The Magic of WoW Classic – Old Friends

There is only one weapon that can defeat these foul beasts The sword of Vikendi That’ll be five thousand gold… I need a brave hero like you to take some flowers to my wife’s grave Do you accept? Looking for a tank LOOKING FOR A TAAAANK! Ah excuse me can you just keep it down please Looking for a tank Looking for a healer! We’ve got a 5 man depth of Murgol I’m a tank looking for a healer *Background yelling* Looking for a heeeeeaaler! Looking for a tank Healer! Looking for a tank Looking for a DPS Healer healer Healeeeeeer Please I am trying to run a place of business here! Ah I’m hoping for a DPS Hey I’m a DPS Hey… SilentKiller22? InYoFace88 is that you?! Oh my god! How long has it been like ten years?! Too long! Come here! Oh my god I can’t believe it This is insane how have you been? Good really good This is this is crazy… Man I you know what I still often think about the times that we raided the un-dead mines Haha me too And how many attempts it took for us to get out of the Darkstone Depths Oh my god I was so happy when we finally finished that! Oo Lava Core! I was just gonna say! Man Shmargonrog was just impossible back in the day Right Not to mention all the other cool stuff we used to do Yeah like the fishing competitions Yes! Yes and haha raiding enemy auction houses Ha ha so funny Oh my gosh it just feels like no time’s passed at all Right… It’s crazy… What are you doing now? Ah well I was looking for a DPS to do a raid if you’re keen? I’m keen Yeah? Yep Okay well I was thinking…we could try and two man the Darkstone Depths… Again?… Yeah… For old times sake let’s do it yeah Yeah okay great I guess all right cool Oh…no fast travel… That’s right… So I guess we just walk? More time to catch up And enjoy the scenery Exactly exactly I always liked that Yeah hard out hard out Is anybody actually listening?! Looking for a tank! Anyone a tank we’re doing Depth of Murgol Looking for a healeeeeeeeer! Looking for a tank to do Depths of Murgol Looking for a healer Wait I’m a healer What are you? I’m a tank I was asking for a tank What? Why didn’t you say it?! I did I said it multiple times! I’m been screaming out looking for a healer I’ve been screaming out looking for a tank! No I’ve been looking for a healer I’ve been right here! Hang on you’re a healer? Yes This whole time you’ve been a healer? Yes I’ve been right here literally just going “Looking fro a healer” Oh my god Do you wanna do Depth of Murgol? Yup Are you doing Depth of Murgol?! Yes That’s what I’m doing Let’s go I’m a little bit annoyed I’m annoyed too actually

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  1. very good video. brought back many good memories (pero como dirian en mi grupo: ahora con vaquitas now with taurens )

  2. Man I really do feel like I missed somthing back in the day when WoW was the shit, but i was hooked on Everything Half-Life related. I really wish there was a Warhammer 40k mmorpg/mmofps not reallyy into fantasy setting.

  3. Honestly as "annoying" as people yelling their LFG requests was, I kind of found it endearing and I enjoyed that aspect of the game.
    I got to talk to people who wanted to join my party before the dungeon or raid and made sure we were all on the same page before going in.
    Current WoW is "push a button, wait a couple min and then start fighting".

    Once bugs are worked out I may actually give classic a try.

  4. do one "epic npc man" called "MAX LVL" and show a player that maxed out all of his stats, just casually owning hard bosses

  5. All the feels! Now if only I could get into any one of the OCE servers I keep rerolling on so I get to play at least some of the time. Authentic launch week hysteria. 🙂 #thatsmyclassic

  6. My main was a mage named MayFlower. I couldn't go do anything solo with out ppl getting in the way asking for Food and water. Like for real let me just stop what I'm doing and make you some food.

  7. How much I miss those pure RPG days, without people constantly warned about the current dungeon or raid, just exploring that vast, rich world…

  8. WoW Classic is so Authentic that they even brought back the 5 hour wait times. Shucks. Those guys thought of everything. 😀

  9. Too bad you guys never actually played WoW..(( characters can't have numbers in nicknames, players jumping every fckng second), and most expensive thing in the game is the mount, which costs 1000 gold and your guy selling sword for 5000.. I know, I know, it sounds funnier but, anyway..

  10. ok so to be honest I was really sceptical starting this video ….but only at 0:35 I'm smiling :):) ….ahhhh old memories :))
    edit :
    love the dude that is trying to run a shop lel …(my heart didnt let me to call him NPC :))

  11. I dont think you've ever actually played wow classic…. you cant underscore and you cant have double caps… the worst part

  12. 2:56 always found it odd when a multiplayer game doesn't have designated areas for roles to stand in or players don't establish some convention in the main area. Is it this tragedy of the commons that leads to LFG being added to a game?

  13. Ahh yes the shitty crap mmo that was obsolete when Everquest came out. With graphics so bad it was worse then everything when it came out. People need to move on there are more better MMOs now more then ever

  14. @Viva thought of a fun azerim game logic bit with classic wow.
    Flight Masters not knowing where anything is unless you personally have been there. Just like walking up and being told idk where that is but the next person strolls up and asks for the same destination and they send them off.

    Keep up the amazing comedy, love all the content you release!

  15. Love these videos, always looking forward to the next one and love how relatable they are, WoW Classic is good so far but damm I hate having to wait till lvl 20 for riding

  16. Its almost like an addon could ease the moronic screaming of trying to find a group. XD
    In before the elite vanilla purists flame horizon me.

  17. Dammit, now you are making me teary, remembering members of my clan that used to play together years ago.. as time goes, the members one by one cannot spend as much time gaming, and now we all went our separate ways.. it was fun but well, no thing ever last forever :”)

  18. And now begins the 35 minute run to Scarlet Monastery… 83 minutes if you're repeatedly ganked while running passed Undercity, or in Wetlands, or in Arathi Highlands, especially in Hillsbrad… and that's assuming the steps into the Scarlet Monastery haven't become a PvP bloodbath … damn, I miss Vanilla WoW.

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