’s nothing there! Is this a joke or something? Maybe she didn’t feel like
writing you anything. Then why would she put a note in there? Wait a second! And what if she wrote that letter
with a special kind of invisible ink? Wow, I’ve never heard of it. If you want to keep what’s written in a letter secret, you can write it with a special liquid
called invisible ink or security ink. You can make invisible ink yourself
by mixing lemon juice, milk or baking soda with water. Then just dip a stick or a brush in it and write on a plain piece of paper. Like this! You can’t see anything, right? To make the invisible ink visible again, the paper needs to be warmed up
with something like an iron. But that’s a secret! Well, Simka, you might be right. Only what about the iron? I can’t use it. But your mom can, and right now
she’s doing the ironing. Yeah? Well that changes everything! Hold on! If that really is a secret letter, then no one should be allowed to see it. Even your mother! What can I do then? I know what! Mom! Can you iron my shirt too?
Please, will you? What’s wrong with it? There’s nothing wrong,
it’s just that the… pocket’s wrinkled. Sure, I’ll do it. Since when did you start worrying
about things like this? All done. Thanks, Mom! That should do it. What? What is it? “Tom Thomas, I really like you.” “Katya” Katya’s in love with you, isn’t she?! And what about you, do you like her? Ah… I don’t know. She does get straight A’s. You like her! You and Katya kissing in a tree. K-I-… Nolik, stop your teasing! Well, are you going to write her back? You think I should? Of course, silly! I’m scared that someone will see it. Then why don’t you write it
with invisible ink like she did! Yeah, go get a lemon! Nowadays it isn’t very common
for people to write letters by hand and send them by regular mail. Today, people mostly send letters
through the Internet. But even electronic letters should be written
with some of the same simple rules of politeness used in handwritten letters. For instance, you need write
a greeting at the beginning of your letter, and a few kind words at the end
are always appreciated. Something like “hugs and kisses”,
or “all the best”, or “see you soon”. And before you send off your letter,
it’s best to read it through to check for any mistakes. And one more thing. If you receive a message from someone, don’t take too long to answer them, because they might think
that you’d forgotten about them, and that can hurt their feelings. To say it simply, when you write, be polite! Go on, write! And what should I write? Come on! Tell her the truth! Just write this: “Forgive me, Katya, only there’s another girl I really like.
My one and only Simka.” Nolik! If you don’t like it,
then why don’t you think it up! Tom Thomas, just go ahead and write how you feel deep down in your heart for Katya. Katya, I like you too. Like that? Is that all I have to write?
Would that be OK? It’s lovely! K-I-S-S-I… Just zip it! Will you?! Tom Thomas, is that everything? And did you make sure to check
that you didn’t make any mistakes? No. But I’ll check right now. All the words disappeared! Well, if there’s something wrong,
only Katya will find it. They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Gramophone And that’s a photograph of my mom
when she was little. She sure looked happy didn’t she? Cause parents were all happy
when they were children. But then they grow up and start
getting all gloomy and as boring as can be. Oh! What’s this? Do you know? “A Song About a Screw” ? It’s total nonsense! Nonsense?! It’s about a screw, which means it’s practically about Fixies! Why don’t we listen to it and find out? If it’s good, we can all dance together. How do you listen to this thing? Like this? Why don’t we try to use the player? It won’t fit in there. Look, right here it says:
“gramophone record”, see? So we need to find a gramophone player! Find what? Let’s go to Grandpus! Grandpus! We found a song
about a screw we want to hear! We’re looking for a player
for a gramophone record. Ah, I understand. What you need is a gramophone. A gramophone is an old appliance that that was made for playing back
sound that was recorded onto records. If you want to turm on a gramophone,
you need to turn the handle to wind-up its spring. The spring makes the record spin. Then a needle is placed on top of the record, and as it moves through
the groove on the record, it shakes a little which makes a diaphragm,
a sort of mini drumskin, start to vibrate. The big horn of the gramophone
then makes the sound louder and we hear a voice or music. The most amazing thing is that a gramophone
doesn’t have an electric motor or any electronics. That’s right! You don’t need electricity for a gramophone
to play back the sound that’s recorded on a record. That’s because a gramophone
is an entirely mechanical wonder. If you want to know, there is a gramophone
in office of Tom Thomas’ dad. It’s on the desk. Great! Let’s go! Thanks would be nice. I can’t find the “on” button. There is no “on” button. You need to grab that handle and turn it. Now take that thing
and put it down onto the record. It’s not playing! Look, there’s no needle in there! And where can we get one from? We can make it! Do you have any nails around here? Is this good? That’ll be great! Verda, are you ready? Totally! Better cover your eyes! Tideesh! Five, four, three, two, one It’s working! Listen! A little screw went for a run! And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! Class! If you think a screw is nothing,
Take it out but just beware – Everything will break without them
With no little screws in there. The bulldozer was a strong one
Until there was a thud And then the mighty giant
Fell straight into the mud! Five, four, three, two, one
A little screw went for a run, And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! If you think a screw is nothing,
Take it out but just beware – Everything will break without them
With no little screws in there! Tom Thomas, what’s that music playing? It’s a gramophone record. Gramophone? I thought it was broken. We fixed this old…
Not we. I fixed this thing. Really? What a wonderful boy I’ve got! Other kids are breaking and you fix them. What do you say,
we play that record once more?! I used to love it so much when I was little! The mighty crane was working
Until there was a pop! And then the mighty giant
Gave out and lost its top! Five, four, three, two, one!
A little screw went for a run! And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! Tom Thomas’ mom really dances super! Yeah! She knows how to have a good time, even though she’s a grown up!

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